Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Hot Club

THE HOT CLUB WHERE HEARTS ARE ON FIRE BUT IT’S NEVER TOO HOT FOR THE DEVIL MAY CARE 575 South Water Street, Prov. Good to see Charlie Clancy back at the HC. He was with fellow softball star Jerry with a J. We were talking about Miguel Cabrera winning the Triple Crown, last achieved by Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski. So I mentioned that Ted Williams had won the Triple Crown twice and asked them who the only other player to do so was. Jerry got it right – Rogers Hornsby. And for RI locals, Bill Reynolds used the same question a day later. So Jerry with a J asked me who was the only Rhode Islander to win the Triple Crown. That one I knew - Napoleon ‘Nap’ Lajoie, of course. Charlie Clancy thought it was ironic that there had not been a Triple Crown winner since 1967 and this year with one, the Red Sox had one of their worst seasons since around the same time. I pointed out that they went to the World Series in 1967, and it was 1965 that they had their worst modern day record (100 losses). Charlie said it was in the ballpark. Last Friday I looked up at the TV screen as the Cardinals played the Braves in the NL wild card game. “Ah, real baseball”, I said. Dollars for David asked me about a Red Sox fan embarrassing himself at Yankee Stadium in the game where NY scored 9 runs in the second inning. So I checked with FootJoy who told me that a Red Sox fan wearing a Pedroia jersey reached out with his glove and caught a Yankee drive that was ruled a homerun. The umpires ruled it was going to be a homerun anyway but you just don’t do that if you are a good BoSox fan. Who would have thunk it? Jake is a big Barry Zito fan. Yes Barry but Zito. We were talking about Rhode Island’s bad drivers and how you have to be careful these days, not knowing what people will do. Mike Module said that one time he was out with his buddy who was driving. Another driver got Mike’s friend pissed off. Then the guy in the other car flashed a gun at them. Mike told his buddy the driver, “Back off! Back off! Either that or drop me off.” QUIZ - FREE DRINK! The first person to come up to me Wednesday night (Oct.10) or Friday (Oct. 12) and tell me the correct answer to this quiz will be rewarded with a free drink (under $10 please). Thanks to Fleet Feet Pete for the suggestion of having a quiz. If it gets too expensive for me, he may have to buy a round, though. Name the two sisters who each starred (separately) in a Roman Polanski movie.


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