Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Hot Club

Mr. D. tells his frosh that he knows a college graduate whose first job was as a janitor. The college grad told his boss, "But I have a college degree." The boss said, "OK then I'll show you how to sweep."

Mr. D. knows some students who are going to Peru. He says that they intend to eat guinea pig
while there. Mr. D. says that it's more guinea than pig. Chuck D Computer replied, "I had a girlfriend like that."

The Warden noticed the headline in the Providence Journal "Judge gives 30-year stabbing sentence". We agreed that that is a long time to be stabbed.

We were talking about George Orwells' 1984. I said it was diabolically clever to use a person's fears against him/her. I said that like Winston Smith, I didn't like rats. Chuck D wasn't sure he wanted to tell me what he feared most. Mr. D. said he feared meeting boring people at the Hot Club.

We were scoffing at the notion that the Turks didn't massacre 1.5 million Armenians in 1915. A group has filed a lawsuit trying to prevent educators from teaching that. I said that next we'd have people saying the Nazis were nice. Chuck D added, "And the 40's thing didn't happen."

Desi told Mr. D. and me that she likes to ride horses in Rehoboth. She rides a friend's 20-year old named Ferdinand and leads him thru dressage movements. She is hoping to get a bronze medal. I wished her well in getting the horse a bronze medal. Mr. D. said, "The owner gets the bronze medal."

A woman with a shoulder tattoo was talking to her daughter on a cell phone. When she closed the cell, she called her daughter a 'caza'. I asked what that meant and she said 'pig'.

The Flying Food Maven was at the ATM withdrawing money. The Wise Man said, "Hey, get me some money, too." Flyer said, "Sure. Give me your card."

Buffalo Steve was at his Citizen's Bank. The bank has a big monitor that shows the first patron in line. Steve kidded the guy who was on the monitor "Where's Oprah?" The guy had no sense of humor and asked Steve if he wanted to go outside and settle it. Foot Joy told Steve, "You should have asked him if he made a deposit or a withdrawal."

Buffalo Steve and I were discussing movies. He asked me if I remembered The Thin Man based on Dashiell Hammett's novel. I told him that I recalled the TV series with Phyllis Kirk in the Nora Charles role but couldn't remember who played Nick Charles.

Steve liked the William Powell and Myrna Loy Thin Man film series. So I checked it out and the original Thin Man was made in 1934. The movies were so successful that Powell and Loy made 6 all told, the last in 1947.

In fact the two worked together so well that they were in 13 movies together. The director of the first four Thin Man movies was W.S. Van Dyke. The TV Thin Man series was on from 1957-1959. Asta played Asta, the Charles' wire-haired fox terrier, and Peter Lawford was Nick Charles.

Buff Steve knew that The Thin Man was not Nick Charles but a victim from the first movie. The real Thin Man was an inventor whose death sparked an investigation by the husband and wife socialites who dabbled as sleuths.Buff Steve also remembered that The Thin Man also had The Fat Man, Brad Runyon, played by J. Scott Smart.

My research revealed that William Powell was married to Carole Lombard and then was romantically involved with Jean Harlow, but she died before they could marry.

[The following resource books were used in Movies: Total Television by Alex McNeil, The Encyclopedia of Hollywood by Scott Siegel and Barbara Siegel, and American Movie Classics' Classic Movie Companion (Robert Moses, Editor).]


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