Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Hot Club

After I gave Contraire the Zine, he said it was upside down. Then I noticed he was reading it upside down.

Wiz told me that there’s a new ‘character’ at the Hot Club. Wiz said a woman came in and after being introduced to five of our finest male regulars, she said, ‘I’ll take you all on.’ So the Wizard immediately nicknamed her ‘Take 5’.

Reportedly Jokin’ Joe then asked ‘Take 5’ if she could spare 30 minutes – enough time for all five of them and an extra 5 minutes so she could take a shower.

James and Alana visited the Hot Club and I asked Alana if she had seen last week’s Zine in which I mentioned them meeting Wilma Briggs, who played in the women’s professional baseball league during World War II. Alana was thrilled and said she had heard that she was in ‘the Hot Club Times’.

Saw Jessa and she admitted she has not yet finished her EMT training. She did not get to go to the Bartenders’ Ball in Boston, but Becky went with grillmeisters Josh and Dave in a limo for 6. Oh and Tom, who said he had a hand in concocting ‘spring fever’, didn’t.

Fleet Feet Pete asked me who wrote the Jimmy Buffett song Let’s Get Drunk And Screw. I said I thought it was Buffett but would check. On Buffett’s Greatest Hits, it says the song was written by M. Gardens. A Google search revealed that Marvin Gardens (from Monopoly) is the pseudonym Buffett used in writing the tune. The song was the B-side to Buffett’s single The Great Filling Station Holdup (1973). We know which one did better.

I told Broc that I was given range of motion exercises for my left hand in order to regain function in the hand and the middle finger. Broc said “Do it on the highway.”

And when I told Broc’s brother Beau about injuring my left middle finger, he cautioned me, “Watch where you put that thing.”

Recently someone tore off the Hot Club men’s room toilet seat. Good news – there is a new toilet seat, though most of us would only use that toilet seat under extreme duress.

I mentioned to Foot Joy that I forgot about the season the Red Sox opened in Japan on March 25 vs. the A’s. FJ said that’s what happens with people of advanced age. That’s ‘of mature age’. Mature, like fine wine.


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