Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

To paraphrase Philippe and Jorge, you had to be there or be square - at the Hot Club that is, on Sunday afternoon. It was the last regular shift for Patti Quimby who has moved on to Doherty’s East Ave. Café in Pawtucket (she’s there Wednesday nights). There were cakes, flowers and salutes galore to Patti, who passed on her title of Grand Dame to…

When 7 PM arrived, the new Grande Dame kiddingly told Patti to leave. Not sure if Patti passed on the title along with an ermine robe or, as Tom McGinn suggested, a sash.

Francis said that there are two draws about the East Avenue Café: Patti is there and Contraire is not. Contraire asked Fran whether he had a finder’s fee for bringing customers to East Ave. Café.

Alexander the Grate said that Bronwyn is moving to Canada. Broc said “Where the deers run free.” “The does too,” I added.

Turns out that Bronwyn is actually moving to Asheville, NC, where my brother Brad and his wife Dee Dee live. I told Bronwyn that I had visited Asheville and found it to be a great city that went beyond all my expectations.

One wag observed that Patrick Kennedy and Joe Paolino were winners in the ovarian lottery.

In a conversation with Jimmy Chelo, I learned that Pawtucket’s Beef Hearth started after Chelo’s, which opened on Mendon Road in Cumberland in 1955. The Beef Hearth started in 1963.

The Chelos brothers were also involved in backing Ted’s Big Boy in Cranston. Eventually they took it over and changed it to Chelo’s Beef Hearth.

The Ornery Asshole Cook showed me a new bottle of booze – Crystal Head vodka by Dan Akroyd. It’s in a blue crystal skull. Ornery A says that Akroyd discovered a glacial stream and decided to use that water for his vodka. Akroyd wanted it pure so he triple filtered it thru diamonds. Crystal Head. Ornery A says that’s a good name for a porn star or a new term for receiving oral sex while on crystal meth.

I kidded about the sign for Akroyd’s vodka being misspelled (it had an ‘i’). Then I just googled it and found out that I misspelled it too. It is spelled ‘Aykroyd’.


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