Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Hot Club

The Warden said Wild Bill had a fence installed but was very displeased with the poor workmanship. He complained to the proper authorities and said the guy should lose his license. Contraire told Bill the guy probably never had a license. Contraire said the guy probably learned his trade while he was in the can. Thanks to the Warden for the tip.

Roy Orbison was singing on the jukebox. John Dempsey was warbling along, and actually sounded pretty good. Orbison was the best male voice I've ever heard. Mr. D. and I saw him at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel. Mr. D. said for him the best male voice was either Roy or Nat King Cole but that he never got to hear Nat King Cole in concert.

Brandon was busting Mr. D and me - "Who would have thought the Cowboys would have a better record than the Pats (4-2 vs. 3-3)? So I asked him how he got to be a Cowboys' fan since he's lived on both coasts. Brandon said his older brother (8 years) was a Cowboys' fan. His brother is 6'5" to Brandon's 6'3 1/2". His brother is an engineer in Germany. Said Brandon, "He got the brains. I got the big dick."

Buffalo Steve was happy that his Bills were 3-3 and tied with the Pats for 1st in the AFC East (before Sunday's game). He doesn’t seem to think much of young QB JP Losman whom he called Lostman or Lossman.

Mikey K stopped by. He's undergone 3 months of chemotherapy and has another 3 month series coming up. He stopped smoking and he can't drink while he's doing chemotherapy. Mike said he would savor his first beer or gin and tonic. We wish him renewed health.

Chrissie tells us that she will be in a new movie that starts shooting in April in Albuquerque, NM. I asked her what her role is. She said "Psycho girlfriend."

Deb and her friend visited the Hot Club. Her friend works at the Training School. I told her that we beat the Training School in 1999 to win our first ever adult co-ed softball championship. During a regular season game against the Training School, we scored 10 runs in the 4th to take a 13-4 lead. They scored 12 runs in the home half of the 4th. We went into the bottom of the 7th (last inning) up 29-21 and I wasn't sure if that was enough of a lead. It was.

The Consigliere told me that his father built L'Epicurio's restaurant, the one on Federal Hill. They've moved into a boutique hotel in Providence since. And my thanks to Mr. D. and Bernie who recently paid for my meal at L'Epicurio's (payoff of an old bet).


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