Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Hot Club

THE HOT CLUB WHERE HEARTS ARE ON FIRE BUT IT’S NEVER TOO HOT FOR THE DEVIL MAY CARE 575 South Water Street, Prov. The Hot Club as Hotel California: you can check out, but you can never leave. Christine, onetime HC bartender, was back with hubby Michael Farley. Salute! Fleet Feet Pete says there are two things in his life, two things that he has found he likes: ice cream and beer. According to Pete, “They’re both great. I never met one I didn’t like. It’s like my father used to say, ‘All of it’s good, only some of it’s better.’” The Bawd Steve chimed in that that where he comes from they have a saying that there’s no such thing as a bad blowjob. Of the comparison, I added, “Not as romantic.” Peter the Bouncer said he was talking to soccer lover Martin, who is from England. Peter asked Martin if he knew why soccer would never make it in the US. Martin said “No, why not?” Peter answered, “Because we have other sports.” Britt alerted me to the schools of fish (well she’s a teacher!) swimming next to the bar. There were more fish in those waters than I’d ever seen. You could actually see them, something not possible a few years back due to murky water. Kevin and brother Mike thought the fish were menhaden and blue fish. I wondered if it was spawning season. A few of us were watching the fish frenzy when I remarked on all the seagulls circling above, looking for a fish for dinner. An onlooker said “Oh seagulls don’t eat fish, they only eat shellfish.” As I was pondering this, a seagull swooped in and grabbed a fish. Jim the Engineer looked at all the seagulls having a field day going for the fish and said it reminded him of a Hitchcock film – ah yes, The Birds. LAST WEEK’S QUIZ ANSWER No one at the Hot Club won that free drink offer for the correct answer to last week’s quiz – Name the sisters who starred in two separate Roman Polanski movies. The answer is Catherine Deneuve (Repulsion) and Francoise Dorleac (Cul-de-sac). A few people guessed Deneuve but didn’t know her sister, except for Kappa brother Tom Kat (he took a film course), who knew it was Francoise but not the last name. There’s a good reason that people don’t remember Dorleac – she died in 1967 (a year after the release of Cul-de-sac) in a fiery car crash while racing to the Nice airport. THIS WEEK’S QUIZ This band leader’s original group was called the Stoners. What was the name under which the leader and his group became famous?


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