Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Hot Club

Heads Up everyone – Mr. D.’s band Almond Joy is playing this Saturday, May 5 at Ciara’s (1525 Smith Street, Providence). Expect Mr. D. and company to rock out the Cinco de Mayo night. The band goes on at 8. Get there early to get a seat. Stevie Saucepan Hands was busting my hump about losing hair on my head. I said I was glad to have any. That led me to David Crosby’s Almost Cut My Hair. Saucepan Hands said Bing! Bing Crosby! I noted that Bing wasn’t a very good father and that two of his sons committed suicide (Lindsay and Dennis). Bing left them trusts that they couldn’t touch until they were 65. Stevie said he recalls Bing singing Sitting On Top of the World. I said “Yeah, alone with just his money.” Chuck D Computer told this joke: a man walks into a bar and orders 8 shots of the finest whiskey they’ve got. When they were brought, the guy drank all 8 in a flash. The bartender said, “I’ve never seen anyone drink 8 shots so fast.” The guy said “You would too if you had what I have.” “What do you have?” asked the bartender. The guy replied, “Oh about 2 dollars in my pocket.” James the Apostle was commenting on the great role filled by Avery Bradley, who is in his second year in the NBA. James thought Bradley was from Pitt or Purdue. I thought it was Texas. A check shows that Bradley played 1 year for the University of Texas. Before the Stanley Cup playoffs began, I called Puckhead and asked who he was rooting for since the Canadiens weren’t even in it. Pucky didn’t respond, but he sure did when the Caps eliminated the Bruins. Puckhead prefaced his remark by saying it was something that his father used to tell him: “Get out the golf clubs.” It was good to see our friend Bailey at the Hot Club recently. Bailey (don’t call me Gayley!) has just retired. He was at the HC celebrating with some friends. During a conversation with them, I learned that Rhode Island’s own Tiffany’s is making the New York Football Giants Super Bowl rings. I also learned that because each player is different, the rings are individually custom designed. The cost for each is around $15,000 (to make) and the casting is quite tough. Congrats, Bailey! Pal Al noticed that Grillmeister Dave was wearing a ‘Kappa’ shirt. It had nothing to do with our own Kappa Delta Phi at RI College. One giveaway was the back to back women. Dave said it’s an English outfit that manufactures soccer gear. THE HOT CLUB WHERE HEARTS ARE ON FIRE BUT IT’S NEVER TOO HOT FOR THE DEVIL MAY CARE 575 South Water Street, Prov.


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