Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Hot Club

The Hot Club as Hotel California: Last Wednesday saw the return of Mike Dutra to the HC. The hardest working man in show biz does a great job singing the songbook of Frank Sinatra. If you close your eyes, you can hear the Chairman of the Board. Why were we so blessed? Mike had had a gig cancelled that night. It was 9 years ago that he performed in the backyard of Kosh’s condo at a party. Welcome back, Mike. Seems that Stephanie, Kosh’s condo neighbor, did hear Mike Dutra as Sinatra that day, as she overheard him through her window. Good Neighbor Stephanie said she wasn’t invited to the party. Stephanie said that she thought it was Sinatra too. The Hot Club is going upscale. They now have menus with Eat on one side and Drink on the other which made me think of the original corporate name of the HC – Eat or Out. They tell me it is now B&M Waterworks. Overheard at the Hot Club: “It’s better to be inducted than indicted.” A guy was walking on the deck. He had on a T-shirt that said, “Sean Larkin is driving me to drink”. Fleet Feet Pete has a solution for long baseball games: ban Velcro! These players spend too much time adjusting their batting gloves. An under 3-hour baseball game is a rarity. So I mentioned that last night Bobby Valentine used 3 relievers in a row to get 3 players out in the 7th inning (a 5-3 win over TB). You could hear Don Orsillo, unaware of an open mike, say: “What is this, the World Series?” Asked Dr. John if he knew another Hot Club regular who works in the OR of a local hospital. Turns out Dr. John did not know him, but explained to me that the medical profession has become ‘Balkanized’. Then Dr. John told me that there was a joke at Harvard that the red blood cell guys didn’t talk to the white blood cell guys. Dr. John told me that the medical profession has become so specialized that guys in training to be cardiologists were asked what chamber they wanted to concentrate on. R.I.P. Bradford Livingston who once was the Hot Club cook. Bradford married Paula Cournoyer, who tended bar at the HC, and they have a son Buckley. Bradford was only 35, way too early for anyone to die. Rest in peace, Bradford.


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