Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Hot Club

There was talk about social networking. Five of us, Joe, Kosh, MC, Gary and I, realized that none of us had been on Facebook and we also didn’t tweet. No to networking! Charlie Clancy, Mike Module, Jimmy Chelo, Chet and I were talking about the height of Daisuke Matsuzaka. Charlie said he was 5’9”. I thought he was more like 6’1”, but they thought he was less than 6’ except Mike Module who said maybe 6’. Also, how tall is Pedro Martinez? It seemed to me that he was about 5’10’ but others thought he was shorter. I mentioned Pedro’s thin build as causing that perception. A check at baseball-reference.com shows Dice K as being 6’. Pedro is listed on the same site as 5’11” and 170 pounds. It turns out that the Hot Club’s Mr. Clancy is really John C. Clancy. But better known as Charlie. He showed me his license. Charlie said that his mother once told him he neededan alias. So we talked about people who use their middle names rather than their first names. It made me wonder “What, are they hiding from the law?” Fleet Feet Pete was chatting with Mike Module about golf. I told them what my coworker and friend Peter (Kieran Peter) used to say about golf: “A fine walk spoiled.” Jesse’s last name is Fordyce. That reminded me of Forsythe i.e. Bill Forsythe, the Scottish director, who did the underappreciated Local Hero. Mike Module remembered that Mark Knopfler did the theme song. I pointed out that he did the whole soundtrack. Fleet Feet Pete used his smart phone to find out that Mark Knopfler does not have any current gigs planned or scheduled but he will have a CD out soon called Privateering. It’s due out September 3. After that I’m sure that a tour will follow. Hot Club as Hotel California: Jay who worked at the Hi Hat visits. Misses ‘Uncle’ Larry. Dr. John, who knows his way around boats, told the tale of one Buddy Cianci, who with a hurricane approaching, wouldn’t let them close the hurricane barrier gates/doors until he and his boat were inside. And then the water rose and Buddy’s boat got pulled from its mooring and crashed up against the bridge. Buddy climbed off the boat onto the bridge.


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