Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Hot Club

The Hot Club jukebox was playing Cocaine, Eric Clapton’s version. I asked Fleet Feet Pete who wrote it and as he was searching his memory, Chuck D. Computer interjected that it was JJ Cale.

We got to talking about how cocaine turned out to be a dangerous drug as both Len Bias and Reggie Lewis found out. I mentioned cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) and the irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) that can result from heavy cocaine use. Chuck D Computer added that bad crack did in Rock Hudson.

CJ says that one of her customers, another Jim, likes gimlets. As a result, CJ calls him ‘Jimlets’.

There was a guy wearing sunglasses who was seated at the waterside bar one Sunday. We’ll call him Minimum. A bystander noticed money on the floor next to his chair – it was a $10 bill, and put it on the counter next to Minimum, saying “I think this is yours.” Minimum barely nodded in return. Nearby, Jokin’ Joe’s Jackie exclaimed, “He could at least say ‘Thanks’!”

Recently I had to thank Jackie, the bartender, who gave me a tip when I was first learning Sudokus, of which she is a Master. Sudokus have helped my memory. Punch line here.

Josh said that Burger King now is BYOB. At this news, I was surprised and then Josh admitted he made it up. Not a bad idea though. I once had German bier in a McDonald’s in Rotenberg.

Someone has a new nickname for a regular. It’s CC Jack which stands for Compounded COLA Jack.

Charlie Clancy and I were talking about this year’s PC basketball team. Charlie had a question for me about what a young team needs most. I said “Rebounding?” “No.” “Outside shooting?” “No.” “Defense?” “You got it!” Charlie feels that PC’s D will win them some games.

We were talking about past injuries and how as you get old, you know when a storm is coming on. Fleet Feet Pete was telling us that he had won some money playing horseshoes. So when Fleet Feet started complaining about his left knee bothering him, Al and I told him it was from playing horseshoes. Fleet Feet protested, pointing out that he was bending his right knee, not the left. So Pal Al pointed to Pete’s left knee and asked, “Is that your wah-wah pedal knee?


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