Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Sunday (Nov. 1) is the last shift (12-7) for Patti Quimby. Come out and celebrate the Hot Club’s personable server, and salute the Grande Dame of the HC bartenders. I would tell you who will ascend the throne as Grande Dame but my writing career might end. Come out Sunday and find out.

We were talking about Jerry Lee Lewis. Whose Your Daddy told me that Conversations had a piano with a cassette player. You just played a song and sat at the piano making believe you were playing it. Dad said his girlfriend was very impressed with his playing.

I recall Jerry Lee Lewis being arrested for trying to drive his Cadillac through the gates of Graceland. Foot Joy said it was because Elvis owed Jerry Lee money. The Wizard just came back from Memphis. He said you have to go to Graceland when there.

The ORric told me of a long ago friend who called after falling asleep in his car at Cheaters one winter night. The friend said he was paralyzed. When ORric showed up, he found that the friend’s car was drafty with floor board holes. His friend wasn’t paralyzed. His feet were frozen to the brake and accelerator.

Jimmy Chelo said that he met Cecil Fielder at a Florida golf course. In the clubhouse, Jimmy asked Fielder about the 11 ways to score a runner from 3rd base with less than 2 outs. After he named two or three, everyone was poised to hear more from Cecil. Instead, Fielder paused and then said, “Hey they’re paying me to hit, not think.”

The Jules went to Italy (Rome, Venice, Bologna, and Milan). She said that people with Smart cars park straight on against the curb. She said that the dollar loses about a 3rd of its value against the euro. It was 9 euros for a diet coke. She found a small store where you could get a 4 pack of soda for 4 euros. An Absolut vodka was between 15-18 euros.

I told the Warden about Julie going to Italy. But when I meant to tell him she went to ‘Venice’, instead I said ‘Venus’. The warden said, “She’d have to take a NASA flight.”

The Warden has a Danny Ainge 3B Toronto Blue Jays card. I told him we’d have to see what it was worth. Anyone? The Warden said he also has a Schilling rookie card when he was with the Orioles. I remember the Red Sox trading Schilling for Mike Boddiker. The Warden said he’ll take offers for the cards. The highest offer.

So I suggested to the Warden that he put the baseball cards on Craigslist. The Warden said that he’ll do it thru the Zine. So a ZineList. Anything you want to sell, put it on the Zine List. The Warden said 50% royalties for sports memorabilia sold on the Zine List.


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