Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Hot Club

RR (Roving Reporter) informed me that Bags feels Foot Joy has been getting a little too close to Bags' girlfriend Susan. Well to her lips, that is. RR says Foot Joy has a fondness for kissing Sue hello and good bye. However, lately he's been getting a little TOO close to her lips. So Bags has invoked a "3-inch rule". Foot Joy can't get closer to her lips (off the cheek) than 3-inches.

Sean, the Hot Club doorman/bouncer, believes in brains over brawn and prides himself on stopping fights, not fueling them. He seems to have a very persuasive manner.

And while Sean speaks softly and carries a big stick, he isn't shy about sharing some of his past hobbies. CJ and I were talking about George Orwell's 1984 and Winston Smith having his head stuck in a cage full of rats. Sean said he raised 'feed rats' for his snakes. Sean had a reticulating python (bigger than an anaconda), boa python and some rosy-tailed boas. Sean bought a Ma and Pa Rat to provide young'uns for the snakes instead of paying for mice to feed them.

Sean told us Pa Rat wouldn't leave Ma Rat alone. Even after she had just delivered 13-14 ratlets. One day Sean found Pa Rat spread-eagled in the cage. Pa was dead from desire.

CJ said she used to hunt and fish. She knows that rabbit tastes like chicken. I had rabbit once when I went out with a farm girl from Belleville, Illinois. I felt like I was eating Thumper.

A friend of CJ's has a pet rabbit Tyler that is small but round. CJ calls it 'Appetizer' much to the chagrin of her girlfriend. Her friend's son told CJ that the rabbit is bigger now and is an 'Entrée'.

Tom Bates stopped by on the night of our fraternity reunion with Joe Machowski who flew in from Japan. So I asked if Tom were ever in a fraternity. Not at RISD, Tom told me. But he and some friends were in a fraternity in high school (NY). They started their own sports fraternity.

Speaking of Joe Machowski, he told our small gathering of Kappa Delta Phi brothers that he once was a waiter on the SS Victoria, a boat/restaurant that docked where the Hot Club now sits. Congratulations to Russ and to Chris (Capo of Caps) who are getting married (not to each other).

Hooks was complaining about some aspect of his upcoming trip to the Dominican. He asked Mr. D. about it. So the Travel and Tourism professor asked Hooks who booked the trip. When Hooks informed him he went thru GWV, Mr. D said, "That was your first mistake. Use a travel agent." The Warden told Hooks "I could have gotten you a deal."


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