Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Hot Club




575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

We were kidding with Britt and Charlie Clancy told me, “She could be a performer!” Britt overheard this and said, “I am!” And a great one at that!

Word is that there was a femme fight a couple Sundays ago. It wasn’t a fight over a guy – it was over a chair. One woman was trying to ‘save’ the seat for someone. A 40 something versus a 50 something. The throwing of popcorn was also involved.

Buff Steve and I were talking about Broderick Crawford and Highway Patrol 10-4. I missed my chance to use the 10-4 line when the Sportzine issue came out on 10/4.

The jukebox was playing Afternoon Delight which I said was by KC and the Sunshine Band. Alexander the Grate pointed out that the song was done by Starland Vocal Band. Alex said I was confusing Get Down To Night which was by KC and the Sunshine Band. Alex said that night is near the afternoon, but…

Overheard at the Hot Club: “Misquoted by Jim.”

Buffalo Steve recalled that Annette Funicello was from Utica, New York. He got to meet her at a USO club and got to dance with her.

We were listening to Can’t Find My Way Home. I thought of Stevie Winwood and Traffic, but Alexander the Great said it was Blind Faith. Alex was right. I noted that Winwood went from Spencer Davis Group to Traffic before Blind Faith. There was some disagreement amongst us - Mike Module, Jesse James, Alex and myself. Some including the Wizard thought Blind Faith came before Traffic and Wiz looked it up on his smart phone. At first Wiz said Blind Faith came first (’68-’69), but then realized that Traffic was first, broke up and then Blind Faith formed (before Traffic re-formed). Got it?

Well a Google check shows that Traffic was formed in April 1967. Traffic disbanded in 1969 which was when Stevie Winwood formed Blind Faith. Traffic re-formed in 1970 but again disbanded this time in 1975. Winwood, Capaldi, Wood and Dave Mason were in the original Traffic which released Mr. Fantasy and Traffic (w/Mason) and Last Exit.

Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer was playing. Auto Pilot Paul said the song was about sex – about a guy wanting to be a sledgehammer.


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