Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Hot Club

Stevie Saucepan Hands told me he was ‘honest in his dishonesty’. I told him that sounded dishonest to me.

Wise and Bags were wondering where they’re going to hang out (beside the Hot Club) now that the Hi Hat has closed. The Wanderer suggested Twin River. Both Wise and Bags said they consider anybody who goes to Twin River to be a ‘degenerate gambler’.

On the dock below the marina side bar (near the doors), there is a No Parking Sign still attached to its post lying on the deck. For the boats?

Joking Joe said that he only comes to the Hot Club on nights that end in ‘y’.

Per Pal Al, fraternity brother Joe Machowski used to work at the SS Victoria, which used to be docked at the Hot Club. Al said the SS Victoria was sold and was going to Baltimore to be harbored there but sank while on the way.

I was telling all those who would listen that Kevin Youkilis, the Greek God of Walks (so named by Oakland GM Billy Beane) is not really Greek. A Google check (via Wikipedia) shows that Youkilis is Romanian.

Patti Quimby recently visited the Hot Club. She is into Facebook, which she called
‘Being in a bar in your pajamas.’

While getting a Smithwicks at McCoy Stadium, beer tender Terry (who reads Sportzine) told me that he and his wife went to Barrington College with Women’s’ Baseball League star Wilma Briggs. Wilma must have gone late in life because Terry is much younger.

According to Kirk Feather, who is a jazz enthusiast, ‘Zoot’ Sims was once asked about fellow tenor saxophonist Stan Getz. Asked what kind of man Stan Getz was, John Haley ‘Zoot’ Sims reportedly replied, “a nice bunch of guys”.

Wise mentioned it was a great career move by Elvis to die (at least for his estate). For the same reason, I brought up James Dean. Two of Dean’s three movies (Rebel Without A Cause and Giant) were released posthumously.


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