Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Hot Club




575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Chuck D Computer admitted that he is not really into sports. Chuck calls himself ‘a sports agnostic’.

Mike Module grew up in the same part of Darlington as my brother Brad and I did. Slater Park was our playground, especially an area known as ‘Death Valley’. We use to have rope swings from the trees in Death Valley. Mike Module admitted that he was the one that shinnied up those trees to tie the ropes.

Was telling Chuck D that my friend Mo was talking about Catholic education and Mo said it’s not education it’s Catholic indoctrination. Chuck D disagreed and said it was a program – a program called Leave No Child’s Behind.

Come a Little Bit Closer to the Mike and the Jester were finishing their beers to go to band practice. I told them to ask Nimble Fingered Peter if he had any personal encounters with Jerry Sandusky when he was at Penn State. Foot Joy added, “Like in the shower.”

The HC jukebox was playing The High and Mighty by Dick Starbuck ‘Porno Detective’. That was followed by Lords of Acid with an album/CD called Pussy. A cute little pussy cat was sticking out from between a woman’s legs, right about the area known as p-u-s…

Frequent Flyer said he went to buy a bed with his friend Joanne. The mattress had a 20-year warranty. Foot Joy said “Aw you won’t even live that long.” Frequent Flyer said that when they mentioned the 20-year warranty, Joanne also said he might not last that long.

Charlie and I were talking about Heidi Watney and Jason Varitek. Charlie said that he heard it wasn’t Watney who ’Tek hooked up with, it was “Francona’s daughter!” (joke)

An anonymous source (‘sauce’) at the Hot Club said that they call the meter mollies ‘parking enforcement officers’. Who knew? Do I salute?

Mike Module said that sex began with The Leave It To Beaver show. The Module quotes June Cleaver as telling husband Ward, “Don’t you think you were a little tough on the Beaver last night.”

Fleet Feet Pete, Mike Module, Frequent Flyer and I were all in accord – we want the Patriots to play the undefeated Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl and beat them. Of course the score will probably be 48-47, but, what the Hell.

Sportzine is also available at jimdawsonsports.com (Thanks to Buffalo Steve)


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