Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Hot Club

Chuck D Computer visited with his friend Sue. The two drove their BMW bikes to the HC. Chuck was wearing electric gloves and had on an electric jacket. Chuck D said he hopes to get an electric ball warmer for the bike.

Paul Lancia also visited, in from Finland, with pictures of his son Rocco. The proud papa was not driving his bike. The Lance left a photo of Rocco which is at the 1st bar (2nd row)

Richard pointed out to me that it was a woman not a man that had the sex transformation and got impregnated. She had a penis but she was pregnant. It’s a Complex World but even I should have gotten that one.

It’s Lonnie Gasperini, not Lennie, but the sound is all good. Let’s hope Lonnie’s Trio plays the HC again.

I Only Want To Be With You, a recent book by Lisa Norato, is dedicated to her mother Caroline Norato. Not the HC’s Caroline, who is much younger, but our Caroline’s kindergarten teacher who has the same name. The kindergarten Caroline may have been forever damaged having had our Caroline in school.

Citizen Caroline said she was running 5 miles on Thanksgiving. I asked her if then she was cooking (she wasn’t), but it came out “Are you hooking?” The Peds Dispenser noted that hookers walk, not run. Our own Jules observed that hookers would miss all their customers if they ran. Caroline’s 5-mile run time was in 2:22. She was 470th out of 1100, and 139th out of 488 women.

Overheard at the Hot Club: “Some guys are looking for a turkey to stuff.”

Mr. D. told me about the Midget Twin Gas Station. Twin brothers who were midgets would pump your gas. The midget twins were always happy to see Mr. D. who had a Triumph. They didn’t have as far to reach while pumping. It was on the way to Raynham.

Kirk Feather told me that in ’03-’04 he played sax, clarinet, and flute in a dance band on the Queen Elizabeth II, as it cruised the world. He ended up in India and stayed at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai (Bombay). It was the Gateway to India. Within its shadows, poor people, including kids with no legs on wheeled carts, begged. Kirk said he sensed danger, and that sooner or later because of the class/caste system that anger would spill over.