Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Hot Club

Wise said that his father, being a generous man, had offered to buy a car for his nephew when he reached 16. On his 16th birthday, the nephew went to a dealership and had the salesman call Wise's dad. The salesman wanted to know if the nephew could take the car out for a test drive since Uncle was going to pay for it. And what kind of car was it and how much did it cost? Oh a Ferrari and it's $250,000.

Which reminded me of the time that Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane walked into a Rolls Royce dealership. Based on Grace's hippie attire, the salesman didn't think she had the coin to buy the car. Someone at a different dealership got the commission.

The Sunday night NFL game was the Steelers vs. Cincy at Pittsburgh. It was pouring rain. I told Foot Joy that as a season ticket holder, I'd rather sit in a snowstorm than watch a game in a cold, driving rain. I recalled a Pats' pre-season game when The Suit visited from LA and the LA Rams were playing the Pats at Schaefer Stadium. The rain came down sideways and the rows coursed with water throughout the first half. We stayed down below during halftime and then into the 2nd half. No one wanted to go back outside.

Alexander the Great was telling Mr. D. and me about going to Our Lady of Providence, a strange name for an all male high school. So I mentioned that I had gone to St. Raphael Academy. We weren't allowed to call it St. Ray's. The summer I graduated I went to the Christian Brothers' Novitiate in Narragansett. We went to Scarborough Beach and the novitiates had to stay together in our black cassocks. After observing the bevy of bathing beauties (aka women), I realized that I didn't have the calling. Something else was calling

The brief two weeks I was at the Novitiate I got to read the holy passages while everyone ate lunch. Two Brothers called me over to praise my recitation of the readings. Mr. D. tells me that it was a set up. They were priming me for the future. To be their Butt Boy.

The Herbster flew into the HC fresh from a trip to Germany. The Herbologist said that on the Lufthansa flight drinks were free. So he had a couple Warsteiner beers, then some wine with his meal. Then a Bailey's after dinner drink and some more beer. He said he enjoyed the flight immensely. So I asked him how his girlfriend liked the flight. Said Herb, "Oh she's mad at me."

Citizen Caroline said she went to her high school reunion. I told her that she got to see how people had physically changed. But as Caroline noted, personalities don't change. Some of the football players rented a limo and showed up drunk. The school jezebel wore a tight short skirt and hung around with the guys. Caroline said she had a blast.