Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Hot Club

Stephanie was in the middle of these two guys who were comparing their shoes, what kind they have and how soft they are. One of them, Folklore Kirk said, “It’s all about comfort, brother.” Stephanie said, “What are you guys, gay, you’re talking about shoes?” Kirk said that he and his buddy were having a little bromance and to stay out of it. Kirk and Steve (aka Michael) are the two with the shoe fetish. Steve has at least 10 pair. Kirk has 7 pair. ‘Shoe boys’ per Stephanie. Kirk says Michael’s the bitch - of shoes. Broc had on a T-shirt that said Clutch. Wondering whether this was a description of Broc under pressure, I asked him about being ‘Clutch’. Turns out it’s the name of a rockabilly style band that he saw at Lupo’s. Later Broc revealed that he worked at the original Met near Leo’s and the version that was behind Lupo’s when it was in the Shepard Building. Jokin’ Joe just bought a Hyundai Elantra. With it comes 3 free months of Sirius XM. And right up Joe’s alley, XM has a Bruce Springsteen channel. “Youth is beautiful. I love to get into it”, says Broc. James the Apostle saw my reference to Pedro Ciriaco, who is playing for the PawSox. St. James wondered if that wasn’t the name of the baseball player in Major League who had the voodoo altar. So I checked IMDb.com and the character’s name was Pedro Cerrano. Cerrano was played by Dennis Haysbert of 24 fame (as President) and Allstate ads. A woman walked into the Hot Club eating a banana. Chuck D Computer said “Sometimes a banana is just a banana.” The consensus was she was trying to get noticed. Said, Chuck, ‘like eating an ear of corn lengthwise’. Just trying to get some attention. A guy with an afro thought Fleet Feet Pete looked like David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Better than looking like Harry Potter. We were talking about music concerts and Frequent Flyer said he saw Boz Scaggs open for Steve Miller. The audience was so into Boz Scaggs that Miller had a hard time getting the crowd back. So I told FF that Scaggs was in Steve Miller’s band back when they started and is on Sailor (Miller’s 2nd album. Boz is also on Children of the Future, Miller’s 1st album). So it might have been a little too personal for Steve Miller. And Amanda said she liked Cabin in the Woods a lot, the latest from Josh Whedon. Sportzine is also available at jimdawsonsports.com (Thanks to Buffalo Steve) THE HOT CLUB WHERE HEARTS ARE ON FIRE BUT IT’S NEVER TOO HOT FOR THE DEVIL MAY CARE 575 South Water Street, Prov.


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