Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Hot Club

Sunday Contraire was upset that St. Louis sent Chris Duncan in the 13th, out on JD Drew’s one hopper to ’Tek. Contraire complained that Duncan was too slow to score from 2nd. Foot Joy and I tried to explain to him that as the visiting team you have to take some scoring chances especially when it takes a perfect throw to cut you down. Contraire was having none of it. Then I asked Contraire if he bet on the Cardinals. Yup!

John, the Son of a Son of a Sailor, was mad because someone ate an order of food that they didn’t pay for. The Warden overheard John and said, “They must think it’s like Dunkin’ Donuts. If the Red Sox win, you get a free hamburger.” Contraire piped up, “If it’s that easy, I’ll try it.”

Brock walked by and I called him ‘a gentleman and a scholar”. Foot Joy added, “A general and a scrotum.”

The Wizard offered his view on the casting of Hot Club, the Movie. Wiz couldn’t see Richard Gere as 5 Angels. Said Wiz, “Maybe Richard Simmons.”

A young woman happened by and told the Wise Man, Cajun’ Steve and me that her name was ‘Candy’. Wise had Cajun’ Steve’s tennis racket in his hands and playfully suggested to ‘Candy’ that if she were bad he’d have to paddle her with the racket. ‘Candy’ said “Don’t hit me too hard I just had my cooch pierced.”

In the aftermath of that remark, ‘Candy’ revealed to us that she had just had a small barbell put thru her ‘hood’. She said she didn’t want to destroy the nerves in her clitoris, so she had the piercing through her ‘hood’. Up until then it had been a quiet Tuesday.

Mary, Maya’s sister, clued me in that Maya is not going to film school; she is going to make a film.

Jaime Moyer was pitching for the Phillies against Boston. Easy Ed recalled Moyer winning 20 games. Some of us (including me) doubted it. But FJ checked and Moyer won 20 with Seattle.

Contraire was proclaiming, “We need to get rid of the regulars. We need new blood in
here.” I told Contraire, “If we get rid of the regulars that includes you.”