Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Hot Club




575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Contraire was looking over the sports betting lines. I asked him “Do you see anything good here?” He said “Yeah, behind the bar.” He nodded toward Jessa, the bartender.

Jessa said she is named after a Jesse so she answers to that name as well. Jessa added that her boyfriend’s name is James. I told Contraire that his name was “Trouble”. He said that there is good trouble and bad trouble and he is good trouble.

So I asked Contraire if he bet on the Red Sox or the White Sox in their series. Contraire’s reply, “I bet on the Sox.” After we agreed that the Red Sox are done, I asked him if he had any sports suggestions, and Contraire said, “Raise the white flag.”

The houseboat in the HC marina that looks like a house had a fire on it. Flames were visible. We were a little concerned until Foot Joy noticed they were grilling something. It reminded me of Talking Head’s Burning Down the House.

The Wizard of the Web said that while I was on vacation, he was having a conversation with a bunch of the guys. The Jack of Fire said something Wiz repeated what Jack said, but didn’t get it quite right. So the Jack of Fire yelled at him for not getting it quite right. Wiz told Jack, “He’s not here, so I’m just doing a Dawson.”

Sovereign Caroline gave Alexander the Grate a new nickname: “Doorstop.”

Someone was talking about a past girlfriend and said, “She got on my last nerve.”

The Hot Club as the Hotel California – “You can check out any time you like but you can never leave”: Recently spotted were Jen Turner (not sure of her married name), Augie, ex-bartender Erin, and the Falcon swooped in. Per Contraire, ex-cook Bradford visited.

Who did Fleet Feet Pete nickname ‘Birdman’ for his wanderlust eyes?

When I talked about going to Swan’s Island, Maine on vacation, Frequent Flyer said that retired people can’t call it ‘taking a vacation’. FF said you’re only ‘going away’.

ERRATA: Jimmy Chelo told me that in his question regarding what the call is when a pig in the outfield swallows the baseball, that the punch line was “Inside the pork homerun.”