Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Hot Club




575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Jules should be proud of her crew at Massey’s Glass in Johnston. They alerted police to the whereabouts of a bank robber by flashing their vehicles’ lights to get the attention of the cops. The miscreant had stuffed stolen money (with a dye pack) in his pants. When the dye pack exploded, he ran into a restaurant men’s room to rid himself of the red dye (talk about a ‘scarlet letter’). The Massey’s Glass gang pointed out the restaurant and the cops cuffed the guy in the men’s room.

After speaking with Mike Module and Fleet Feet Pete, I told them I was going back to talk with Sovereign Caroline who had stopped by the HC. I told the Module and Fleet Feet that I would be back. Mike Module said, “Thanks for warning us.”

The Falcon swooped in to the Hot Club and told me about one Cliff High, who has a website webbot and has a book entitled Half Past Human. Mr. High has predicted some traumatic event will occur November 8-11. The Falcon said that whatever happens is supposed to be 10 to 10,000 times worse than 9/11. Hope Cliff is wrong.

The Jack of Fire was talking about the San Francisco Giants’ offense when he said “They have as much pop in their lineup as a sophomore hop punch.”

The Wizard and I were talking music and it turns out that we both really like Ry Cooder. The Wiz said to see the movie Crossroads with Ralph Macchio, if nothing else but for the music which is by Ry Cooder (he produced the soundtrack). The Wiz then played Willie Brown Blues from it.

So the conversation turned to Canned Heat when Boogie Children II was on the HC jukebox (Hooker N’ Heat). Wiz said he remembered seeing Canned Heat play the Waterfront Festival back when Bob Hite, ‘the Bear’, was still alive.

We were watching the NL playoffs and Roy ‘Doc’ Halladay was throwing a no-hitter. When Halladay completed the gem (not a perfect game – he walked one), someone asked when the last no-hitter in the playoffs had occurred. I said 1956 when Don Larson of the Yankees did it in the World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers. And it was a perfect game. Wise and Wiz said that they weren’t alive in 1956 so they weren’t sure if I was telling the truth.


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