Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Hot Club

Liz, the Monday bartender, is involved in a crazy hair contest. She just got her ‘box o’ hair’. The contest is in NH. People make animals and other wild stuff out of their hair. What will Liz do? We’ll keep you posted.

In the recent music scene, Augie likes Jose Gonzalez (Crosses) and Adele.

The Wizard told me that Sierra Hull, a 16-year old mandolin player, is one of the top 10 in the country. Her album is called Secrets. He sent a YouTube video as support.

We were talking about metal detectors in schools. Then the topic switched to college police carrying guns. The Wizard and I agreed that if the campus cops were similar to those in our day that we didn’t want them carrying guns.

The conversation turned to whether Tasers are legal. I mentioned that in watching the Westminster Kennel Club’s Best in Show, there was a dog named ‘Taser’ whose owner invented Tasers. Then I saw Monday that Jack Cover, who invented the Taser stun gun died at 88 in Los Angeles. Cover called it TSER for Tom Swift and his Electric Rifle.

The NCAA b-baller named Gerald Henderson - is that the son of the ex-Celtic player Gerald Henderson? Isiah Thomas – is that the son of the old Pistons’ guard? Wise wanted to know how many Isiah Thomases there are. Foot Joy raised the question of how many George Formans there are.

Pucky told me that he and his friends also used to get ‘ends’ (the ends of fruit squares) for free from the local bakeries. Pucky said that in French an end is called ‘le crut’.

Fleet Feet Pete said someone asked him what’s it like to be a middle linebacker. Pete said, “It’s like walking into a lion’s cage with a 3-piece pork chop suit.”

Overheard at the Hot Club: Someone gets on someone’s e-mail list, who then sends out stuff but doesn’t hide the people’s e-mail addresses using BCC. The person warns the individual to do it BCC or to put parentheses around the e-mail addresses so as not to get spam. All to no effect. So the offended party sends the non-BCCer a string of spam.

Jokin’ Joe was talking about a local hot tub you could rent by the hour. It was called Cuddles and Bubbles. He said a friend referred to it as ‘the local soak and poke’.

Jokin Joe said that a married couple had words. The husband said, “We had words, but I didn’t get to use any of mine.”


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