Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Hot Club

The Warden said Wild Bill had a fence installed but was very displeased with the poor workmanship. He complained to the proper authorities and said the guy should lose his license. Contraire told Bill the guy probably never had a license. Contraire said the guy probably learned his trade while he was in the can. Thanks to the Warden for the tip.

Roy Orbison was singing on the jukebox. John Dempsey was warbling along, and actually sounded pretty good. Orbison was the best male voice I've ever heard. Mr. D. and I saw him at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel. Mr. D. said for him the best male voice was either Roy or Nat King Cole but that he never got to hear Nat King Cole in concert.

Brandon was busting Mr. D and me - "Who would have thought the Cowboys would have a better record than the Pats (4-2 vs. 3-3)? So I asked him how he got to be a Cowboys' fan since he's lived on both coasts. Brandon said his older brother (8 years) was a Cowboys' fan. His brother is 6'5" to Brandon's 6'3 1/2". His brother is an engineer in Germany. Said Brandon, "He got the brains. I got the big dick."

Buffalo Steve was happy that his Bills were 3-3 and tied with the Pats for 1st in the AFC East (before Sunday's game). He doesn’t seem to think much of young QB JP Losman whom he called Lostman or Lossman.

Mikey K stopped by. He's undergone 3 months of chemotherapy and has another 3 month series coming up. He stopped smoking and he can't drink while he's doing chemotherapy. Mike said he would savor his first beer or gin and tonic. We wish him renewed health.

Chrissie tells us that she will be in a new movie that starts shooting in April in Albuquerque, NM. I asked her what her role is. She said "Psycho girlfriend."

Deb and her friend visited the Hot Club. Her friend works at the Training School. I told her that we beat the Training School in 1999 to win our first ever adult co-ed softball championship. During a regular season game against the Training School, we scored 10 runs in the 4th to take a 13-4 lead. They scored 12 runs in the home half of the 4th. We went into the bottom of the 7th (last inning) up 29-21 and I wasn't sure if that was enough of a lead. It was.

The Consigliere told me that his father built L'Epicurio's restaurant, the one on Federal Hill. They've moved into a boutique hotel in Providence since. And my thanks to Mr. D. and Bernie who recently paid for my meal at L'Epicurio's (payoff of an old bet).

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Hot Club

A woman was extolling the virtues of bartender Marilyn. She kept saying, She's awesome." I agreed with the woman, of course. So Marilyn now has a 'Zine nickname - 'Awesome'.

The same woman was talking to 5 Angels and Contraire about planes and their captains. Contraire asked, "Don't they have a lieutenant too?" The woman said no. Contraire replied, "Oh I though it was a police station." But Contraire knew it was about plane captains. Just Contraire.
Contraire thought Lloyd Bridges had committed suicide. Mr. D. and I told him that Lloyd did not go that way. Mr. D. said, "The terror of the deep got him." The sting ray, terror of the deep.

5 Angels was leaving the Hot Club. In his hand was a can of paint. I asked him why he had the paint and he said he had to do his place. Mr. D. added, "Painted Place."

Foot Joy was leaving the club and I kidded him "Don't get into trouble." I had a fraternity brother who said goodnight to a fellow brother and added, "Don't get into trouble." And then he told the brother's girlfriend, "Goodnight, Trouble."

Overheard Obasie telling another guy that you couldn't pick up a woman at the Hot Club. Then he added, "Unless you change your name."

We were commiserating about all the rain. CJ said, "It makes my hair grow."

Mike Module has a Minnesota buddy. If the Pats won and Minny lost, his buddy'd send him a 6-pack. If the opposite occurred, Mike'd send the 6. After 6 years, the guy ended the bet this year.

OR Ric was drinking a snifter. Benedictine Brothers he told me. Said he used to have the practice of drinking a bottle of Benedictine Brothers whenever he had a cold. OR Ric said that when he woke up a couple days later the cold was gone.

On the night I pass out Sportzine, Contraire was leaving the Hot Club as I arrived. I asked him if he wanted a copy of the 'Zine. He said, "No."

Mr. D. recalled club fights in LA. I mentioned Carlos Palomino. Mr. D. added. "Roy 'Windmill' White." He said 'Windmill' was 'the Fightin' Carpenter' and had a behind-the-back punch. White also had the 'McCoy Mule' punch. He wound up with his right hand and hit the guy with his left.

Congrats to Mike Dutra (Simply Sinatra). His Rat Pack show at Lincoln Park has added a night.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Hot Club

The Warden hasn't been seen much at the Hot Club of late. I told him there was a rumor that he's been missing because he has a girlfriend. The Warden said, "That's not a rumor. It's true."

So the Warden asked me, "Has Wise got hit by any more air bags?

Erica had just made new coffee. Someone asked how it was and Contraire said, "It sucks." Erica said he should have been more positive. Contraire said, "I give the opposite."

5 Angels saw Leon Russell at the Hi-Hat. Russell played 75 minutes and didn't do any of his hits. Neil Young did the same on Mr. D.'s birthday (just songs from Greendale). Artistic Arrogance.

Mr. D. asked "How many people hit a tree on Mink Road? And there's only one tree on the road." The Warden replied, "The tree was drunk."

5 Angels was talking about Puckhead. Mr. D. said, "Puckhead has all the pussy - cats."

A young woman walked by in a slip. The guys noticed. I said, "A slip of a girl."

Contraire looked around and wondered, "Where are all the Red Sox fans? They're like endangered squirrels with no nuts."

Kevin said he asked the Wizard where all the Red Sox fans were. Asked Kevin, "What - the rest of the Senior Posse couldn't come out for Boston's last game?" The Wizard snarled, "It's not their last game!" It was Boston's last game.

Mr. D. observed that last year everyone was arguing who was the better shortstop - Nomar or Jeter. As Mr. D. noted, no one is arguing that point now.

Two women in prominent orange tops strolled by. I called them, "Tang and Creamsicle."
The Wise Man saw ESPN's Erin Andrews on TV. He said, "Move over, Hazel Mae."

There was a fight between two biker groups. Someone said it was a fight over a woman. 5 Angels said that wasn't fair and that he wanted to be fought over by bikers. Erica said, "You mean the biker women? Some of them look like guys." 5 Angels said "No, the men."

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Hot Club

Brandon was wearing a work shirt. He was kidding Mr. D. and me, saying we looked like Cowboys' fans. Marilyn pointed to Brandon's name on his work shirt. She said, "Brandon's mom put it on because he forgets it."

Frequent Flyer is very happy. The Hot Club now has Heineken again.

The Man from Moda told us his mother has been very sick and he gave her Marinol. That's the pill form. Says it still works. The Chuck said, "It's a little hard to light, but…"

The Sunday night NFL game was on. I asked Contraire what the score was. He said, "It just started." Behind him, Marty answered "San Diego is up 7-3." I kidded Contraire because he didn't tell me the score. Said Contraire, "There are no easy answers." I replied, "No, not from you."

It was Chuck D Computer's birthday. We asked him how old and he said "40/11."
Mike, the Man in Black, visited. Has a nice place called Lili Marlene's on the Hill.

The Thursday night that Mike Timlin blew a 4-2 lead in the 9th to Tampa Bay, Yankees' fan Capo of Caps came in to gloat. Bad karma may come back to the Yankees (or him).

A woman was squinting, looking over towards me. Louisiana Steve said, "She has an eye for you." I said, "No. More likely a vision problem." Foot Joy pointed out that she was looking at the choice of beers lined up.

Contraire asked Obasie if he knew who Jean Paul Sartre was. Of course Obasie knew. And as Obasie started to discuss Existentialism, Contraire asked him if he knew who René Descartes was. Yes, Obasie knew him too. But Contraire didn't want to discuss their writings or views. He just wanted to stir up trouble. In fact when I asked Contraire (a Psych major at RIC) to name a work by Sartre, he couldn't. Obasie knew No Exit.

Instead of free cigarettes, they were passing out lighters that had flashlights at one end. Contraire complained that his light didn't work right. Louisiana Steve said, "Get out of here or you'll see God's light."

Best wishes to the Cisco Kid who recently landed here for a short while. Is Mo Pancho?