Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Hot Club




575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Charlie Clancy and I were talking about Joe Paterno, and the Sandusky charges. Charlie felt that Joe Paterno had gotten into a zone, a test pattern zone. Totally out of it. ‘Test Pattern’ Joe Paterno. I told Charlie that Paterno informed Sandusky in 1999 that he would not succeed Joe as head coach. That was 12 years ago, and I don’t think he was ‘Test Pattern’ then. You can’t excuse Paterno for his behavior.

The Hot Club was bedecked with Christmas decorations, including a tree with lights, and it was only November 30. Glad to see such good tidings. There is also a new curtain covering the right side of the dockside doors. Are the curtains to curtail cool breezes or to hide the smoky glass?

Foot Joy was ragging on me about getting old. So I mentioned to FJ that I tell Victoria that we are ‘junior seniors’. Foot Joy said he liked that and would remember it when he got to be my age.

Is that a compacted colon or compounded cola? And that’s CCJ.

Josh said to check out the video on You Tube of the 4-year old son of a Philadelphia Eagles’ fan, who is crying and saying he hates Tom Brady. And when his dad suggests that maybe Brady will throw a pick, the youngster cries, “No, he never throws picks. He only throws touchdowns”. Thanks Josh.

Adam and I were talking about what we had found to be good on TV. I mentioned American Horror Story. Yes, Adam agreed and said that’s his favorite show. I told Adam that I also liked Boardwalk Empire, but Adam doesn’t have HBO.

Charley Clancy said that there was more of a stir, more of a ruckus when Hazel Mae was leaving Boston than Jon Papelbon. No, Charlie didn’t say it. He heard that quote.

Fleet Feet Pete was talking about a track and field coach who got so disgusted with his team that he told them: “You’re as competitive as a jerked off dick.”

The Jack of Fire admitted that he was a spring training bat boy in Winter Haven, Florida, in 1971 for the Boston Red Sox.

Charlie Clancy and I were talking baseball and I said, “Go Cubs!” Charlie said he saw my statement about the Red Sox needing to woo me back. So Charlie asked how much wooing that would take and I said, “Not much.”


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