Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Hot Club

Fleet Feet Pete was wearing a T-shirt that read 'Free range Human'.

Last week I quoted Contraire as calling Beau and Francis his 'cash cows'. Well it was Contraire that was giving milk last week, as he never won a Hi-Lo-Jack game all night. Beau and Fran were chortling about Contraire not throwing his trump Ace on the first trick of Fran's 2 bid as the Jack and deuce came out right away. Fran made his bid.

After Beau beat Contraire twice, Fran said, "If Beau is Contraire's cash cow then Contraire is Beau's bitch."

We were talking about how Jason Giambi admitted to wearing a gold thong when he wants to get out of a slump. The article I read said that his Yankee teammates do so too. I told Foot Joy that the way it was worded, it sounded like his Yankee teammates also wore Giambi's thong.

Someone mentioned all the money that Paul McCartney's ex got in their divorce. One pundit said, "It was love!" Broc added, "Yeah, love of money."

ORRic walked over and I asked him "Are you behaving?" He said, "No but I never get caught."

Flash - Jen Turner is engaged. Our best wishes to her and her lucky companion.

And congrats to the Lovely Lisa and Wild Bill who got hitched in Harwichport Memorial Day weekend.

Citizen Caroline overheard a guy extolling the merits of the Hot Club to his buddy. The guy said, "If you're desperate and dateless, you come here."

Adam informed me that he liked the trailer to Rambo but hasn't actually seen the movie. So it's just Amanda who spoke highly of Rambo. Amanda said that Sly Stallone doesn't have much dialogue in Rambo. I told her "That's good!"

Fran's hotdog was burnt. Contraire said "Just like him."

The Herbster told me he wants to see more sex and less sports in Sportzine.

About which HC male regular did Beau say this? - "He hasn't seen a vagina since he slipped out of one."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Hot Club

Priscilla told me that last year she saw Doc Rivers at South Side. No one seemed to recognize him but she went right up to Rivers and asked for his autograph. Doc gave her his John Hancock. "I'm a baller", Priscilla told Doc.

Contraire said that while I didn't misquote him last week, that I had left out what he said after Josh wanted to bet him the Sox would come back to tie. Contraire said he told us, "They might tie, but that doesn't mean they're going on to win."

It was so windy Tuesday that the canopy over Bar 5 blew away. Fortunately it was the temporary canopy.

The new Juke Box can play just about anything as you can search the web for a song ($1). I told Eben how much I liked the new music machine and now he no longer has to fill it with his CDs. Eben said that's the part that he'll miss.

Contraire was standing by the Hot Club doorway. I asked him, "Are you leaving or are you looking for trouble?" "Neither," said Contraire and added, "And don't misquote me."

What local celebrity was seen driving a dirt bike (Broad St.?) with a beverage? - Rascal.

After a female patron walked by, Contraire observed that some women wear too much makeup. "It's like wax", he said,

So I told Contraire that I just bought a new computer with my forthcoming $600 economic stimulus money. Contraire said, "You're already helping the economy." I asked him what he was going to do with his $600. "Gamble with it", he replied.

Contraire was talking about playing cards. He said, "Us professionals can't lose." Then, speaking of Francis and Beau, Contraire said, "They're my cash cows."

Wise was talking about Joe Girardi versus Joe Torre. I said, "Well the pressure is off Joe Torre. LA's a day at the beach for Torre. And the Dodgers just won a few in a row."

Can't remember to whom he was referring but Wise had this on a scary looking fellow:
"He looks like an ax murderer. How would you like to wake up to him at the head of the bed!"



Of these two, I liked Cloverfield better. The title is the military name for the event that has occurred in New York City. A camera has been recovered and it tells a tale.

Director Matt Reeves and cinematographer Michael Bonvillain have used the hand held camera concept employed in Blair Witch Project and made even better use of the device.

What starts out with a romantic trip to Coney Island ends with romance still in the air but permeated by the noxious vapors of Hades. Evil surrounds the wielders of the video camera. You, the viewer and the voyeur, are along for the ride.

There are some nice chills and effective use of New York City landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and Bloomingdale's.

IMDb says: The title "Cloverfield"; initially just a codename for the movie, is named for the boulevard in Santa Monica where the Bad Robot offices were located during the making of the film. IMDb rates the movie a 7.7 out of 10.

The decapitated head of the Statue of Liberty in the street is inspired by the poster for John Carpenter's Escape from New York (1981), which depicts the head of the Statue of Liberty lying in the middle of the street.

THE MIST (2007)

This is one of the best movies based on a Stephen King work (here a novella). That's faint praise however since most of the movies based on King's material have been horrible.

The movie is directed by Frank Darabont (The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption) and he also did the screenplay. It's formulaic but still successful at providing some horrors that raise the hairs on your neck and arms. If nothing else, the ending is one of the most traumatic I've ever seen. But that's Stephen King's doing. Well, see the IMDb notes.

Thomas Jane stars as David Drayton. I liked him better in Dreamcatcher. Here he tends to mumble his lines. Two or three times I had to rewind in hopes of hearing his words.

Marcia Gay Harden is excellent as Bible toting thumper Ms. Carmody. Toby Jones is memorable as the supermarket manager Ollie Weeks. Andre Braugher is also quite good.

The creatures and effects are by KNB and up to their usual standards.

According to IMDb, the camera crew from The Shield was used to shoot the film. The TV crew was employed to cut down on production time.

Director Frank Darabont made the film with Dimension but only under the condition that the ending not be changed. He wanted it shown in black and white. The DVD has the B&W version.

The ending is Stephen King's but was adapted by Darabont who spelled out what King only hinted.

The posters for movies drawn by David Drayton are the work of Drew Struzan who has done many movie posters including those for Indiana Jones.

IMDb rates the movie a 7.5 out of 10.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Hot Club

Five Angels gave the Wise Man a testimonial Sunday night. Said Five Angels of Wise: "He keeps on top of things."

Bags hasn't been around the Hot Club much. Now there are just 'sightings' as he is spending time with his Tina. I told Moe, "He's an irregular regular now."

Word is that if you call the Bag Man, the message is a shared one as neither Bags nor his new found friend are home to answer the call. Moe says that Bags is in 'serious duct tape'.

Captain Kirk asked Frequent Flyer if he'd heard about Woody Allen's phone message. FF said "I haven't called him in a while." Cap't Kirk noted that Woody says: "I can't come to the phone, but please leave your hotel room number and I'll get back to you."

Talking to Mike Module I noticed that the Hot Club's ATM is called a 'Mini-Bank'. Mike Module said "They should call it a Maxi-Bank and put more money in it."

The song I've Been Waiting For A Girl Like You (Foreigner) was playing on the new HC jukebox. Broc walked by and told me: "I played this for you."

Contraire surveyed the scene and said, "There are no card players around - at least experienced ones."

The Red Sox - Tigers game was on and the Sox were rallying from an 8-4 deficit. I was watching the game on the TV above me while Contraire had his back to it. He asked me what inning it was and I said, "The 7th." Contraire replied "Can't be!" It was the 7th.

Josh of the Grill wanted to bet Contraire that the Sox would come back to tie the game. Josh said he wanted 2-1 odds. As he spoke Mike Lowell hit a tying homerun.

Conversation overheard at the Hot Club: a guy tells his buddy that he just had some major health trauma and went back to smoking. His friend replied, "You should have seen a psychiatrist rather than going back to smoking."

Alexander the Grate was passing by so I stopped him and asked what the password was. He said salicylic acid. No like the Marx Brothers in Horsefeathers I said. Groucho won't let Harpo into the speakeasy unless he knows the password (swordfish). Harpo whips out a sword and a fish. Chico says, "We changed the password."

On the action movie front, Adam liked Iron Man and both he and Amanda loved Rambo.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Hot Club

Foot Joy said that as he was driving by the golfing range, he saw his uncle practicing. Every shot his uncle hit was hooked to the right. Later when he saw his uncle at a family gathering, Foot Joy told his uncle that he should bat second in their baseball lineup. When his uncle asked why, FJ told him his golf shots all went past the second baseman to the right. It made him a perfect hit and run man.

My father was a very good weekend golfer. I didn't do so well. When I needed some cash, my dad suggested caddying. I went to the Pawtucket Country Club but never got out. Only the regular caddies did. One day I finally was chosen. They ditched me after 9 holes. When I was asked where the man's ball went I didn't know.

So I told Foot Joy about the time I filled a foursome at Mt. Washington for a weekend. We were slow so the next day we got golf carts (and were still slow). Most of the time delay was due to my play. At one point a guy yelled from a rise behind us "You're backing up the course!" We let that party play through.

Kirk Feather dropped by and asked us "How many Broadway sopranos does it take to change a light bulb?" His answer: "Six. One to turn and the other 5 looking on saying 'I could do that.' "

So I asked Kirk how many psychiatrists it takes to change a light bulb. "Just one", I said.
"But only if the light bulb wants to change."

Sunday night High Wire Bill said, "Double wins." I was slow to understand that Bill meant the Red Sox win and the Celtics rout. Yes, Double Wins or Twin Wins.

You can always tell the rookies at the Hot Club. Sunday a woman looking for the ladies' room started going into the cooler.

Contraire was trying to start trouble. He told the Wise Man: "Beau says all politicians are corrupt." Wise replied, "I'm a civil servant." Contraire shook Wise's hand and said, "I'm glad you finally admitted it."

Wise didn't like Tito bringing in Papelbon in a tie game. On successive nights. Foot Joy and I had no problem with it. I pointed out to Wise - who won those 2 games? Papelbon. Wise said he wants FootJoy and I to be right if it means more BoSox wins.

Well there was a Bags sighting but it wasn't at the Hot Club. It was at Mr. D's band's gig (Almond Joy) at Patrick's Pub. The Bagger introduced me to Tina, his friend, and I wished them both well. They seemed to enjoy the music.

The Hot Club

Puckhead was telling me that he saw Contraire on Friday and for once the Contrary One was silent. Pucky told 5 Angels "Take a picture of this." I said, "Contraire must have lost his bets Friday." Contraire walked in bragging about the bets he had won. I asked him how he did Friday and Contraire replied, "I lost."

Apparently Bags has dropped out of sight (so to speak). At least one irregular regular (well, the Loo-Man) was trying to start a rumor that Bags was in Las Vegas getting married by Elvis.

Pucky was trying to explain to Contraire that horses in barns need to be kept warm. Contraire said, "Out in the woods, they're not warm." Pucky suggested that Contraire look it up on his computer. Contraire said that he had a computer, but had never hooked it up. "I don't have the time", he added.

Buffalo Steve stopped by. As a song by Meatloaf played in the background he recalled that Meatloaf's real last name is 'Aday'. Steve said, "So, it's a Meatloaf a day." Added Pucky, "Meatloaf and potatoes and gravy."

Mr. D. was standing in front of one of the Hot Club lights. It was just above his head and it looked like the lightbulb of his mind had lit up. We laughed - great idea! Fleet Feet Pete took a pic of Mr. D. His buddy Steve tried to say Mr. D. had only one idea, but I pointed out that the light wasn't going out so Mr. D. had to have many ideas.

Mr. D.'s band Almond Joy will be playing Patrick's Pub this Saturday (May 3) at 9 PM. Come down and hear a fun band and have a fine time. Patrick's Pub is at 381 Smith Street, Providence.

Buffalo Steve was telling me about the time Johnny Carson expressed a desire to guest Dolly Parton to see her natural born beauties. Steve said Carson offered his wages for the month. I recalled Johnny asking Jack Nicklaus' wife what she did to give Jack luck. Mrs. Nicklaus replied that she kissed Jack's balls. Carson asked, "Doesn't that make his putter rise?"

My sincere condolences to Victor who lost his dad last week and also to Easy Ed whose brother passed away recently.