Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Hot Club





575 South Water Street, Prov.

Last chance to remind everyone that Peter, Mike, Jesse and the rest of the ‘Professors’ band will play the Hot Club this Wednesday (April 18) from 6-9. They’ll school ya.

The Hot Club as Hotel California is never more evident than when the good weather arrives. Recently we spotted Cementhead, who stopped by on a Sunday afternoon. We refrained from pointing out to Cementhead that he is still banned from the Hot Club.

On a mellower note, Meghan, who used to work at the HC, stopped by with hubby Teague. Meghan said that they had just become the parents of a new baby girl – Alice. Congratulations to them on their newborn bundle of joy.

Also paying a visit to the HC was the Caustic Cutie and 5 Angels, who actually were seen in quite close proximity last Friday.

We were discussing the Farrelly Brothers new movie about the Three Stooges. I made the point that while men love Moe, Larry and Curly (I was a Shemp fan), women don’t care much for the Stooges. I no sooner said this than a woman, who was talking to Dave, the HC Grillman, turned to me and suggested that I think before I make assumptions like that. The chastising woman said her name was Aunnah. A young Stooges’ fan.

I mentioned to Frequent Flyer and Buffalo Steve that one of the last things you ever do is congratulate a woman on being pregnant unless you are absolutely, positively sure that she is pregnant. Claudia admitted it happened once to her. Buffalo Steve said he made the mistake in another bar some time back and thought he’d never get another drink in the place because he said it to the bartender. Steve said that when he offered the bartender congratulations, she said. “What the f*** for?”

Bill Fisher and Foot Joy were debating Ozzie Guillen saying he loved Castro. Bill said it was about logic and emotion. ‘Fish’ said that he adopted the principle that Ozzie had the right to express his views on Fidel. Foot Joy said the smart thing would have been for Ozzie not to have said it. Someone shouted out that Ozzie’s views could get him fired.

Last week I mentioned to anyone who would listen that my memory of going to Fenway Park was among those published in the Pro Jo’s special 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park issue. One person who did not need to be told was Hooks, who was the only one who told me about seeing it. Ah the elusiveness of fame and fortune.

Frequent Flyer’s close friend Joanne said that Fleet Feet Pete looked like Harry Potter. She also weighed in on the poster for The Professors gig at the Hot Club. Joanne looked at the photo of the band and said, “It’s a good picture for middle-aged men.”

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Hot Club




575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

We were talking about high alcohol content beers. Chuck D Computer said Tom Bates once made him some gin beer. Chuck said a couple of those and it was “fast track to Palookerville. An express train”. Alexander the Great mentioned Speckled Bird and Très Pistoles, a Canadian beer.

Alexander also suggested that I try Dead Guy Ale (out of Newport, Oregon).

Amanda came into work and someone shouted ‘Amanda’. Chuck D kidded about “A man da be reckoned with.” Chuck admitted it was an old joke.

A guy was ordering beers from Claudia. He told her, “I want 2 Beds”.

Frequent Flyer was back from a trip to Cincinnati. He said the airport is actually in Kentucky. There were a lot of young University of Kentucky fans on the plane with shirts celebrating their NCAA championship. Frequent Flyer was tempted to ask one of the UK women to swap her tee shirt. FF said he’d be willing to swap his pants for her shirt. Foot Joy suggested that the girl be told, “You go first.”

A man tripped over the Hot Club threshold coming in from the deck and lurched forward. Witnessing this, Stephanie said, “Have a nice trip. See you next fall.”

And the Hot Club will soon have a fire escape door on the deck next to that threshold.

There was a 1st on the first Friday in April. There were 2 motorcycles parked side by side in the Hot Club parking lot. They were right near the “No motorcycles in the lot” sign.

Charlie Clancy said that he always envied when the Masters was played because the flowers were out. But, Charlie reflected, our flowers are out now. Charlie also wanted to plug the Hot Club for its new cooler. Word is that there is another one on the way.

Alexander the Grate gave one of the regulars a new nickname: Sherlock Ohms.

Buffalo Steve told me that when he was married he lived in Cranston. He lived on Pasture View. I thought he said ‘passed your view’. High Wire Bill said that he grew up in Cranston and that in western Cranston “there were only rich folks and goats”.

Sportzine is also available at jimdawsonsports.com (Thanks to Buffalo Steve)

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Hot Club

Well I actually missed a couple Friday visits to the Hot Club. A rarity. On my return I noticed that there were 6 signed Don Bousquet drawings on the brick wall as you come in. Nice touch!

The HC has also been graced by some local musical talent displaying their chops. Lonnie Gasperini has been a mainstay on Sundays for a while. There has been music also on Wednesdays. Good music will always soothe the savage soul.

And who but the Professors (aka Mike and the Professors) to soothe your soul and put your mind at ease when they play the Hot Club on Wednesday April 18th from 6-9. Ask them to play Roy Head’s Treat Her Right. Tell ’em Sportzine made me do it!

Last Sunday, Kirk Feather dropped by. The noted jazz aficionado (who once wrote a jazz column for a local paper) was delighted when the band that was playing asked him to sit in. And good fortune smiled as Kirk just happened to have his saxophone in the car.

The Friday I did return was blessed with 70 degree weather. While it turned spring officially March 20th, Alex the Great noted that it takes a warm day with the HC deck full of people to usher in the true beginning of spring. Grrreat!

In a discussion with Adam, I mentioned that Luther was still a favorite and that we also watched Wallander with Kenneth Branagh. The 1st episode, Sidetracked, was good but the next two dragged. One thing I noticed was that the theme songs to both shows (BBC TV) had a voice that sounded like Ruth Wilson who played Alice in Luther.

Well the remarkable redhead Ruth Wilson did not sing either theme song. The opening theme music for Luther is by Massive Attack with the lead by Hope Sandoval of Mazzy. The song is called Paradise Circus. Massive Attack is a British duo, Robert ‘3 D’ Del Naja and Grant ‘Daddy G’ Marshall, known for ‘trip hop’ music and guest vocalists.

The theme music to Wallander is by Aussie folk singer Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo Band. The song is called Nostalgia.

Anyway, Adam suggested that I check out another fine BBC production – Sherlock, a current version of Sherlock Holmes.

Come A Little Bit Closer to the Mike said that the Professors band was going to put up chicken wire at the HC when they perform April18. Prevent stuff from being thrown at them. I told Mike that I’d bring the wire cutters.