Monday, August 24, 2009

The Hot Club

I met Alanna’s fiancé whose name is Jim. Foot Joy suggested a Hot Club nickname for him – ‘Run James Run’.

As I turned on my digital recorder and wondered out loud “Is it on?” Foot Joy chimed in with “Are we here?”

Foot Joy said that God was a baseball fan because the bible starts “In the big inning…” And God is still a baseball fan. And He’s (She’s) still in the big inning.

The Wise Man and Foot Joy were commenting on the hair of NESN’s Dennis Eckersley, Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo. The ‘rug’ talk was over who had the best/worst. Eck with the mullet, Remy with the crab or Orsillo with the weave.

The Wise Man also noted that Eckersley has a ‘Johnny Wadd Holmes’ moustache, aka a Bags type moustache.

Foot Joy was recalling Howard Cosell and his “Let’s get nostalgic about the past.” “You mean the School of Redundancy School”, I asked? “Yup!”

What Hot Club woman has a new nickname, ‘Free but not Easy’? Seems the woman was regretting not ever being married, and I suggested she was better off free and easy. She said she was free but not easy.

We were talking about paying a dowry and getting a hope chest. Free but not Easy said she got a ‘hopeless chest’.

A woman came in with her young daughter (under 6). A candidate for Mom of the Year.

Buffalo Steve wondered how Donovan McNabb felt about Michael Vick joining him on the Eagles. Mr. D. said, “Ruff, ruff.”

Citizen Caroline asked Buffalo Steve if he was celebrating Woodstock. Steve said he was of Woodstock material.

The Citizen accidentally knocked over Mr. D’s drink. “Elbowing. 5-Minute penalty”, Mr. D. said.


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