Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

We were talking to Bronwyn about her move to Asheville, NC, where my brother Brad and his wife Dee Dee live. The Wizard said that Pilot Mountain is near Asheville and was featured in the Andy Griffith Show. Everyone would get dressed up and go to Mt. Pilot.

The conversation turned to Howard Cosell and his Monday Night Football comment “Look at that little monkey run.” We couldn’t recall the name of the player though Sean said the player later defended Howard, who we believe was fined but not suspended. A Google search reveals that it was Washington Redskins receiver Alvin Garrett whom Cosell was describing on 9/5/83. As a result, Cosell stepped down from Monday Night Football 2 months later (Wikipedia).

Jimmy Chelo told me about a book by Dom DiMaggio, one of his favorite players. It’s called Real Grass, Real Heroes. I noted that Dom got hurt during Game 7 of the ’46 World Series. Some say had Dom been in CF, Enos Slaughter would not have scored.

Dan said that the Yankees won 19 World Series from 1949 on (to present). His friend Charlie Clancy thought it was 14. Charlie added that those were the darkest days of his life. A check of the ESPN Sports Almanac shows that the Yankees won 15 World Series from 1949 up to this year’s. Mr. D could be heard to declare, “How to lie with statistics.”

Met a man named Walter Richard, who is from New Orleans, and who went to the Patriots Super Bowl vs. the Chicago Bears. Walt bet $1400 on the Patriots after he got more points than the spread. He still lost. However he sold a ticket to the Super Bowl for $1400. So, it was a wash.

Mike K asked the Wise Man and I where Curt Schilling was born. We didn’t know, though I offered Michigan. “Alaska” said Mike. “Military brat?” I asked. Curtis Montague Schilling was born in Anchorage, Alaska. The K Man asked me how many times Ted Williams had been thrown out of a baseball game. “None”, I said. Correct.

In 1959, Buffalo Steve danced with Annette Funicello at Disney Land. I asked if he got up close and personal with her. Just a dance, said Steve. Annette is from Utica NY.

Buffalo Steve said that on The Mickey Mouse Club, we watched Mouseketeer Annette outgrow her T-shirt.

Was discussing the 9 foods that are good for you. Charlie Clancy thought I should print the list under the name Baby Boomer Bulletin of Health Tips. So here is the list of good foods: garlic, yogurt, tea, sweet potatoes, beef, mushrooms, fish/shellfish, oats/barley and chicken soup.


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