Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Hot Club

The Jack of Fire said he was having trouble with vowels. The Wise Man heard Jack to say he was having trouble with his bowels. I reminded Wise that Jack had told us that he had a compacted colon, I mean compounded cola.

In one of those special Hot Club moments, the men’s room was the scene for this remark from Ponytail Bob: “The place is so tight, you have to step outside to change your mind.”

Dr. John took one look at my bandaged middle finger and said, “Bet you’re glad you’re not playing piano tonight.”

Dr. John was talking about the movie Battle of Britain (1969). He said that they were having a tough time coming up with the vintage aircraft needed to make the WW II movie. The problem was solved in part by ‘the Confederate Air Force’, a group of rich Texans who owned historical planes, including Spitfires. The one request by the Confederate ‘Colonels’: we get to fly’em. They did.

An IMDb check shows that many of the Messerschmitts and Heinkel bombers used in Battle of Britain were provided by the Spanish Air Force (some planes were still being used – the Spanish made them). Spanish Air Force pilots flew these planes in the movie.

The good doctor also recalled a showing of The Killing Fields to a group that included Cambodian movie goers. The film about war and tragedy was met with laughter by the Cambodian viewers. When asked what they found funny, the group revealed that the extras in the movie speaking Cambodian were actually saying bad things about the film.

I was busting Wiz about the company that makes his car of choice, Saab, being bought by some no name outfit. Spyker, Wiz said. Wiz went into an explanation of how Spyker makes high performance cars. Buffalo Steve commented that they did until buying Saab.

Still waters run deep or did you know that Mary, once the Hot Club’s chef, not only has her undergrad degree (Conservation and Wildlife), but is now pursuing her Master’s in Conservation Genetics at URI.

Stevie Saucepan Hands said he used a calculator and the Red Sox would have to play .641 ball to win 100 games. And that was before the losses to NY and TB.

Charlie Clancy noted that the Red Sox had won 6 straight opening day games. They came into Friday’s game 0 and 6. So Charlie said there was going to be a 7 somewhere.


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