Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Buffalo Steve is looking for a Keely Smith song named You Are My Love which is on the flip side of a Louie Prima and Keely Smith 45, maybe Black Magic.

High Wire Bill pointed out that Jackie can now do 5-star sudokus. I recalled that last St. Patrick’s Day, Jackie had given me a very good tip on visualizing the game by looking for groups of 3. You then compare what’s on either side. However I can’t do 5-star sudokus. Jackie is 5-Star.

There were 2 guys and a woman who visited the HC last Wednesday. At one point, one guy was upside down with the other man and the woman holding up his feet. Later they switched some of their clothing. Then the woman seemed to be searching one of the guy’s…Then one guy had toilet paper on his head. Buffalo Steve and I thought it might be a coed fraternity. I said hazing. Buffalo Steve said initiation. Initiation into a cult? Then Buffalo Steve said it was a game called Truth or Dare which the threesome confirmed.

Wednesday was Veteran’s Day and the Buff One wore a poppy. He asked if I knew the history of the poppy. Flanders Field in Belgium. The blood red flower against the field of white crosses. And there’s a poem about it. In Flanders Fields by Canadian John McCrae (per Wikipedia).

Told ORric about a guy named Morgan who used to inhabit the Hot Club during summers, but who went to the Burning Man Festival and died when he got too close to the Burning Man. ORric said that Morgan won the Darwin Award – he removed himself from the gene pool.

ORric then gave me another example of a Darwin Award winner. A guy’s car had a blown ignition fuse. He had been hunting all day so he put a .22 caliber bullet shell casing in place of the blown fuse because it was the same size. It was aimed toward his nuts. It took off his testicles. He’s out of the gene pool.

Mr. D had a ’57 Dodge, the ‘Bat Mobile’, which had a huge trunk. He and his girl friend used to go in the trunk and make out. 5 Angels was talking about buying a Dodge van and outfitting it with a bed and TV. We kidded him. Mike Module said he should have a sign on the side that says ‘Do Not Disturb’. I suggested the sign say ‘If you see it rockin’, don’t come knockin’.

Per Charlie Clancy here is this week’s Health Tips Bulletin Board for Baby Boomers: 10 FDA-Regulated Foods that can make you ill – leafy greens, eggs, tuna, oysters, cheese, ice cream, tomatoes, potatoes (usually potato salad), sprouts and berries.


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