Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Hot Club

Frequent Flyer stopped by the HC. I asked him if he was going to be in town for awhile or if he was moving around the area. FF said he was moving around because it’s better to be a ‘moving target’.

I gave my copy of Keith Richards’ autobiography Life to Buffalo Steve. Frequent Flyer saw me give Steve the book and asked Steve if the book was about how to elect a conservative President.

Kelley, the HC bartender and Narragansett beer emissary, said she knows a guy in Connecticut, who works as Keith Richards’ pool boy. After the winter ended and the weather improved, the pool boy and his buddy took off the pool cover. They found a lot of chlorine and dead critters in the pool. Before they could clean it, they momentarily turned their backs and there was a loud splash – Keith had cannonballed into the pool.

There were two tables near Bar 5 with Reserved signs on them and plates of cheese and crackers, etc. We wondered who might have reserved them. Buffalo Steve thought it might have been Josh Miller celebrating his wedding anniversary.

I told High Wire Bill that the Red Sox were tight as a drum. Bill corrected me – “Tight as a bull’s ass.” High Wire said if the Sox didn’t make the playoffs, there would be changes.

Overheard at the Hot Club (an Internet dater describing the first meeting with a new prospect): “Done before it’s begun.” About a relationship being over before it began.

Also Overheard at the Hot Club: someone waits to be greeted by “Hi!” and responds, “Wish I was.”

Mike Module said his son was playing outfield at Macomber Field (CF/Cumb), and while going for a ball, he slipped on some dog shit. So I commented that they must have made his son sit at the end of the bench. The Module said, “Well they didn’t give him much shit about missing the ball, but they gave him a lot of shit about the shit.”

Who is The Poacher?

‘Art’ Carney told me a favorite saying of his: “May the Bird of Happiness always be with you, but always miss your windshield.”

Sportzine is also available at (Thanks to Buffalo Steve)


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