Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Hot Club

“This is the best head I’ve had in a while and I want to savor it.”: Mike Module ogling the fine head of foam on his beer.

Professor Peter was teaching a marketing class when he asked students to bring in examples of different commercials. A student brought in one with balloon animals for a product called Durex. The link follows. Those with easily offended sensibilities should not watch this. Thanks to Stevie Saucepan Hands for sending the You Tube link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAtRPJDE_MY&feature=youtube_gdata_player

The Hot Club ran out of Pilsner Urquell so I got a Stella Artois instead. When I poured it into the pint glass, it didn’t fill up the glass the same way. I checked the label and found that the Stella Artois contained only 11.2 ounces. Less bang for the buck.

Britt was typing in ‘Lupo’s’ on her cell phone and it popped up ‘Liposuction’. Ah the joys of auto correction.

Jesse’s old boss gave him this business advice: “Managing people would be easy if it weren’t for the people.”

A guy was knocking Nick Cage and asked when Cage last made a good movie. Amanda mentioned Drive Angry which she found to be a hoot. I added 8 MM.

Kirk Feather told me that he’s doing speech writing again – this time for the Mayor of Providence, Angel Taveras. Kirk says he has no party affiliation. He said he’s like Paladin but it’s ‘Have Keyboard Will Travel’.

As I was leaving the Hot Club Sunday, Transparent as Glass Mike started singing Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You to me. He asked me “Is that worthy?” Yes it is worthy.

We were talking about a site called SmarterTravel.com that listed Providence’s Water Fire as the world’s 5th top night time experience. It even beat out Paris, the City of Lights which was ranked 8th. Yeah I know. Nice publicity though for our own La Prov.

I asked Wise and Kenny who wrote She’s a Lady for Tom Jones, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore for Buddy Holly, the Johnny Carson show theme song, and the English lyrics to My Way. Wise knew that it was Paul Anka and replied before Kenny could respond.


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