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MAY 19, 2015
Is Tom Brady a criminal? A look at the issue of balls being deflated makes you wonder where priorities
are. There is no evidence that Brady knew about any hanky panky with the footballs. He liked them at a
PSI of 12.5 and that's what they were at game time. But Brady is about to be suspended 4 games in a 16
game season. The question now is whether Roger Goodell will reduce that suspension on appeal.
Goodell can flex his muscles as judge and jury because the Players Association gave him that power in
the CBA. If the NFLPA could get a court to make Goodell recuse himself and appoint an arbitrator,
they would. But I'm not sure that's legally possible. Any legal action might come after Goodell rules.
Had to re-write this whole section after reading pertinent parts of the Wells Report (thanks Driller
Killer for sending it). Starting at Page 50 covers the pre-game prep of the footballs. Head Ref Walt
Anderson measures the PSI of the Pats' balls and they are at or set at 12.5. Jim NcNally, who handles
the football bags, reminds Walt Anderson that 'Tom likes them at 12.5'. But after Anderson and the
other refs leave, McNally takes the balls (he's supposed to get an official's permission to remove them
from the officials' locker room). McNally then goes to a 1 person bathroom with the balls and is there
about 100 seconds. The balls and McNally end up on the field. After D'Quell Jackson intercepts a ball
the Colts alert the NFL officials to it being underinflated.
From Page 66 on is about the half-time measurement of the Pats balls. Different gauges are used by
backup officials Blakeman and Prioleau. The Wilson logo gauge supposedly measures 0.3 to 0.45
higher. This is the gauge that Head Ref Walt Anderson says that to his best recollection he used pre-
game. Blakeman's readings are all lower than Prioleau's which range from 11.00 to 12.30, one at 10.90.
Only 4 Colts balls are tested (time limit). This time all Blakeman's readings are higher than Prioleau's.
And if you consider that Anderson set the Colts balls at 13.0 to 13.1 (at their request), then Prioleau's
readings show a decrease in the PSI of 3 of the 4 Colts' balls (12.15, 12.30, 12.35 and 12.95). So 3 of
the 4 Colts balls were technically under the required PSI of 12.5. The weather factor and physics law
known as the Ideal Gas Law could have contributed to the loss of inflation in both teams' balls.
Making matters more maddening is that in the report, Ted Wells dispels the memory of Walt Anderson
who said he used the logo gauge pre-game. Earlier Wells describes Anderson as a man of integrity.
Wells says Anderson must have used the non-logo gauge. This is known in parlance as 'Substitution of
Judgment' and is not allowed (if caught). A lawyer knows this. So Wells in Footnote 30 (Page 52) refers
you to Section VII B which starts on Page 110. There he uses his crack science team, Exponent, to
explain this away. (See QUOTES below after the BULLETS section)
If Tom Brady liked his footballs at 12.5 (which they were set at), why would Jim McNally tamper with
them in the bathroom? McNally's on the hook for taking the balls without permission.
So Tom Brady likes his footballs at 12.5. Aaron Rodgers admitted that he liked his overinflated. The
fact that almost no QB has come out on this issue makes me think that this is not a rare occurrence in
wanting the balls a certain way.
So does the Punishment fit the 'Crime? I don't think so. As a Pats fan who thinks Brady is not a cheater,
I hope Goodell cuts the suspension. Whatever happens, this season will be different for the Pats. But if
I'm Tom Brady, I'm looking for a way to win my 5th Super Bowl, and shut up some of the haters.
Well on the good news side, the starting pitching has been better. While a 5-5 road trip usually wouldn't
warm the cockles of your heart, the BoSox did best a couple quality pitchers in the A's Sonny Gray and
Seattle's King Felix (1st defeat).
On the bad news bear side, the hitting, especially in the clutch, has been atrocious. It's still May so
maybe the Sox escape the funk that they've been in and hit the tar out of the ball. We'll see. It helps that
the AL East is not as strong collectively (the AL East Champ Orioles are next to last as I write). The
only positional player in Pawtucket that can help is OF Rusney Castillo. Rusney can hit. He homered
twice the other night. If Rusney comes up, who goes? Nava? Victorino in a trade?
If Allen Craig could hit a smidgen, he'd be out of Pawtucket and back somewhere else in MLB. Who
has the most trade value? Probably Victorino. Would Theo take either Vic or Nava? Meanwhile we
await the thawing of the BoSox bats. Let's take some of those current bats and stack them for a
sacrificial fire (think Major League). Can't hurt. And say a few incantations.
Pal Al and I took in last Wednesday's day game. We came in through the Main Gate, and while walking
to our seats, spotted a craft beer stand with several spigots. A sign advertised draft beer from Pawtucket
brewery Foolproof. It was $9! For 16 ounces. So I asked for one. Oh, the tap doesn't work. So I asked
for a $7.25 Smithwicks (more than I pay at the Hot Club). Oh that tap doesn't work either. While I was
trying to fathom all this (and make another choice), Al said he'd have a regular Narragansett. Ah, well
that tap doesn't work either. I asked, “So what taps do work?” Got a Long Trail after a long time.
Around the 3rd inning, Josh Harper, a new season ticket holder with seats next to mine, pointed to the
video board and said “Isn't that you?” The video board honored me as the Season Ticket Holder for the
game and that I was awarded a bat (very cool). Not long after 1B/C Luke Montz, who was on deck,
threw a foul ball up to me. Pal Al said, “All you need now is a glove.”
Eduardo Rodriguez started and took the loss. He was hit hard at times by a good hitting Indy team
(Pirates) and was betrayed by his defense as well. Rodriguez has the stuff to be the next PawSox starter
to be brought up when needed. Rodriguez is 4-2 with a 3.05 ERA.
• The Thrill Is Gone. RIP BB King who taught many of us about the Blues. I was fortunate to have seen
BB King live, once with Victoria. And also to Ben E King (Nelson) who not only did the great Stand
By Me but (There Is A Rose In) Spanish Harlem. King sang lead for the Drifters on There Goes My
Baby, Save The Last Dance For Me and This Magic Moment.
• So Doc Rivers Clippers had a 3-1 game lead over Kevin McHale's Houston Rockets and couldn't
close the deal. Maybe next year, Doc. Two ex-Celtics going at it.
• According to recent NY Times articles, the NY Yankees are last in the major leagues as far as road
attendance. An earlier piece noted that they were 2nd to only one other team in the number of relievers
used in games so far.
• Catch the Boston Globe on Fridays when Alex Speier has a great review of the Red Sox prospects in
his Minor League Notebook.
• Sorry to see the Montreal Canadiens fall to the Tampa Bay Lightning (yeah, right). The Lightning had
Les Habs number this year going 8-0 regular season and then winning 4-2 in the playoffs.
• According to Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald (4/26), Tom Brady threw the ball 50 times versus
Seattle in the Super Bowl and was sacked but once.
• Three recent quizzes from Pawtucket Red Sox games:
Who was the last Red Sox player to score 3 times in 1 inning?
Who was the only Red Sox player to hit grand slams from both sides of the plate in one game?
What Red Sox player had hits in 12 consecutive at bats?
Answers: (1) Sammy White, (2) Bill Mueller and (3) Mike 'Pinky' Higgins.
“Our scientific consultants ultimately informed us that the data alone did not provide a basis for them to determine with absolute certainty whether there was or was not tampering.”
(From page 112 of the Wells Report regarding their scientific team Exponent which was used to debunk the idea that weather conditions and the Ideal Gas Law could have caused deflation.

I sent this letter to the Pro Jo. An e-mail back asked if I knew that Mr. Skeffington had died (I didn't):
Kudos to Jim Raftus for his well balanced assessment of the PawSox ownership's hopes for a new
stadium in Providence, but the need for compromise so that the citizens of RI are not stiffed with the
That James Skeffington is unwilling to share his 'study' that pegs McCoy Stadium improvements at
$65.8 million does not show much compromise. McCoy Stadium was improved greatly in 1999 and is a
wonderful venue to see a AAA game. So fix the roof and have Larry Lucchino get architect Janet Marie
Smith (she designed Camden Yards, Petco Park and did the Fenway Park revisions) to design luxury
boxes/suites, which is what this ownership really wants.
That McCoy Stadium is the oldest AAA park should not be a negative. When the BoSox owners bought
the team, they renovated Fenway Park, the oldest stadium in the country.
Remember that we are talking about a AAA team, and that such cities as Durham don't have as much
going on as the Renaissance City. And the opinion that the team would draw a million fans is
laughable. 10,000 seats and 72 home games translates to 720,000 fans if every game were a sell out.
Let's hope the General Assembly does not sell out the citizens of RI. - Jim Dawson Season ticket holder

Sir Stephen and I were discussing Pablo Sandoval and his ability to play such good defense at 3B
despite his weight. The last Red Sox player that I could recall who was a big man and yet played
excellent defense was George Scott, who played 1B. A check shows that George Scott (RIP, died
7/28/13) per was 6'2” and 200 lbs. Pablo Sandoval is listed on the same site as
5'11” and 240 lbs. However Sandoval is listed on the Red Sox site as being 255 lbs.
Mike Module was talking about his Mom who passed away recently at age 95. He said that his Mom
used to say that “growing old is not for lightweights”.
FootJoy was talking about someone who wasn't all there. He said the person was a couple leaves short
of a four-leaf clover.
And my old friend visited with a woman named Paula. Seems that my friend now goes by Charlie as in
Charlie's Angels. Paula is one of his Angels. Paula said that Charlie likes to go out to a different place
every night. Paula said, “He's like shit. He's all over the place.”
The Wizard was talking about the recent passing of Blues great BB King. Conversation turned to John
Lee Hooker, another great. Wiz said he used to hang with Tommy Tutone and his band. Said one of
Tutone's guitarists got to play a solo while playing with John Lee Hooker. As he ended he looked over
to John Lee, who was cutting his nails.
What #1 song was done by a group that didn't exist? Why it was The Archies who had the best selling
song of the year (1969) with Sugar, Sugar. Ron Dante is the voice that was overdubbed many times
along with a backup female singer. They wanted Dante to go on tour, but he refused. Don Kirshner was
the music director for the animated cartoon show, which had 'the band' play different songs. Dante was
also the only voice of The Cuff Links who had a hit with Tracy.
This American producer, session player and arranger began his career playing bass for folkies in
Greenwich Village. He ended up producing 3 albums by a British super group, and even wrote one of
their songs. He and a friend started their own well known group, but an argument ended his days.
APRIL 21, 2015
As luck would have it, I was talking to Tom Wallis (recently in a ProJo interview re the
proposed move of the PawSox to Providence) and his buddy Adam when PawSox
President Mike Tamburro stopped by. I had one question for him – the team drew over
515,000 fans last year. Given stadium maintenance and overhead was that enough
attendance to make the PawSox a 'going concern' or economically viable at McCoy
Stadium? Mike Tamburro said that it was that and more.
As I was heading to my seat, 5 guys in suits were walking towards me. James
Skeffington, Larry Lucchino, Charles Steinberg and two young men, who could have
been body guards, walked by and settled into front row seats behind home plate. The
game was on NESN (no Red Sox game), so I guess they were there for face time as they
didn't stay long after the game actually began. I resisted confronting Skeffington or
Lucchino (this time).
So then I saw long time season ticket holder Al Beaulieu, better known as 'Big Al'. The
first thing he said was that the new ownership had raised the prices of the concession
stand food. So much for invoking Ben Mondor's name and keeping everything the same.
Soon after when I went for a beer, I found that ownership had also raised the price of
Heinekens and Smithwicks to $7.25. Yep, not going to change anything, going to keep it
fan friendly, keep it the way it was with Ben Mondor. That's the first big lie.
Then I heard the women that sit behind me, Linda and daughter Melissa, comment that
the signage in left field had shrunk. Someone asked how they knew. Because they could
see the car lights behind left field which had been blocked by the bigger signs. Smaller
ad signs will mean more signage and more money for the coffers of the new owners.
The quiz was 'Who was the only Red Sox player to hit for the cycle twice?' As I walked
up to give my answer to an usher, Big Al said “Bobby Doerr”. I said I thought it was Ted
Williams. Later I heard Big Al yelling 'Dawson'. I climbed the stairs to his seat. He told
me that it was Bobby Doerr. I then deeply bowed toward him 3 times arms stretched out.
I told season ticket holders Rick and Lesley that Big Al is right even when he's wrong.
It was 43 degrees when I left and felt more like 34. PawSox starter Steve Wright
struggled with his knuckleball control, and the home plate umpire who, to be kind, was
'inconsistent'. After the PawSox had rallied from a 3 run deficit to tie, Wright gave up 4
runs, 2 of which he walked in.
However the PawSox rallied on homers by Devin Marrero and Sean Coyle and a 2 run
double by Blake Swihart to tie it again. In the 9th Bryce Brentz (who played RF like he
was wearing cement shoes) homered to win the game. What a start! Baseball wise.
As I write this, the BoSox are in 1st place at 8-5 having beaten Baltimore 7-1. After
winning 3 straight series, the Sox split their 4 game series with the Orioles. The starting
pitching has been spotty to be kind, though Masterson did well enough Monday even if
only going 5 innings. Meanwhile the relief staff has been excellent.
A check via shows that Sox starters have a 6.24 ERA while their relief staff
comes in at 2.72 and that's with Alexi Ogando's 5.40, Tommy Layne (now in Pawtucket)
at 5.79, and Robbie Ross, Jr 's 6.35 (I did not like trading Anthony Ranaudo for Ross).
Interestingly (per, the Red Sox team ERA of 4.54 ties them with Seattle for
23rd. But Toronto is 22nd at 4.50, the Orioles are 21st at 4.33 and Tampa Bay is 25th at
4.56. Yes, the Yankees are 1st in the AL East in team ERA at 3.65 (with all those ?'s).
However when you look at overall hitting stats, you find some surprises, even though
the BoSox are 15th in batting average at .239. The Red Sox are tied for 1st (in all of
MLB) in runs scored with Toronto (70) and are tied for 2nd with KC in RBI with 65
(Toronto is 1st with 67). There was the sense from the start that the BoSox might have to
club some teams to win games.
Boston has also shown an ability to pounce on teams when they make errors. They have
4 wins when the opponent has had 3 errors. They beat the Yanks 8-4 (4 unearned runs),
the Nats 8-7 (3 unearned runs) and the Orioles Monday 7-1 (5 unearned runs). They beat
the Phils 6-2, but there were no unearned runs though SP David Buchanan had a
throwing error in a 6 run 3rd (and there were some charitable 'hits').
Anyway, it's on to Tampa Bay and then the Orioles in Baltimore.
• The Cubs brought up 3B Kris Bryant (after 7 games in AAA - 3 HRS 10 RBI), and
batted him cleanup. Wow! That's a lot of pressure for a 23 year old kid. The 6'5, 215 lb
Bryant had 43 homers (AA/AAA) in '14 and 110 RBI (.325). He's made 2 errors (21 last
year) in 4 games, but is hitting .429, with 4 RBI, OBP .579. He was born in Las Vegas.
• Jon Lester is off to a slow start (0-2, 6.89 ERA in 15.2 IP). My brother Brad was
watching the Cubs – SD game with Chicago up 2-0 when Brad informed me that Will
Middlebrooks had just hit a tying 2-run homer off Lester.
• Providence goalie Jon Gillies, who led the Friars to this year's NCAA hockey
championship, has signed a contract with the Calgary Flames and will skip his senior
year. Gillies is with the Flames who are in the playoffs. Calgary already has 2 goalies,
but Gillies provides insurance if there is an injury. (ref: Gary Washburn/Globe 4/19)
• According to the Globe's Ben Volin (4/19), only 16% of players in the NFL are 30 or
over. Does old geezer Tom Brady, soon to be 38, have 1 more Super Bowl win in his kit
bag? Hope you noticed that wife Gisele Bundchen just retired from modeling at age 34.
• If they don't put Aaron Hernandez in solitary, I have a very bad feeling that someone
will 'off' him just to say that they killed an NFL star.
• Per Nick Cafardo (4/19), Cardinal manager Mike Matheny used 6 different pitchers to
face 6 successive batters (over 2 innings), breaking his own record of using 5 for 5. It
was against the Reds 4/11. FootJoy would call this over-managing.
• While I, unlike Mike Gorman (Celts in 6), don't think that the Green will beat the
LeBron Cavs, Boston is well positioned with draft picks and cap space to make even
more strides next year. Kevin McNamara (ProJo – 4/18) observed that Evan Turner had
3 triple doubles this year, a feat accomplished by only 4 other Celts: Bird, Antoine,
Pierce and Rondo.
Who would have bet that the Celtics would be in the playoffs and the Bruins out?
See new proposed NFL rule:
Andrew 'Left Coast' Wright
Andrew, not many would have made that bet. The Jacobs' canned Chiarelli. They won a
Stanley Cup not too long ago. Hasty move. Claude Julien could be next. There will be
Bruins' trades.
Wish the Celts drew someone other than the Cavs, but the experience will be good for
this young team.
Hadn't seen that NFL outlawing Patriots' victories. I noticed that it was done on April 1.
Still waiting for Deflategate verdict. - Z

I was living in Rhode Island back in April 1971, and although I didnt have a ticket, I
decided to cruise on down to the now demolished R.I. Auditorium to see if I could get in
to see the Grateful Dead on the night of April 21st. My dad had season tickets for years
to the R.I. Reds AHL hockey team who played at the Auditorium, so I knew the layout
pretty well. I had seen the Beach Boys there in 1966, and also saw The Jimi Hendrix
Experience, The Jefferson Airplane, and Cream`s final U.S. appearance there.
I parked my ’59 VW bug and started to walk to the entrance when a really clean `55
Chevy Bel Air with New York plates pulled up next to me. “Hey man, do you know
where the service entrance is?”, the dude in the passenger seat asks me. To my shock,
it`s none other than Ron McKernan, better known as 'Pigpen', keyboardist for The Dead.
“Sure, follow me!” I managed to blurt out at my good fortune. I ran down the sidewalk
as the good looking blond driving the Bel Air followed in pursuit.
I got to the service entrance, and Pigpen exited the Chevy with a briefcase. When he
reached me I thought it was perfect timing to ask for my reward: “I don’t have a ticket,
so can you get me in?” I pleaded. He nodded and we approached the service entrance,
guarded by a uniformed Providence Police officer. “He’s with me” he told the cop after
flashing his pass. The cop checks me out and lets both of us in.
From the entrance we enter the old dressing room where The Reds team used to suit up
for games. Pigpen and I sit on a bench next to the lockers, and he opens the briefcase.
He pulls out one of 2 unopened bottles of Old Granddad bourbon and opens it. “Wanna
swig”, he asks. There`s no way in hell I’m gonna turn down this request so I reach out
and comply. I look out the door to the stage and eye the sparsely occupied front row.
“Thanks man, I’m gonna try and grab a good seat”, I say. “Enjoy the show”, says
Pigpen. I pick out a seat in the front row and sit there all night for the whole show. Their
amps were covered in tie-died grill cloth. I’ll never forget that, and how clean and crisp
their sound was. Sad footnote: McKernan passed away from complications of liver
disease on March 8, 1973.
Rick Pearlman
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Rick,enjoyed your description of the Dead concert at RI Auditorium and meeting
Pigpen. When I was married (1983-1993), my wife Maria called into a radio show and
won 2 tix to the Dead concert at the Civic Center. The Deadhead fans had taken over the
city of Providence. As we walked outside the Civic Center to the entrance, we got many
$ offers for our tix. Maria was willing to sell them, but not me since I had never seen
them live. It was a great concert. - Z

The same day that Jim Donaldson of the ProJo wrote 'Sorry to say, but the Celtics are
already losers' because he felt it was better to get a higher draft pick than the playoffs,
Dan Shaughnessy had this to say about those who decried the Celts making the playoffs:
“To you, I say, take a flying leap into Lake Erie.” (Boston Globe – 4/19) Amen! - Z

Charles Barkley (Gary Washburn/Sunday's Globe) was asked about criticism of his
NCAA coverage and replied: “If they don't want to watch, turn off the television. Being
famous is like being the beauty queen, all the ugly girls hate you.”
Stevie 'Sauce Pan Hands' was in the house and told me that the Netherlands has an
unusual social program. The government provides prostitutes for disabled people. 12
visits are allowed per year, which comes out to once a month. So it's Hookers for the
Handicapped in Holland. And as a result, it has been shown that the disabled people
have reduced their depression. Stevie did note that Holland has no army so that they can
re-direct the money to a better use.
Pal Al noted that the first song ever shown on MTV (back in 1983, same year that the
Hot Club opened) was Video Killed the Radio Star. After a while I recalled the Ruggles.
So I played it on the HC jukebox, and it's the Buggles. Wherefore art thou, memory?
Around that time, there were great videos like Thomas Dolby's She Blinded Me With
Science. And a song near and dear to this writer and his then significant other – I'll Melt
With You by Modern English.
Don't forget that in a change up, Peter's band The Professors will be playing this
Thursday at the Hot Club from 6-9. Bring your dancing shoes.
So, what was the Top 10 hit that wasn't written by its singer or his band and which
became sadly ironic when the lead singer died after it's release? Why, I Fought the Law
and the Law Won. Recorded by the Bobby Fuller Four in 1966, the song was written by
Sonny Curtis of the Crickets (Buddy Holly's band). Bobby Fuller was found dead in his
mom's car in July of 1966, and some stories had his death being a result of fighting 'the
Law'. Not true according to Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll by Jim Driver; who notes that
an autopsy showed that Fuller had died from asphyxiation from forced inhalation of
gasoline. Driver notes that Fuller was seeing a woman whose ex-boyfriend had reputed
mob links.
The song was also recorded by the Clash, Hank Williams Jr, the Dead Kennedys and
Mike Ness of Social Distortion (Wikipedia was also used for this info)
This #1 hit went gold and was the top selling record in the year it was released. However
the band credited with doing the song didn't exist. The song's main voice was a man who
was dubbed on different tracks. Name that tune.
APRIL 14, 2015

Well I'll be looking for that BU alum who told me at the Hot Club that PC would never
get by his alma mater. Guess again, Dog Breath.
In a game as exhilarating as any hockey fan could want, PC and BU went at it for 3
periods. BU had the better of the early going even though PC scored first in Period 1
(Anthony Florentino), and held the Terriers to 1 shot when they were on a power play.
BU was winning the faceoffs (many were freshman Jack Eichel versus Kevin Rooney)
and maintaining puck possession. It paid off with a tying goal by Ahti Oksanen, which
somehow slipped between Jon Gillies' arm and the post. BU scored again 4 seconds later
on a goal by Danny O'Regan right after Eichel won the face-off (the assist was Eichel's
only point of the game). BU out shot Providence 18-6 in that 1st period.
PC starting winning more faceoffs in Period 2 and after BU's John MacLeod took an
interference penalty, Mark Jankowski scored on the power play to tie it. The shots were
starting to even out as BU had 22 and PC 17 in the 2nd period. However BU's Cason
Hohmann scored to make it 3-2 heading to the last period.
PC would out shoot the Terriers in the 3rd period 20-12 and win a lot more faceoffs. You
have to be good and to be lucky. A simple dump in by PC's Tom Parisi was caught and
dropped by BU goalie Matt O'Connor (no luck of the Irish) who then saw the puck go
between his legs and into the net for the tying goal. BU was stunned and PC pumped.
Kevin Rooney then won a face-off and dished it to Brandon Tanev who scored the game
winner 2 minutes and 19 seconds after O'Connor's egregious error. Jon Gillies would
later make an unbelievable stop with his arm/glove on a shot that should have tied the
game with about a minute left.
Gillies was the MVP with a career high 49 saves. PC, despite a slow start, managed to
win as many faceoffs (38) as BU did in the game. Noel Acciari was 13-3, Kevin Rooney
11-15 and Mark Jankowski was 10-12 on faceoffs. BU was led by Cason Hohmann's 15-
13 and Jack Eichel's 14-16. Eichel lost the faceoff to Rooney that led to Tanev's game
winner. Eichel also had a 3rd period hooking penalty (the Friars' site had the stats).
PC won this game with grit, gumption and guts. They won by avoiding penalties (BU
had 1 power play), forechecking and backchecking and having an unbelievable goalie.
Oh and coach Nate Leaman and his staff''s game plan deserve credit. PC just won their
first ever NCAA hockey championship. The memories will last forever.
Even the most optimistic of BoSox fans would not have expected them to get off to such
a good start (5-2), especially with the starting pitching. We only hope that Clay
Buchholz's upcoming starts are more like his opener than the atrocity against the
Yankees. The rest of the rotation – Porcello, Miley, Kelly and Masterson all did their
jobs. It's early yet but this team needed to have a good April.
Similarly, the PawSox starters have also pitched well and the team is tied with Rochester
in the IL East at 3-1.Yesterday's game was suspended with Pawtucket holding an 8-3
lead in the 3rd. The stats: Eduardo Rodriguez (0-0), 1.59 ERA (5.2 innings), Henry
Owens (0-0), 1.42 (6.1inns), Keith Couch (1-0), 4.50 (6.0), and Brian Johnson (1-0),
0.00 (5 inn.). Matt Barnes gave up 3 runs in 3 innings in last night's suspended game vs.
Buffalo .
The PawSox have been paced by CF's Rusney Castillo (.417) and Jackie Bradley Jr.
(.360) while C Humberto Quintero is at .417 and SS Devin Marrero (.357) leads the
team with 4 RBI.
The only game the PawSox have lost was in 16 innings when they ran out of hurlers. CF
Quinton Berry took the loss. The PawSox home opener is this Thursday vs. Rochester.
• PC was the last team in the NCAA hockey tournament. BU was 19-0-0 when leading
in the 3rd period this year (per the Friars' site).
• That 19 inning game Friday between the BoSox and Yanks was the longest in Red Sox
history by time (6 hours and 49 minutes), and that didn't count the 16 minute stoppage
when banks of lights behind home plate went out. I lasted until the 16th after Ortiz
homered to put them ahead. When Teixeira hit a tying homer, it was time for bed.
• Congratulations to the Boston Celtics, coach Brad Stevens and manager Danny Ainge
for making the NBA playoffs. It helped that the Celts beat the Cavs twice after they had
sewed up a 2nd seed. Still, they did it and the playoff experience (vs the Cavs?) will be
• Raspberries to the Bruins who did not make the playoffs and seemed like a team out of
sync all year. I hope that the Jacobs' don't do anything rash and get rid of Claude Julien
and/or GM Peter Chiarelli.
• One reason that the Bruins didn't make it was that the Ottawa Senators went 23-4-4
down the stretch and goalie Andrew Hammond, called up from the AHL, went 20-1-2
• Per Peter Abraham of the Globe (4/12), David Ortiz has 19 go ahead home runs in the
9th inning or later, most among active players. Ortiz has 11 extra inning homers with the
Red Sox, 2nd only to Ted Williams with 13.
• The ProJo's Mark Divver had a great Saturday ProJo piece that matched PC vs. BU.
Divver said that Jon Gillies would be the difference and noted the shakiness of G Matt
O'Connor vs. North Dakota. Divver also noted that BU had 4 freshmen on defense.
Glad that you're back from spring training in Puerto Rico, hope you enjoyed your stay.
We just returned from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A lot of sullen Seattle fans vacationing
there, still shaking their heads in disbelief. Beach vendors selling straw hats with
Seattle Seahawks on the brims. I should have brought my Patriot's Super Bowl T-shirt.
Quiz - Gary Puckett (Union Gap).
Rick Poncelet
You are right, Rick, it's Gary Puckett. Tough nougies for those Seattle fans. That call
will haunt them forever. - Z

Jimbo, from the early lines, 3 of the 5 pickers selected the Sox to win the AL East. Could
be!!!! I am glad to see Bradley back, I guess, the kid is a great fielder, but can't keep his
head down when he swings, and now Rich (I'm a sucker for high fast balls) Gedman is
going to solve the problem????? I am looking forward to a great Pawtucket season.
Your comments on the new stadium are well taken. It ain't going to happen anyway,
where will everyone park with only 4.8 acres of property. Everyone will need a
concealed carry pistol permit to attend a game. I just read that there is a sewage drain
pipe under the property that may need to be moved. So it looks like the deal may
literally go down the drain.
As for my beloved Braves......... Well see me in 2017 when the new stadium opens.
Ted 'Section 8' Bates
Ted, Yeah your Braves are in trouble. I saw that they traded Kimbrel their closer. They
did ditch the salary of BJ Upton (now Melvin), no mean feat.
Hopefully Raimondo and the General Assembly give nothing to these fat cats, but I'm
hearing that Terry Murray and maybe Tom Ryan contributed to her election effort. I'll
be looking for Skeffington in the stands at McCoy. - Z

Hi Jim, another great piece (# 60??) - I look forward to talking about the value I
place on carrying beyond traditional milestones like 600 next week).
I've had mixed emotions about the potential move to Providence. My first reaction
(admittedly a bit knee-jerk) was based on past experience visiting ballparks located
in cities, and sometimes on the waterfront. These feel great as a tourist -park your
car at the hotel, wander the streets, have dinner, then head over to the game. But
after some reflection reality hits home - we won't be tourists walking from a hotel,
we'll be paying to park in some garage, and most other fans at Pawsox games are
not tourists, or from downtown Providence or within walkable distance to the
proposed location.
For me and many other season ticket holders the allure of McCoy is simple - we
can pay the price for a season ticket, stop by for every inning of every game or just
a few innings when our schedule allows, kibbitz a bit with each other or the staff,
and watch great baseball. All at a very convenient location and a fair price. It's hard
to see how this somewhat bucolic arrangement can continue in a downtown
Providence location.
Lesley (ever the skeptic, but ever so often right about these things) believes that the
Providence proposal is just a ruse. She thinks the Pawsox are headed to Foxboro,
nestling in nicely with the Kraft Kingdom there, and adding to the profit base ever
so nicely - making the whole question about Providence moot.
It will be interesting to see how Skeffington interacts as the Pawsox season begins
(hopefully he doesn't feel the need for suit & tie on opening night), and also to
sense the vibes from Mike & Lou.
Regardless of how this turns out it looks like we have a couple of seasons of life
more or less as we've known it, then who knows? Go Brockton Rox?! Newport
Gulls?! Connecticut Defenders? Or who?
All of which brings me back to my mixed emotions - I do hope that these people
can make this work in Rhode Island, and in a way that is consistent with
Skeffington's stated intent to carry on the basic philosophy of Ben Mondor re:
family orientation & focus on the fan experience.
On the other hand Lesley is right more often than not.
Keep the faith (as I am) - I look forward to seeing you soon.
Rick Nadeau
Thanks Rick, that was #602. I think Lesley may be right. There are too many
things wrong with the site that they've chosen. If they really wanted to honor Ben
Mondor, they'd keep the prices the same and keep the team in Pawtucket. Let
architect Janet Marie Smith design their luxury boxes at McCoy. - Z

Jim, speaking of the music; the movie 20 Feet from Stardom is a great tribute to the
background singers of the rock and rhythm & blues era of the 60's and 70's in particular.
I recommend it highly, along with Muscle Shoals.
Those girls (and some guys) should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Bill LaPlante
Willie, I did see 20 Feet from Stardom and it was wonderful. Also check out The
Wrecking Crew, a documentary on the LA musicians who backed up many artists and
bands on their recordings. Haven't seen Muscle Shoals. There is also a great doc on the
Stax/Volt record company out of Memphis. Many great artists but the story is sad.
Agree with you about the backup singers being in the Music Hall of Fame.
Hope you saw the PC Friars hockey team vs Nebraska Omaha yesterday. They Play BU
for the championship Sat. night. - Z

Nope, didn't get to watch PC, but did catch BU/N.Dakota game and it was a pretty good
3rd period as the Fighting Sioux (try to get THAT mascot revoked!) came on strong and
nearly tied it up in the last minute. Heard that BU's top forward got the Hobey Baker
Award today. I guess the kid's pretty good; that Gaudreau kid from Calgary was last
year's winner. Wonder if he's any relation to Roger Gaudreau who played for LaSalle
back in the early 60's?
Won't get to watch the final tomorrow as I'll be at work. Hope to catch a replay after I
get out at midnight; they sometimes run them on ESPNU or CBSSN. Maybe I'll get
lucky. Wow, two Hockey East finalists; wonder when that happened last? BC/Maine
about 15-20 years ago? My dad would be loving all of it. NHL, College. LaSalle
winning their first state championship in 37 years. He used to tell me about the
legendary Punch line of Lach, Blake, and Richard, but his favorite was Howie Morenz.
Fast, elegant skater and scorer. Died really young from either a heart attack or a
pulmonary embolism after breaking his leg. First Canadiens superstar. My dad
schooled me well of Les Habitants.
Nobody,but NOBODY, can tell me that what's on the airwaves today is anything close to
what came out of those studios we mentioned back in the 60's and 70's!!!!
Craftsmanship...rough technically, but real craft and art. Yes, the documentary on Stax
records is a great one too. Heck, watching a two-parter on Sinatra from HBO is a treat
as it spans his entire career. We think that the Beatles' transformation from the mop tops
to Sgt. Pepper was radical? Sinatra from teenage crooner to jazz/pop/schmaltz was right
alongside that track.
Was cheering on Wisconsin, but they were just short of the big cookie.
Bill LaPlante

Welcome back. Quiz answer: Gary Puckett. (Also Kevin McHale & for my wine lover
friends, Robert Mondavi)
The Boud
And finally, this is an e-mail that I sent to Mike McDermott, editor of ProJo Sports:
In today's Journal (and yesterday's), you list the PawSox playing NYY and WAS
before getting it right on Thursday when they play ROC.
There is no box score for yesterday's Pawsox - Iron Pigs game.
The baseball roundups don't include all the Friday games for which you have final
And in Friday's paper, your box score of the SD-SF game has SD SS Clint Barmes
as having an error but he is not listed among the batters. If The ProJo is going to
charge us $2 per, we need better and more accurate Sports coverage. - Z

His response: I noticed all that this morning too. It's unacceptable. We've had a new
person working on this material the last couple days and I will be sure to communicate
this to him. I appreciate your patience. - Michael McDermott
FootJoy questioned me about calling Clay Buchholz 'a bit of a head case' as it implied
he had a mental condition. I said that was not my intent, as I don't think Buchholz has a
psychiatric condition, but rather he can be his own worst enemy in doubting his ability.
Sunday night's start against the Yankees exemplified that.
Pal Al told me that Willie Nelson has a new song called Roll Me Up and Smoke Me
When I'm Gone.
Kirk the Elder was talking about playing music in Sheraton rooms during his 'misspent
youth'. That reminded me of visiting the Country Hall of Fame, and reading a story
about Roy Rogers playing pool with Randy Travis. After Travis ran the table on him,
Roy Rogers said “Son, signs of a misspent youth!”
Scott McKay popped into the HC and after I said it was good to see him, Scott said, “Its
better to be seen than viewed.”
We were talking about the Hot Club Hyenas, but I could only remember a few. Guys you
wouldn't leave around your date, girlfriend or even wife. They know who they are.
That other rock n' roll singer besides Bob Dylan that hails from Hibbing, Minnesota is
Gary Puckett of the Union Gap. Puckett was born in Hibbing but grew up in Yakima,
Washington near the city of Union Gap (Wikipedia). Interestingly, while Bob Dylan
grew up in Hibbing, he was born in Duluth, Minnesota. The Wiz, the Boud and Rick
Poncelet all had the correct answer.
This song was a Top 10 hit for its singer and his band though no one in the band wrote it.
Many artists have covered the song which was considered sadly ironic because of the
demise of the lead singer who had the Top 10 hit with it. Name that tune.

APRIL 7, 2015
As the baseball season begins, there is hope for a Boston Red Sox resurgence in 2015. I
noticed one prognosticator had the BoSox winning only 86 games, but still capturing the
AL East. They should have an explosive lineup and an adequate pitching staff. A return
to form by Koji Uehara would be of immense help. A shut down closer is imperative.
Yesterday the Red Sox had 5 hits off of lefty Cole Hamels and 4 were solo home runs.
They ended up with 5 homers on the day, and David Ortiz, Pablo Sandoval and Mike
Napoli had none of them. It won't be like that every game Red Sox fans, but they may
just pulverize some people with that lineup if they can stay healthy. Hanley Ramirez
seems to get injured every year, and Sandoval's weight bothers me though it doesn't
seem to weigh on him.
A check of shows the number of games that Hanley has played
since 2011: 2014 (128), 2013 (86), 2012 (157) and 2011 (92). During the same period,
Sandoval has these number of games played: 2014 (157), 2013 (141), 2012 (108) and
2011 (117). So Sandoval, listed as 5'11” and 255 lbs (I doubt it), has been more durable.
Napoli, Victorino and Big Papi are also not immune to injury, and we saw what
happened to Pedroia the last two years when he was hurt. Can you imagine that BoSox
dugout yesterday after Pedroia hit his 2nd homer? 'Laser show'. Top that (Hanley did).
And if there are injuries (may the baseball gods be benevolent), there are pretty decent
replacements in Pawtucket. Baseball America named Boston 2nd best in minor league
prospects (after the Theo-led Cubs), several of whom are at AAA.

Pawtucket is loaded with starting pitching prospects (Owens, Johnson, Barnes,
Rodriguez), some of whom may be essential if the Red Sox are to make the playoffs.
Among PawSox positional players, you know that at some point C Blake Swihart will be
in the Majors. And OF Rusney Castillo won't be down on the farm long [until Daniel
Nava or Allen Craig are traded or someone (Victorino?) gets hurt].
Every major league team has injuries and the following could see time in the Bigs: CF
Jackie Bradley Jr. (especially if he hits), utility man Jemile Weeks, and 3B Garin
Cecchini (good bat, so so glove). Other PawSox to keep an eye on are 1B Travis Shaw,
OF Bryce Brentz (both have HR power), 2B Sean Coyle (please - no Pedroia injuries),
and SS Deven Marrero. It would not be surprising to see 19 year old INF Yoan Moncada
in Pawtucket by the end of the year, but it's unlikely he will see Boston.
The PawSox won the IL championship last year and manager Kevin Boles has a team
stacked with good prospects. He is now joined by hitting coach and ex-Red Sox catcher
Rich Gedman and pitching coach Bob Kipper (both with him in Portland). Let's hope
that good weather and good fortune follow this team as well as the Red Sox. Play Ball!

• While I was away in Puerto Rico, there wasn't much sporting news to follow (no US
newspapers), but my phone got me on line to WEEI and One thing I
did hear about was Tony Massarotti mouthing off on radio about Shane Victorino
wanting the BoSox to trade Mookie Betts for Cole Hamels (not true and Victorino
responded immediately). I don't listen to sports talk radio any more. The callers are
ignorant of the sports on which they comment, and the hosts, like Michael Felger and
Tony Mazz, are just plain ignorant and rude.
• Not only does the Providence Journal screw up every day, but NESN is also a disgrace
at times. Yesterday's NESN recap had Hanley's last name spelled 'Ramreiz'. Seriously.
• Driller Killer and I have seen Clay Buchholz pitch many times. A couple years back,
he faced the Angels' Jered Weaver, who was 6-0 at the time, and Buch bested him
(5/2/11). Buchholz has always been a bit of a head case. Hopefully yesterday's opener
was just a preview of what is to come if Buchholz keeps his confidence.
• Now comes word that in some desperate, last second chance to save Aaron Hernandez
from being convicted, his lawyers have admitted that he was present at the killing, but
didn't do it. Here's hoping that the jury sees through this ploy and convicts Hernandez.
• And with Aaron Hernandez, the word 'Life' takes on a whole new meaning.
• With the regular season winding down, both the young Celtics and the
underperforming (amid injuries) Bruins try to make the playoffs. Neither team may go
very far, but once the postseason starts, good things can happen. The Celts need the
experience and, if the Bruins make it, they may have a small shot at redemption.
• The Sunday Globe did a section devoted to 'Big Papi'. In it, Peter Abraham notes that
David Ortiz called everyone 'Papi' when he first joined the BoSox because he didn't
know their names. Abraham quotes Ortiz as saying that 'Papi' is a term of respect in the
Dominican Republic. And Ortiz doesn't like 'Big Puppy' (“I'm not a little dog.”).
• In the same section Nick Cafardo credits BoSox international scout Louis Eljaua with
convincing Theo Epstein to sign Ortiz when Minnesota released him. I've seen stories
that said Pedro Martinez convinced Theo to sign Ortiz. NESN has a video where Pedro
takes credit for helping the Sox to sign Ortiz:
• Have you seen that video of Tom Brady jumping off a cliff 40 feet up into a pool of
water (in Costa Rica). One of the dumbest things ever. Someone ask Belichick about it.

Just saw the layout for the proposed ballpark in Providence in the Journal.
Only two comments. First, it would be Rhody's answer to Candlestick; the place would
be cold, damp, dark, windy, and totally devoid of any ambiance for baseball. They'd
need a dome over it to make it doable and then use it for soccer, lacrosse, and football as
well. There'd be wharf rats the size of dogs in the stands, being so close to the
waterfront. Secondly, if the city gave these scammers any money from the public coffers
to pay for this boondoggle, they should be strung up by their heels in Kennedy Plaza.
Just one word: "BOYCOTT" if they ever build it the way it's proposed.
Skeffington? Aren't they in the funeral business? They could call it "The House that
Embalming Built" or "Formaldehyde Field".
Bill LaPlante
"Big White"
Yeah Bill, it appears Skeffington wants to bury Pawtucket and the franchise will follow if
they move it to Providence. The team is right where it should be now in Pawtucket. They
will lose much of their fan base if they move to Providence. This is a AAA team, not a
MLB team, playing 5 months in Providence, a city that already has a lot going for it.
The principals, Skeffington and 'Loose Lips' Larry Lucchino, want to add corporate
suites and maximize revenue. If I see Skeffington at a PawSox game, I'm going to tell
him to have Lucchino bring back architect Janet Marie Smith (she designed Camden
Yards and Petco Park), and have her put their luxury boxes at McCoy Stadium. And if
the General Assembly even thinks about using tax payer money, I'll be at the State
House with a Boycott sign. - Z

Pal Al was telling me that Lisa Fischer was playing the old Park Cinema, now a music
venue. He had seen a ProJo article about her (she was in 20 Feet From Stardom), and it
said that she was the back up singer on the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter. I noted that
Merry Clayton was the singer on the recorded version. Al agreed and said that the ProJo
only referred to Fischer. I told him that the ProJo is wrong about something every day,
and they'd probably print a correction. Sure enough, the correction was in the next day.
Told the Wise Man that the Patriots were still on the hook for Aaron Hernandez' salary,
and it counted against the salary cap. So Eric looked it up and it's $3 million in 2015 and
was $7 million last year. The NFL never gave the Pats any cap relief for him - pathetic.
The Bear visited the HC, so there was hockey talk - the PC Friars making the Frozen
Four (they play at 5 PM, 4/9). Found out from the Bear that while Victoria and I were in
Puerto Rico, the New York Rangers overtook the Bear's beloved Habs for 1st place. I
joked about whether the Bruins would make the playoffs and how long they'd last.
Charlie Clancy is a PC rooter, but is more of a Friars' basketball fan than a hockey guy.
I'm sure Charlie would have preferred seeing the basketball Friars last longer in the Big
Dance where they fell to the floor. I told Charlie that the same ref that called Kris Dunn
for an early flagrant 1 foul that took some of his aggressive moves away, was the ref that
gave Ed Cooley a technical during a timeout when Cooley was trying to motivate his
team, and knocked over a chair. Two bad calls. Bad enough Dayton is playing in Ohio.
Credit Dayton's defense which shut down the Friars.
So in talking about the Friars making the Frozen Four and facing Nebraska-Omaha, a
friend of Charlie's stated that PC wouldn't get by his alma mater - BU. I reminded him
that BU had to win their semi-final first (vs. North Dakota). And I added that PC has a
good goalie in Gillies, a good defense and a good coach, so they could beat Nebraska-
Omaha. The BU grad knew that his alma mater had a great young phenom. I said,
“Yeah, Jack Eichel”, but he didn't seem to know the name. I checked and Eichel leads
the nation in scoring with 67 points (I consulted a Cox piece of 4/3).
Conductor Sir Georg Solti has the most Grammy wins (32). Only theWizard knew it.
What other rock n' roller besides Bob Dylan hales from Hibbing, Minnesota?
MARCH 10, 2015

As we await spring, we can escape the receding snow banks by checking out sunny
Florida as this year's edition of the Red Sox rolls out. What have we here?
Most of the off season moves made by Ben Cherington seemed good. Sandoval, Hanley
(if he's healthy and harmonious), Miley, Porcello, Masterson. I did not like giving up
Anthony Ranaudo to the Rangers for LHP Robbie Ross, Jr. Just because you have a
plethora of pitchers, doesn't mean you give any away. Unless you forget the axiom that
you can't have enough pitching. Let's hope that Ross, Jr. helps out in the bullpen and it's
a good trade for both sides.
The starting pitching is decent and could be good. I still think that they are going to need
a starter from Pawtucket to step in and step up to get to the playoffs. For us sufferin'
PawSox fans, the starting rotation there of Henry Owens, Eduardo Rodriguez (the steal
from the Orioles), Brian Johnson, Matt Barnes and Steve Wright should be one of the
most impressive groups ever at McCoy. And Owens, Rodriguez and Johnson are lefties!
One of those guys may play an important role as a fill in starter in an injury situation
(let's knock on wood that there aren't any, but that'd be way too optimistic). Another
might be in the pen. This year, the playoffs may not be possible without Pawtucket's
Unless, of course, you expect the revamped BoSox lineup to lay the lumber on
opponents and win slugfests. That only works for so long and then you need pitching
and defense.
Here's hoping that Victorino is in RF for Game #1 and Jackie Bradley Jr. finds his hitting
stroke. Except for LF, the outfield defense should be very good. With Sandoval, a
healthy Pedroia, Bogaerts' better range and a vastly underrated Napoli at 1B (especially
scooped throws), the infield should be a lot more solid than last year.
Aah, hope springs eternal. Worst to 1st again? Let's see the Sox do it. Finish the Job.

Congrats on #600. It seems like just yesterday you'd throw an issue on my desk. I
appreciated it (others not so much). I'm sorry about the PawSox situation. A move to
the Providence waterfront is just a money grab by a few wannabees. It will not
revitalize the Renaissance City, nothing can in our lifetimes. (The HC would be a
winner however.) Worcester is sniffing around already.
Cheers to Schilling for exposing the cretins who vilely commented about his daughter.
Exposing those gutless cowards paid off. One was fired (a part-timeYankee ticket
vendor) and another (college DJ) lost his job too. It's easy to hide behind social media
anonymity, but facing reality is painful and just.
Keep up the good reporting! (keep an eye on Bryant - an upcomer in many Div I
Rick Poncelet

Hard to believe that I made it to #600. I feel like I can go on for a bit longer. It
helps to write when there is something going on. After the ProJo deigned not to
print my letter, I sent it to Bill Reynolds. He said that he didn't disagree with
anything I wrote. That made me feel better, especially after some of the debates I
had a couple Fridays ago at the Hot Club. Will keep an eye on Bryant (my 2nd
alma mater). - Z

Congrats Jimmy, the Irish Shamrock, Good for you!!! Sports and writing are an
obvious passion. Keep it up. I thought the Charlie Rose interview with Larry David
was good, but Buffalo Steve interviewing you was better. I just didn't think it was
wise to use BS as his title....LOL
Best wishes, mi amigo.
Dave Knudson

Jim, congrats on your 600th!! The Zine has brought me much joy and laughter over
the years! Also, you have vented many a frustrated moment for me through print.
Once again, congrats.

Much credit to you, Jimmy, for hanging in and hanging on throughout all those
mean and lean years. Rock on.
Glad that you are still having fun doing this for we armchair quarterbacks, armchair
hitters, and armchair goaltenders.
GO HABS GO!!!!!!
Carey Price is a lock for the Vezina, but if the Canadiens win the Cup (they CAN
beat the Blackhawks), he should stand to take home the Hart trophy also. He's been
carrying the team on his back for the past 3 months now. Shot totals every game
usually favor their opponents, but Price keeps them in the games that they shouldn't
be in, and closes the door on those that they are winning.
They love him in Le Centre Bell.
This one will be for "Le Gros Bill"...Mr. Jean Beliveau.
Big White
Yeah I told The Bear (also a Habs fan) that I think Montreal will win the Stanley
Cup. The Bruins will be lucky to make the playoffs and if they do, I think they'd
have to play the Habs right away. How good is this guy they got from Colorado
(Maxime Talbot)? While the Bruins are having trouble scoring, their defense has
been horrible. Guess the price was too high for a D Man. I wish they still had
Boychuk but he seemed more like an offensive D man. - Z

Talbot is a really good third line winger and was a good teammate in his 3 years in
Denver. Good penalty killer and defensive forward. He scored the game winning
goal in game 6 or 7 a few years back for the Penguins when they won the Cup.
He'll be good for the Bruins if they need help on that line and on penalty killing. Looks
like they've been hurt all year by injuries, and they lost a couple of good defensemen
over last summer. Rebuilding is always tough in the NHL. Besides, the league is trying
to remove all the rough stuff and fights from the game in the next 5-7 years in my
opinion, so smaller mobile defensemen are more prevalent these days.
Eventually, they'll go to a one game suspension just like in college or some sort of stiff
fine for dropping the gloves. Virtually all of the designated goons are no longer being
groomed and only middleweights and lightweights are engaging now. The scraps usually
don't go beyond 3-5 punches before somebody goes to the mat. No more donnybrooks
that clear the benches or one-on-ones that go for a couple of rounds. Frickin' Europeans
changed all the rules of engagement...sticks are clubs now and carried too high for my
liking. Anything to the face should be 5 minutes automatic and with blood a 10 minute
Sorry about the PawSox. The voters of the state should oppose any building of a new
stadium at a cost to the taxpayers for the benefit of any ownership. Too many cities are
paying for the lifestyles of the rich and famous. The politicians are in the pocket of the
leagues (as Vito Corleone would say). You're right. If they want to buy out McCoy, then
let them ante up. Otherwise, the fans should stay away and find another way to enjoy the
game. Maybe the Cape League or start a single A franchise that uses McCoy. Folks just
wanna be at the park. Hell, I took in the first game of the season for the local college up
in Grand Junction a couple of weeks ago with temps at 60, no humidity, no wind, and
sun in the stands (of course it snowed a few days later, but what the hell,eh?). College
ball with plenty of hitting, throwing, and catching; what's not to like?
Big White (Colorado)

Jimbo, WOW! 600 issues, I can't believe it. I can remember the beginning when
you were distributing it at the ball park (Ed:McCoy) in hard copy. I have enjoyed
reading each issue and more importantly commenting back to you on one item or
another. One of our biggest differences through those many issues was when the
Red Sox were looking at John Farrell after they discarded that "train wreck",Terry
Francona. I was vehemently opposed to even considering Johnny-B Good. Well, he
turned out to be a far better manager than I ever thought he was, and as you recall I
apologized to the Zine and in person to everyone in the Section 8 family.
Keep up the good work, I truly enjoy each issue. Oh, I won't go into a diatribe
about the purchase of the PawSox but will say this. They are gone! Not just from
Pawtucket but from Rhode Island. Sadly, this will be my final season. I look
forward to seeing you on opening night. Go Braves!
Section 8 Ted
Ted, thanks for the kind words. Sorry to hear this is your last season. I'll be there
until they take me out kicking and screaming. - Z
Hi Jim,

Very well done! Congratulations on your 600th issue. That's dedication!
When did you start?
Jim Raftus
Jim, glad you liked it. To answer your question about when I started, I had to do
some research. Most if not all the Sportzines have been saved on CD.I found that
Sportzine #1 was typed on my computer on 7/30/98. But the first Zine was hand
written on 7/19/93. Every one after that was typed but I didn't number them until
7/30/98. - Z

Congratulations on the 600th Sportzine !!! This numero 600 is great reading, and the
599 that preceded it, have all contained fine insight, humorous nuggets, along with fun
movie and music trivia (in more recent years). Kudos to Buffalo Steve for the excellent
interview, too! Keep the 'Zine' going! 750....800 sound like nice numbers!
I'm in total agreement with you, in regards to the sale of the Pawtucket Red Sox.
The majority of baseball fans attending a Pawtucket Red Sox game, do so, for the love
of the game, and.many probably fall into a group of people who either.(a.) can't get
tickets to see a game at Fenway or..(b.) even if tickets were somehow available, wouldn't
be able to afford to go (think a family of four or more).
Minor league games (everywhere) should be affordable to baseball fans and especially
those not lucky enough to be able to see a 'Big League' game. These new owners are on
a mission to turn a minor league team, into a 'Big League' business. If they are
successful (hate to use that word) , they may just price the average (PawSox) minor
league fan out of going to, what used to be, an affordable sporting event, and kill a town
in the process.
There is the very real possibility that attendance could drop, after the first (novelty)
year or two, in a new stadium that demands more from a fan's wallet and asks that
fan to put up with traffic jams and parking problems.
Attending many Minor League Baseball games, in different cities, I've noticed the
same drawing cards. What they have all had in common was that they were
affordable and easily accessible by the average baseball fan. Sadly, that looks like it
is about to change in 2017 for many PawSox fans.
Thanks Brad, some of the cities that have done well with urban AAA stadia do not have
much else to offer. Providence has a lot to offer.
I never said the names of the new owners. I do not like Larry Lucchino. He's a weasel of
the first order. Theo would never have left but for the interfering Lucchino. And if you
recall, it was Lucchino that overruled Ben Cherington and brought in Bobby Valentine. I
also blame Lucchino for the leaks during the Theo set to, and then the revelations leaked
about Terry Francona. If you read the Francona book that Shaughnessy co-wrote, the
1st page is about Lucchino lambasting a young employee when he couldn't find special
sweatshirts after the Sox won the 2004 World Series. The best thing Lucchino ever did
was bringing in Theo and the architect Janet Marie Smith. There is talk that Lucchino is
involved in a power struggle with ownership. Everyone denies it, but....- Z

Hi Jim,
Congratulations on hitting the 600 mark with your wonderful Sportzines! Looking
forward to the next benchmark of 1000!
John Ballantine
New York

First I had heard about the PawSox potentially becoming the ProSox. The neighborhood
guild in South Kingstown used to have a stack of tickets that they would give to kids
back in the day. As you know, back in the day when teams actually kept their home
grown talent, we got to see nearly all of the future BoSox stars (Rice, Lynn, Evans,
Boggs) come through McCoy Stadium. I remember following Boggs' batting average
every day in the journal, and thinking when are they going to call this guy up? It seemed
like he was in Pawtucket for years.
Can't remember many specifics but the one thing that comes to mind was when my next
door neighbor's dad, who was our elementary school principal, threw my brother out of
the way who was probably 10 or 11 at the time, to get a foul ball that bounced into the
walkway between the seats. Corporate Suites at a AAA stadium? Good luck with that.
Andrew "Left Coast" Wright

There were ducks on the deck last Wednesday. Doorman Peter said that they had fed
them. Peter said that I should be careful of the one with the green head because he was
mean and had tombstones for eyes. Peter called them 'street ducks'.

There was a weird looking bottle on the HC shelf so I asked Bianca what it was. She
said it was 'Ciroc' and was a vodka put out by P Diddy. So I checked and found that a
company named Diageo makes Ciroc from grapes. Sean 'Diddy' Combs is a 'brand
ambassador' for Ciroc.
I recalled the Crystal Head vodka that SNL's Dan Aykroyd has out. A search reveals that
Aykroyd and partner John Alexander are responsible for it, and Alexander designed the
crystal head bottle. Crystal Head is quadruple distilled and 7 times filtered,. The last 3
filtrations are through Herkimer diamond crystals.

So Pal Al reported that ex-Patriot Matt Light even has his own vodka. Sure enough, Matt
Light and a couple partners have a vodka out called Keel.

Jokin' Joe said he had a student in class who thought Buffalo wings were really made
from buffalo. A fellow student responded: “When's the last time you saw a buffalo fly?”

Last week's question: “This multi-talented artist has had a career spanning 6 decades
which has included 79 Grammy nominations and 27 Grammys won. Name?”
Only the Wizard wrote in re the quiz and he had the correct answer – Quincy Jones. Or
to be exact, Quincy Delight Jones, Jr. Per Wikipedia, Jones, a jazz musician, produced
Michael Jackson's Thriller, and was the producer/conductor of the charity song We Are
The World. Among other accomplishments, Jones composed the music for the movie
The Pawnbroker (the 1st of 33 movie scores) and he produced all four million-selling
singles by Leslie Gore. Jones was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.

So Quincy Delight Jones Jr. and Alison Krauss are tied for 2nd with 27 Grammy awards
won. Who has won the most? Try not to look it up.