Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Hot Club

Brandon was wearing a work shirt. He was kidding Mr. D. and me, saying we looked like Cowboys' fans. Marilyn pointed to Brandon's name on his work shirt. She said, "Brandon's mom put it on because he forgets it."

Frequent Flyer is very happy. The Hot Club now has Heineken again.

The Man from Moda told us his mother has been very sick and he gave her Marinol. That's the pill form. Says it still works. The Chuck said, "It's a little hard to light, but…"

The Sunday night NFL game was on. I asked Contraire what the score was. He said, "It just started." Behind him, Marty answered "San Diego is up 7-3." I kidded Contraire because he didn't tell me the score. Said Contraire, "There are no easy answers." I replied, "No, not from you."

It was Chuck D Computer's birthday. We asked him how old and he said "40/11."
Mike, the Man in Black, visited. Has a nice place called Lili Marlene's on the Hill.

The Thursday night that Mike Timlin blew a 4-2 lead in the 9th to Tampa Bay, Yankees' fan Capo of Caps came in to gloat. Bad karma may come back to the Yankees (or him).

A woman was squinting, looking over towards me. Louisiana Steve said, "She has an eye for you." I said, "No. More likely a vision problem." Foot Joy pointed out that she was looking at the choice of beers lined up.

Contraire asked Obasie if he knew who Jean Paul Sartre was. Of course Obasie knew. And as Obasie started to discuss Existentialism, Contraire asked him if he knew who René Descartes was. Yes, Obasie knew him too. But Contraire didn't want to discuss their writings or views. He just wanted to stir up trouble. In fact when I asked Contraire (a Psych major at RIC) to name a work by Sartre, he couldn't. Obasie knew No Exit.

Instead of free cigarettes, they were passing out lighters that had flashlights at one end. Contraire complained that his light didn't work right. Louisiana Steve said, "Get out of here or you'll see God's light."

Best wishes to the Cisco Kid who recently landed here for a short while. Is Mo Pancho?


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