Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Hot Club

A woman was extolling the virtues of bartender Marilyn. She kept saying, She's awesome." I agreed with the woman, of course. So Marilyn now has a 'Zine nickname - 'Awesome'.

The same woman was talking to 5 Angels and Contraire about planes and their captains. Contraire asked, "Don't they have a lieutenant too?" The woman said no. Contraire replied, "Oh I though it was a police station." But Contraire knew it was about plane captains. Just Contraire.
Contraire thought Lloyd Bridges had committed suicide. Mr. D. and I told him that Lloyd did not go that way. Mr. D. said, "The terror of the deep got him." The sting ray, terror of the deep.

5 Angels was leaving the Hot Club. In his hand was a can of paint. I asked him why he had the paint and he said he had to do his place. Mr. D. added, "Painted Place."

Foot Joy was leaving the club and I kidded him "Don't get into trouble." I had a fraternity brother who said goodnight to a fellow brother and added, "Don't get into trouble." And then he told the brother's girlfriend, "Goodnight, Trouble."

Overheard Obasie telling another guy that you couldn't pick up a woman at the Hot Club. Then he added, "Unless you change your name."

We were commiserating about all the rain. CJ said, "It makes my hair grow."

Mike Module has a Minnesota buddy. If the Pats won and Minny lost, his buddy'd send him a 6-pack. If the opposite occurred, Mike'd send the 6. After 6 years, the guy ended the bet this year.

OR Ric was drinking a snifter. Benedictine Brothers he told me. Said he used to have the practice of drinking a bottle of Benedictine Brothers whenever he had a cold. OR Ric said that when he woke up a couple days later the cold was gone.

On the night I pass out Sportzine, Contraire was leaving the Hot Club as I arrived. I asked him if he wanted a copy of the 'Zine. He said, "No."

Mr. D. recalled club fights in LA. I mentioned Carlos Palomino. Mr. D. added. "Roy 'Windmill' White." He said 'Windmill' was 'the Fightin' Carpenter' and had a behind-the-back punch. White also had the 'McCoy Mule' punch. He wound up with his right hand and hit the guy with his left.

Congrats to Mike Dutra (Simply Sinatra). His Rat Pack show at Lincoln Park has added a night.


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