Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Hot Club

The Ornery Asshole told me that he never wanted to be called that. He said he wanted to be known as The Asshole Cook. He said he never had ‘ornery’, that I came up with that. He said what he wanted was very simple - to be called ‘The Asshole Cook’. Some things get lost in the mix. I told him “You might be stuck with Ornery Asshole.”

Overheard at the Hot Club: A woman is good if she can cook with or without a stove. Women that know all the restaurants are suspect as far as being good cooks. These women don’t make meals, they make reservations.

Jokin’ Joe said he came in to see the Wise Man on Wednesday night because Wise would be ‘the running man’ on Thursday.

We were talking about the movie Diner and Mickey Rourke’s great performance. Alexander the Grate recalled the popcorn box scene and the Silencer said, “Oh yeah. Ohh yeahhhh! Now I remember that scene.” I said, “Mickey Rourke has had a lot of facial surgery.” Said Alex, “The Bus hit him. The Bus of Life.”

Overheard at the Hot Club: the Wizard of the Web is known in some circles as ‘Q-Tip’or ‘Einstein’. I said, “Einstein is for the hair, right?” That was quickly seconded and thirded.

Citizen Caroline was late to arrive on Friday. Alexander the Great asked, “Where’s the Mighty C? Where’s the running Italian goddess?”

Augie added another musical favorite, a rockabilly group out of Colorado called Slim Cessna’s Auto Club. In our conversation Augie also revealed that Jake Nichols’ place Jake’s sadly is no longer in existence.

The Hot Club had changed its opening time from noon to 4 pm. Recently they revised opening time to 3 pm. Wise admitted that he got Eben to open up at 2 pm on Sunday so he could watch the PC-Rutgers game. Well, why not? Without Wise during the winter months, the Hot Club would be cold instead of cool.

Beau told me that Contraire proclaimed that I’m missing 80% of my Hot Club material because he’s not around. I pointed out to Beau that the Hot Club section of Sportzine has done quite well without Contraire.

Jackie worked Sunday and hubby John was there too. The TV showed the SNL skit in which Chris Walken demands that Will Ferrell play ‘More Cowbell’ on Blue Oyster
Cult’s Don’t Fear the Reaper. When the skit ended, John played Don’t Fear the Reaper.


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