Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Hot Club

The Warden hasn't been seen much at the Hot Club of late. I told him there was a rumor that he's been missing because he has a girlfriend. The Warden said, "That's not a rumor. It's true."

So the Warden asked me, "Has Wise got hit by any more air bags?

Erica had just made new coffee. Someone asked how it was and Contraire said, "It sucks." Erica said he should have been more positive. Contraire said, "I give the opposite."

5 Angels saw Leon Russell at the Hi-Hat. Russell played 75 minutes and didn't do any of his hits. Neil Young did the same on Mr. D.'s birthday (just songs from Greendale). Artistic Arrogance.

Mr. D. asked "How many people hit a tree on Mink Road? And there's only one tree on the road." The Warden replied, "The tree was drunk."

5 Angels was talking about Puckhead. Mr. D. said, "Puckhead has all the pussy - cats."

A young woman walked by in a slip. The guys noticed. I said, "A slip of a girl."

Contraire looked around and wondered, "Where are all the Red Sox fans? They're like endangered squirrels with no nuts."

Kevin said he asked the Wizard where all the Red Sox fans were. Asked Kevin, "What - the rest of the Senior Posse couldn't come out for Boston's last game?" The Wizard snarled, "It's not their last game!" It was Boston's last game.

Mr. D. observed that last year everyone was arguing who was the better shortstop - Nomar or Jeter. As Mr. D. noted, no one is arguing that point now.

Two women in prominent orange tops strolled by. I called them, "Tang and Creamsicle."
The Wise Man saw ESPN's Erin Andrews on TV. He said, "Move over, Hazel Mae."

There was a fight between two biker groups. Someone said it was a fight over a woman. 5 Angels said that wasn't fair and that he wanted to be fought over by bikers. Erica said, "You mean the biker women? Some of them look like guys." 5 Angels said "No, the men."


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