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MAY 23, 2016

Don't pinch me. I must be dreaming. This Red Sox crew of 2016 has been laying the
lumber on opponents. They went into Sunday 2 nd in all of baseball in scoring in the 1 st
inning. And, in scoring in the 2 nd inning, they lead MLB.
No sooner than the Globe's Nick Cafardo quoted stat man Bill Arnold (5/22) as saying
that Cleveland starter Danny Salazar was one of 7 pitchers (8 starts or >) who hadn't
given up a 1 st inning run, then the Red Sox scored 2 on Salazar in Sunday's 1 st inning.
No need to go through all the offensive stats, your eyes tell you plenty. This is one of the
best slugging teams in memory since that outfit that crushed people with Butch Hobson
batting 8 th ! That was the '77 Sox who had Rice, George Scott, Hobson (30 hrs), Yaz, Fisk
and Lynn. Their stats (213 hrs and 859 runs were srpassed by the '03 Sox (238 hrs and
961 runs). Reference:
sox-greatest-offenses ( Finn – 5/16)
However we all know that pitching is what will determine a team's fate. The Red Sox
have Price and Wright, and the latter has the best starter ERA (2.52) on the staff. The
Sox now need steady starters in the 3 rd and 4 th roles. Porcello has been more consistent
of late (one bad start after several good ones - he labored Sunday but won). Kelly is just
off the DL and had a no hitter into the 7 th in his 1 st start after rehab. I always thought that
Kelly was the key in the Lackey trade. So far he hasn't justified my faith, but may now if
he can stay healthy and focused.
The missing link is Clay Buchholz. What to do with him? With any luck that knee brace
helps Eduardo Rodriguez in his rehab (he starts Tuesday at McCoy). When Eduardo
returns (here's wishing him good health), then Buch could be odd man out (pun
intended). Last I knew, the Red Sox had a sports psychology coach, former pitcher Bob
Tewksbury (thanks to FootJoy for the memory jog). LHP Brian Johnson, who was with
the PawSox, has been sent to Florida to deal with an anxiety issue. I'd be surprised if
Tewksbury didn't see him. Buchholz may be next. And is it me or does Buchholz look
like Game of Thrones' Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen)?The team's ERA is 4.07, which puts them 9 th in the AL and 18 th in all of MLB. That has
to change if they want to go to the promised land – the playoffs and World Series. Right
now Toronto is 6 th in MLB (3.61 ERA), Baltimore is 11 th (3.80 ERA) and Tampa Bay is
12 th (3.85). So three teams in their division have better ERAs. Scoring a boatload of runs
can cover a lot of sins. Pitching inevitably decides whether you go on or go home.

• Tom Brady and the NFLPA appealed the 3 judge circuit court 2-1 decision against
Brady, and asked that the full court of 13 judges hear their appeal in en banc session.
The hope is that Chief Justice Robert Katzmann, who wrote the dissenting opinion
(which I read and uses language and logic similar to Judge Richard Berman's), will
convince 6 other judges to take on the hearing. If the full court declines to hear the case,
it can be appealed to the Supreme Court. Doubtful that it would take it on. But if you see
these appeals as stalling tactics, the process might allow Brady to play the whole season.
• Researching the MLB ERA stats (see above), I went to and to The pitching stats for 2016 were different. ESPN had the Red Sox's
record as 21-11 (not 27-17). Another reason to dislike ESPN. Update your stats, dodos.

Recently while watching NESN, one of their bits attracted my attention so I wrote this:
You ran a story tonight on Sports Today on 'Lucchino's Labor of Love'. In it, the man
doing the voice-over refers to the PawSox attendance in 2015 as being under 400,000.
This is an egregious error. The PawSox (per the MiLB site re attendance) drew 466,600.
The voice-over also said (I believe) that it was the PawSox worst ever attendance. It was
the worst since 1993. Oh and that 466,600 was still close to 65% of capacity.
Please correct this error and inform the public as to the correct numbers.
NESN'S Michael Brown responded:
Thank you for your email. We have looked in to the matter, and found that it has to do
with paid attendance (tickets sold) vs. actual attendance (tickets used).
On, the attendance numbers that are reported reflect the paid attendance. On
the program, the voice-over referred to Larry Lucchino's task to "get the turnstiles
moving," and then referenced that there was an all-time-low attendance of under
400,000 fans for the new McCoy Stadium. The actual attendance in 2015, as reported by
the PawSox in their media guide, was 389,724, while the paid attendance was indeed
466,600. This was the lowest actual attendance since 1998 (360,128), the season before
the renovations that expanded the ballpark. I've attached the transcript of that portion of
the program, as well as the page from the media guide for your review.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
So Mr. Brown makes a good point regarding the difference between paid attendance andturn style numbers. Since paid attendance is still 466,600, that tells me that season ticket
holders and some fans with single game purchases didn't go to the games. Why? Bad
weather. Bad team. Bad karma. As a result, the new ownership didn't get income from
concession stand purchases (and the PawSox store). Maybe with a better team and
weather (finally starting to improve) and positive marketing, attendance will rise.
I exhort Red Sox fans to get out to McCoy this year. We need to keep the PawSox.
Re last issue's music quiz:
I see your staying in the family - sort of - Neil Young to Stephen Stills!
Ken Forestal
Quite right. I couldn't resist. Buffalo Springfield and CSN & Y. How about Stills and
Young erasing the vocals of Crosby and Nash on Long May You Run! Drugs and egos.
But such good music. I still get shivers when I hear Ohio. - Z
The answer to your quiz is Stephen Stills and Neil Young. See you at McCoy for a
Terry Canann
You are correct. Stills and Young. Yes, I'll see you soon at McCoy for a Smithwicks. - Z
Neil Young and Steven
Dave Burlingame
Right you are, Dave - Z
Hi Jim, nice job as always. Could the superstars be Eric Clapton & Duane Allman?
Tom Robinson
Good guess but No. - Z
Don't have any recollection of the storyline you described, but if 'eat a peach' was a clue.
Good guess Bill, but No. - Z
Stanley Cup playoffs are great this year; upsets, multiple overtime games, great
goaltending. My bracket got shredded early on; now I'm looking at Dallas vs. Pittsburgh
for the finals in my crystal ball.
Bill LaPlante
Yeah you had the Caps in the Stanley Cup finals, didn't you? Don't recall who you had
I had picked Anaheim in the west. It's just the breaks of the game that brings a team back
from being down; nature of the game.
Bill LaPlante

This from Jokin' Joe regarding an experience where he and his brother were waiting for
very bad news, but then got not so bad news: “We came here expecting to get kicked in
the balls, and got punched in the face instead. And we're glad.”
So the subject turned to horror movies (I love horror). I told Captain Jack, Dr. John, and
Tom that my Mom took me to my first sci-fi/horror movie Invaders from Mars.
However I started having bad dreams. Captain Jack said “I saw a movie that did that to
me – Deep Throat.”
The aforementioned Tom used a term I had never heard 'bullet loans'. So I asked what
that meant. Tom explained that they were loans with high usurious rates. You had to pay
them back quickly, or if not, you might get a bullet back.
Professor Peter asked me: “So what do you think of the Republican Presidential
candidate?” My reply: “I think that's great for the Democrats.”
Some wag wrote above the men's urinals “This is where dreams are made”. My
immediate thought was “I don't think so. Maybe when the new men's room is finished.”
And when the new renovations are done, the Hot Club will no longer have the smallest
men's room on the East Coast.

So, who were the two former members of not one but two great bands who went out on
tour after the breakup of their 2 nd band and part way through the tour, one decided to
split and sent a telegram to his friend and band mate that said “...funny how things that
start spontaneously end that way. Eat a peach...” If you read the e-mails, you'll know that
it was Stephen Stills and Neil Young. It was Young who left Stills in the lurch.

This guitar solo was rated the best rock 'n' roll solo of all time by readers of Guitarist
magazine in 1998. It was also rated the best 12 string guitar solo ever by Guitar World
(2015). From what song was the solo, and who was the guitarist?
Sportzine is available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz


MAY 2, 2016

As usual, the Pats had some surprises in their selections and non-selections. No running
back taken (see my e-mail with my brother Brad). A quarterback (Jacoby Brissett- NC
St.) taken in the 3 rd round. No pure offensive tackles taken, though OG Joe Thuney (also
NC St.) did play tackle last season, and per the Globe's Chris Gasper (5/1) did not allow
a sack all year. And RG Ted Karras (a team captain and yes he's related to Alex) who has
played RG and a little LG and center. Expect returning OL guru Dante Scarnecchia to
work with these two and the other guards to come up with backups at tackle for Nate
Solder and Sebastian Vollmer, who were both hurt last year.
If there is one thing that you can count on in a Pats' draft, it's that many of the players
chosen will be very versatile. 2nd round pick CB Cyrus Jones can play the slot as well
as outside. Jones was described by one scout (Mike Reiss – ESPN had it) as the best
dual returner (punts and kickoffs) in the nation. Help for Edelman and Amendola.
WR Malcolm Mitchell has good speed (4.45 40) and hands. He has returned punts and
kickoffs and even played some CB. He was a captain on his Georgia team.
Kamu Grugier-Hill is a hybrid safety/OLB who also has 4.45 speed.
ILB Elandon Roberts led the nation's Div 1 teams with 88 solo tackles last year (per Jeff
Howe of the Herald – 5/1), who called Roberts another “coach on the field” and was a
defensive captain as a senior (per the Globe's Michael Wilmer – 5/1).
Even 7 th round pick WR Devin Lucien (4.49 speed) showed smarts by leaving UCLA for
ASU where he had more receiving yards 1,075, catches – 66 and 8 TDs which doubled
the output he had in his 3 years at UCLA (per the Herald's Jeff Howe).
WRs Malcolm Mitchell, Devin Lucien and undrafted free agent DJ Foster (also ASU)
will challenge new additions Chris Hogan and Nate Washington as well as Aaron
Dobson (this may be his last go around), Keshawn Martin, Chris Harper and Deandre
Carter. Tom Brady needs more wide receiver weapons.As for QB Jacoby Brissett, the Globe's Chris Gasper (5/1) noted that he played for
Charlie Weis at Florida and his high school coach was friends with Bill Parcells who lent
Brissett some advice.
My take on Brissett is that Bill Belichick knew they needed a back up for Jimmy G, and
for the first 4 games with Tom Brady likely to serve his suspension. Rather than bring in
a re-tread like Brian Hoyer (signed by the Bears) for more money than a rookie, they
planned for the future as Brady nears the end of his career. Garoppolo is signed for 2
more years, so the team can see what they have in Brissett. Whichever of the two shows
the most ability will succeed Brady, while the other may be a trade chip (or have you
missed how many pathetic QBs are still hanging in as backups?).
The Globe's Chris Gasper (5/1) pointed out that the Pats return for the trade of Chandler
Jones is OG Jonathan Cooper and a 2 nd rounder which they parlayed into two picks – OL
Joe Thuney and WR Malcolm Mitchell.
By trading with Seattle, the Patriots now have a 4 th round pick in 2017 to go with their
other 5 picks (1, 2, 3, 5 and 6). They traded their 7 th rounder for TE Michael Williams.
Goodell will take the higher of the Pats or Seattle's 4 th round pick in 2017.
One player I just realized that I overlooked was 3 rd round pick Nebraska DT Vincent
Valentine. Mike Reiss indicated that the feedback was mixed about this selection.
When in doubt, remember – In Bill We Trust. All others pay cash.

Nice to see the BoSox slip into 1 st place while sweeping the Yankees and stealing two of
the three wins against them. The Red Sox have gone 8-2 in their last 10 games. However
be aware that those wins came against three cellar dwellers: the Atlanta Braves, the
Houston Astros and the NY Yankees. They now must face the white hot White Sox (also
8-2 in their last 10), and rematches versus the Yankees and Astros. The A's and Indians
(good pitching), Royals and improved Rockies are on the schedule as well before they
end the month with Toronto and Baltimore. Let's see where they are after the dust clears.

• I tracked down PawSox outfielder Bryce Brentz (snake bitten with injuries). Brentz is
on a rehab assignment with the Portland SeaDogs and hit his 1 st homer Saturday.
•Bruin Loui Eriksson is up for the Lady Byng trophy (hope they re-sign him). Who was
the last Bruin to win the Lady Byng? Rick Middleton(Globe Sports Log-5/1)
• Since Friday, the Mariners had 1 hit (W-King Felix); the A's gave up 2 hits (Rich Hill –
L) and the Dodgers got 3 hits – Kershaw -W. He gave up 3 hits and knocked in the game
winner 1-0 vs the Padres. Is it the weather?• Rookie SS Trevor Story hit his 10 th HR in April. It tied a MLB record for fastest player
to 10 HRs. The record he tied – George Scott in 1966. (Globe Baseball Roundup – 5/1)

Speaking of the Draft and more specifically, the Patriots, I wish, like Mike Reiss
stated in one of his post-Draft columns, that the Patriots had drafted a RB at some
point (any point). There is no guarantee that Dion Lewis will come back (hope he
can!) and be able to play as he did last year, after the injury he had. I know the Pats
are also hopeful that players like Tyler Gaffney can contribute, but he has had
injuries that prevented him from playing in '14 and '15.
Needless to say, the position(RB) is physically demanding and prone to injury, and
as we saw in last year's AFC Title game, still essential, so as not to be one-
As Reiss opined, a couple of the Pats' selections (DT Valentine and QB Brissett) in
the Third Round would have likely been available much later (Day 3). RBs Booker
and Dixon (both good pass catchers, too) were taken in the 4th.
As always, Belichick and team will work the FA market and maybe they can pick
up another gem, like they did with Lewis or just hope the RBs they have, stay
healthy. I think that the Laurence Maroney experience (drafted in the First Round)
also plays a part in their approach to the position.
Brad Dawson
Brad, yes surprising that they didn't draft any RBs. They still have Lewis, Blount,
Bolden, White, Donald Brown (who's been a bust most everywhere), Gaffney, Iosefa
(FB), and Develin (FB). Per the ProJo they did sign undrafted RB/WR DJ Foster.
It's possible that when they traded with Miami for the 5th round pick (#147), they
planned on using it on Dixon (#134 to Balt), Booker (#136 to Denver) or Deandre
Washington (#143 to Oakland). So when those guys weren't there, they traded that
pick to Seattle and got a #4 pick in 2017 which will make up for the one stolen by
Goodell. Jeff Howe of the Herald suggested the above scenario.
That also means that the Pats prized CB Jones, OL Thuney, QB Brissett, DT
Valentine and WR Mitchell more. And yes, the memory of Maroney may still haunt
them. The Pats were 30th in rushing yards, but 5th in passing yards in 2015. They
clearly favor beating teams thru the air. But at times you need the threat of the run
to keep the D off of Brady (something that Denver exploited). - Z
Quiz answer: Moody Blues?
Stephen Graham
Nope, sorry. - Z
howdy jim. i'm thinking the answer to this week's quiz is Led Zeppelin.
Bobby SistoNo, not Led Zep. - Z
I know that they passed on David Bowie.
Could that possibly be the band you had in mind?
Barry Spadea
Good guess but No. - Z
Guess? Not a guess. They did pass on Bowie.
Barry Spadea
You are right about Apple rejecting David Bowie or at least stringing him along
until he moved on. The operative words in my quiz question were 'mega group' and
'band'. David Bowie was a solo artist. - Z
James, would the answer be Led Zep?
Ken Forestal
Nope, sorry. - Z
All right-I really had to think - I believe CSN is correct - if not I'm giving my
collection away.
Ken Forestal
You are absolutely, positively correct. It's CSN.
And while Led Zep was on Atlantic, I didn't see anything about Apple turning them
down. Just found out that Apple Records still exists! - Z
Hey Jim,
CSN is answer to this week's trivia about being rejected by Apple. My 5 bands : Tom
Petty & the Heartbreakers, Bruce & E Street Band, Steely Dan, Eagles, and Aerosmith.
Right you are - it's CSN. - Z
Hi, Jimmy. I take issue with one point in your last letter......That you have been a
Patriots' fan since 1960. Didn't you have many large pictures of NY Giants heroes,
Kyle Rote, Frank Gifford etc on your bedroom wall? :)
Bob Burns
Bob, ah you know me too well. Yes I was a NY 'Football' Giants fan well into the '60's.
Del Shofner, Sam Huff, Rosey Grier, Homer Jones, YA Tittle, Fran Tarkenton among
many others. However having the Boston Patriots allowed me to root for a team closer
to home and in a different league. Gino Cappelletti, Houston Antwine, Babe Parilli, Sam
Cunningham. Those Patriots even made it to an early championship game (I believe the
Chargers beat them).
So I did follow the Patriots from their inception, but the Giants were my team. Do you
remember those drawings of NY Giants players? I think they gave them out when you
filled up your gas tank. Either that or if you spent enough $ at the supermarket. - Z

Mike Module related a story about a cardiac surgeon talking to his car mechanic. The
mechanic tells the surgeon that he too fixes valves and has to keep doing it, but the
surgeon just does it once. The surgeon replied, “Yes, but I do it with the engine
So Dr. John told us about the plumber who gave the urologist his bill for $1,000 dollars.
The urologist says, “That's more than I make.” The plumber tells the doctor, “Yeah it's
more than I made when I was a urologist.”
Congratulations to Hot Club bartender extraordinaire Marilyn Collins whose last day of
work was Saturday, April 30. While Marilyn will no longer be at the HC, she will still
bartend at Nick-A-Nees.
Charlie Clancy's friend Rob Perrault was all dressed up. Rob said, 'Going to a wedding'.
Charlie noted that Rob was recently at a wedding in Kentucky. His shoes got stuck in the
mud, and his heel came loose. Charlie said “Rob, you threw a shoe.”
Good to see Buffalo Steve at the HC once again. Steve just bought new wheels – a 2009
Chevy HHR station wagon. You can't miss it – it's red. I wished him well on his new
acquisition. And hopefully we'll see more of his smiling face at the Hot Club.

Well if you read the e-mails, you know that it was Crosby, Stills and Nash that Apple
Records turned down. The e-mails also indicate who got it right. When I went to check
back on Apple Records, it appears that technically the company still exists.

Two former members of not one but two great bands went out on tour after the breakup
of their 2 nd band. Part way through the tour, one of them decided to quit the tour and sent
a telegram to his friend and band mate that said “...funny how things that start
spontaneously end that way. Eat a peach...” Who were the two super stars?
Sportzine is available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz


APRIL 25, 2016

The 3 judge appeals court found that Roger Goodell had the authority under the CBA to
suspend Tom Brady for 4 games. The judges chose to rule on that narrow issue (so much
for de novo). The Players Association gave Goodell this power. Now Tom Brady will
pay for it. Ironically's Chris Price reported that because Brady re-did his
contract in March, he stands to lose only $235,294 for the 4 games he'll miss (instead of
$2.1 Mill). Small recompense.
The Jimmy Garoppolo era is about to begin. The games are against Arizona, Miami, the
Texans and Bills. Three are at Gillette. Unless Jimmy G and the D can go 2-2, the
Patriots will have a hard time making the playoffs.
Can Brady appeal? Sure - to the full 6 judge appeals court. However if that court came
to a decision during the season, Brady would end up serving the suspension at a much
worse time.

John Farrell is listening to the drum beat of dissenters who question his every move.
While the team has shown signs of life, this win one lose one mode is not reassuring.
Nor is using 41 year old Koji Uehara in 7 of the first 12 games.
It wasn't totally surprising when Peter Abraham of the Globe (4/22) raised the question
of how many games were needed to make a fair assessment of whether John Farrell
should stay or go. Abraham decided on 1⁄4 of the schedule or around 40 games.
Paper mate Nick Cafardo weighed in on Sunday (Globe - 4/24): “Let's cool it with
Farrell's hot seat for now”. Cafardo goes on to defend Farrell. Sorry to tell you this
Nick, but Farrell is indefensible. The man with a losing Red Sox record as manager
(they counted the games the Torey Lovullo-led team won), Farrell is feeling the heat and
gives every appearance of managing scared. With bench coach Lovullo in the wings,
anything but a big swing in winning, making the right moves, and not looking distracted
will keep John Farrell as BoSox manager.Wonder if Las Vegas has an over under on how many games Farrell has left? Bet you it
isn't 22 (they've played 18 as of Sunday and are 9-9) on the way to Abraham's 40 game
yardstick. My money is on the under.

Well Patriots fans, you don't have to stay up late on Thursday night for the NFL draft.
Only the 1 st round will be held Thursday. The Patriots lost their #1 due to an alien attack
(think Invasion of the Body Snatchers) with a pod person posing as Roger Goodell. No
emotion. No sense. Just a plan to have aliens replace humans.
Most of the mock Patriots drafts won't come close as Bill Belichick is one of the most
inscrutable decision makers when it comes time to pick. You look at the current team,
and you know that they need help on the O Line. They chose 2 guards last year (Shaq
Mason and Tre' Jackson). I think they take 2 offensive tackles this year (remember they
also have G Jonathan Cooper in that Chandler Jones – Arizona trade). Seabass and Nate
Solder have had injuries, and age is starting to become a factor. Belichick likes to be
ahead of the curve, whether it's drafting or ditching a player a year too early rather than a
year too late. At least one of those tackles will also have experience as a guard because
Bill B. loves flexibility.
With Belichick's defensive background, expect more picks on the D Line, at LB and in
the secondary. Injuries (as we have seen) can quickly deplete a defense in key areas.
D on't expect a receiver or running back to be taken until late. Belichick has not fared
well in drafting receivers (the next Randy Moss isn't coming through that locker room
door). And Belichick has often had success using guys who were undrafted running
backs like Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis and Le Garrette Blount (in a trade) who have provided
help in the running game. One caveat – if a player falls to the Patriots whom they have
rated highly, they will break the mold.

• The answer to last week's trivia about Jackie Robinson's fellow running back at UCLA
(1939) who became an actor: Woodrow Wilson Woolwine 'Woody' Strode. Strode was in
Spartacus (he fought Kirk Douglas), starred in Sergeant Rutledge (both 1960) and is one
of the gunmen awaiting Charles Bronson in Once Upon a Time in the West (1968).

After reading Dan Shaughnessy say Sunday that the Patriots Hall of Fame was a joke
and would continue to be so until Bill Parcells was inducted, I wrote this:
“As a Patriots season ticket holder since the '70's, I hope that Bill Parcells is never
elected into the Patriots Hall of Fame. He betrayed the team in 1996-1997 by working
behind the scenes to join the Jets after the Super Bowl. He may deny that it took awayfrom his Super Bowl preparation, but it is hard to believe it didn't. All Parcells' energy
was not directed to his team. He cared more about himself than his team.
I went to that Super Bowl. The story that Will McDonough broke about Parcells leaving
after the Super Bowl caused Patriots' fans to wonder how the team could possibly
overcome this humongous distraction. It didn't. And my respect for McDonough
vanished. A writer is never ever supposed to insert himself/herself into the story line, but
McDonough did. He lost his sense of journalistic perspective.
Finally, Bill Parcells did not have the courage and intestinal fortitude to fly home with
his team. Parcells again chose himself over his team.
In looking back at this horrible betrayal, I found a column you did 8/2/13 with Parcells
re all this. I found it interesting that while the Patriots improved as a team under Parcells'
tutelage, the one difference in 1996 was the hiring by Parcells of Bill Belichick, his
defensive guru with the NY Giants.
Believe me when I say that as a Patriots fan since the team's inception in 1960, that I am
not alone among Pats fans as feeling that Bill Parcells does not belong in the Patriots
Hall of Fame.”
Shaughnessy e-mailed back:
“Willie (Ed.: Will McDonough) did not "insert himself". He reported the truth. That's his
job. It's your job to be a fan. Not ours. But without Parcells, you have no team here.”
I responded:
“In today's column, you state:"The Patriots Hall of Fame continues to be a joke until Bill
Parcells gets in."
Patriots fans vote for who gets into the Pats Hall of Fame. As a fan, I explained why Bill
Parcells should never get into the Patriots' Hall of Fame. And since Bobby Grier made
the personnel picks, it was as much his team as Parcells. And Parcells did not bring a
Super Bowl win.
It is well known that Will McDonough and Bill Parcells became good friends.
McDonough took Parcells' side in the tiff with owner Bob Kraft. As a result what
McDonough wrote about that situation has to be viewed in that context and the question
of impartiality raised.
As a Globe writer and someone who probably revered McDonough, I would expect you
to defend him. But when you say he "reported the truth", that truth has to be viewed in
that same context of him taking sides with Parcells.”I did not expect Dan Shaughnessy to respond to it and he didn't.
If you have an opinion regarding this, feel free to share it with me.
Grateful Dead
Beach Boys
Little Feat
Toss up:
Talking Heads
Big Star (Alex Chilton)
* If having to play their instruments is a not a criteria
Ken Forestal
Ken,very funny comment re the Ramones. I bought their greatest hits and they did some
good numbers. I've always liked I Want to be Sedated, if nothing else for the title. RS did
a big tribute to them recently as one of the bands that started the punk movement.
RIP Alex Chilton (ex-Boxtops lead singer) whose band Big Star never quite made it. I
actually have one or two of their albums.
The Talking Heads are a nice pick. I loved Spirit, especially their 1st album with Fresh
Garbage, Straight Arrow and Gramophone Man. They also did Twelve Dreams of Dr.
Sardonicus with the great Nature's Way and also Mr. Skin. Unfortunately they were just
not around long enough. - Z
I have a few spirit albums-Just found CLEAR an obscure vinyl of theirs -last album Jay
Ferguson was w/ band. You must also realize my heart break in not offering the GREAT
Capt. Beefheart and the Magic Band.
Ken Forestal
Safe as Milk. I wanna booglarize you, baby. Lick my decals off. - Z
BTW, Jim Dawson, my picks for five greatest AMERICAN bands: Eagles, Grateful
Dead, Allmans, Doobies, and Beach Boys.
Bill Shea
My top bands: Prince and the Revolution The Doors Mitch Rider and the Detroit
Wheels ZZ Top Buddy Holly and the Crickets Sam n Dave
Dave Knudson
My top bands (today): Bruce Springsteen, Temptations, Prince, Buddy Holly, and
Muddy Waters.
Mike Curtis
Sportzine is available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz.

When someone tells me – “Jim, you can quote me on this”, my ears perk up and my pen
comes out. So it was when Patriots' fan Ernie said to us: “I hate Roger Goodell more
than I hate Donald Trump.” Says it all, right?
We heard a new Herbster story. He was in the HC bathroom and talking to his Honey on
the phone. Unbeknownst to the Herbster, Folklore was in the stall. The Herbster told his
Honey that he was on Blackstone Boulevard and would see her soon. When he said this,
Folklore laughed loudly. Herb's Honey wanted to know who was laughing. Herb told her
his heart was on Blackstone Blvd., but he was still at the HC. Folklore gave him up!
In a rare feat, when I asked the boys in the band (The Professors) last week's quiz
question, none of them knew. The band was stumped. See below for the answer.
Overheard at the Hot Club: “It's not good when the woman you are with drinks more
than you do.”
A young visitor to the HC (a millennial?) wore a navy blue T-shirt with an American
flag. It said “F**k Donald”.
Good to see old friends Stevie B and El Jefe at the Hot Club. I asked them if they visited
the HC often and they admitted that they didn't. So I asked Stevie B when the last time
he was at the Hot Club – oh, it was for my (this writer's') retirement party. I reminded
Stevie that was in 2004. I think I convinced them not to wait so long next time.

So what band sold more tickets and made more money than any other rock 'n' roll band
between 2000-2010?: The Dave Matthews Band (Charlottesville, VA). No one had it.

This mega group was turned down by Apple Records (helps explain the label's demise).
So they signed with Atlantic Records and became one of the biggest bands of the late
'60's and during the '70's. After a few breakups, they continued into the '90's. Name?


APRIL 18, 2016

Saturday's game against the Blue Jays was a classic pitching performance by David
Price (7 innings, 2 runs), a scoreless 8th by Koji Uehara and a shutdown 9th by closer
Craig Kimbrel (strikeouts of Bautista, Encarnacion and Tulowitzki). You couldn't draw it
up any better than that.
And while NESN noted the same day that Boston was tied for 2 nd in the AL with Texas
for most runs scored with 53 (Baltimore leads with 56), that didn't help them Sunday
against Aaron Sanchez who shut down the BoSox bats (a no hitter thru 4 2/3), allowing
only 1 run while his mates added to their lead against relievers Noe Ramirez and Matt
Barnes. The Sox miss Carson Smith. Had the bullpen not allowed any more runs, Sox
starter Steven Wright (2 runs allowed) might not have lost the game.
The Patriots' Day game (which friend Peter Goodwin and I always used to attend) was
not how you draw it up as the bullpen, especially Koji Uehara, couldn't preserve Clay
Buchholz's 1-0 lead in the 8 th . This was the real Buchholz – let's see if he can repeat it.
Craig Kimbrel came on with bases loaded and 1 out, a difficult task. Kimbrel's Achilles'
Heel seems to be losing the strike zone, getting behind batters and then giving up walks
or hits. He may be an adventure all year. However the number of saves he's had over the
last few years are nearly unmatched.
We also saw that catcher Christian Vazquez is not infallible as he had 2 passed balls
including one in the 8 th . The 41 year old Uehara had no command of his split finger
fastball, and with Kimbrel warming up, manager John Farrell might have gone to him
sooner. The never say die Red Sox battled back in the 9 th but came up 1 run short.
The decision to bring up Vazquez (rehabbing from Tommy John surgery) after he caught
only 4 games (I checked – Games 1, 3, 5, 7), seems like a panic move (FootJoy and I
agree on this one). For Vazquez's sake and the team, let's hope he doesn't reinjure that
elbow after such a short time in the minors.

• If you haven't seen it yet, try to catch Ken Burns' 2 part PBS documentary on Jackie
Robinson. I just watched the 1 st part and there were elements in it of which I was
unaware. Burns has a knack for finding these gems. What Robinson went through no
one should have to tolerate. He did it for a higher cause, a greater good. I'm glad that on
April 15, everyone in major league baseball wears #42 in his honor.
• The Red Sox actually gave Jackie Robinson a tryout (a sham one) on April 16, 1945. It
was sparked by Wendell Smith, a sportswriter/activist. Per, Robinson,
Marvin Williams and Sam Jethroe had a tryout the same day. None were even notified
by the club of the decision that they wouldn't be signed.
• In reading about this sham, one reference said that while attendees at the tryout were
limited to management (plus Wendell Smith and Isadore Muchnick, a Boston politician),
that epithets were hurled at Robinson during the tryout.
• A bit of trivia – Jackie Robinson went to UCLA and was one of 4 African-Americans
on the 1939 team. Two of them then joined Robinson with the Los Angeles Rams, the
first black players in the NFL. One of the two other men went on to have a great career
as a movie actor with many backing roles (often as a villain). Who was he?
• Portland Sea Dogs RHP Kevin McAvoy (2-0, 2.53 ERA) was drafted out of Bryant
University in the 2014 draft (4 th round).
• Back when the NCAA Regionals were last held at the Dunk (before this year), I was
walking to the entrance when I spotted ProJo sportswriter Jim Donaldson. He had just
written about Bryant University but called it College. So I yelled to him that it was now
University. Donaldson yelled back that I was lucky that he had written about the school.
• (especially Ken Laird) is doing a wonderful job recapping what is
happening with the Red Sox minor league teams. The Sox have a lot of prospects and it's
a good way to keep tabs on what they are doing.
• If you are wondering what happened to PawSox OF Bryce Brentz, he's on the DL with
a pulled oblique muscle. Brentz is in Florida rehabbing it. He has been snake bitten with
injuries. I'm pulling for him to make it back. and to show what he can do.

Re: Rico. He was the 1st AL shortstop to hit 40 home runs. Ernie Banks had done it
4 times previously.
Good point, FJ. I should have said AL. - ZThanks Jim, always enjoy the Zine!
For band I am going with Aerosmith!
Ron Racine
Hi Jim! The Doors, Janis Joplin (Big Brother and the Holding Company), Allman
Brothers, J Geils, and the Eagles. The Masters of Reality, a little mentioned band,
were good. The band featured Ginger Baker for awhile during his out of work
years. On a light note, I enjoyed the Monkees as a kid.
Victor Coia
Victor, I loved Joplin but Big Brother wasn't a great band even if they did do Piece
of my Heart with Janis (one of my favorite songs). Never heard of Masters of
Reality. Do you think they were better than Blind Faith? - Z
I would vote for the Allman Brothers, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, James Gang,
Grateful Dead, and the Byrds. Of course, tomorrow it may be Creedence Clearwater
Revival, the Doors, New Riders of the Purple Sage, the Jimi Hendrix Experience,
and Little Feat. On another day all those could be changed. It all depends on the
mood of the day.
Barry Spadea
Glad you weighed in on the best American bands. CSN&Y I would disqualify. While
Canadian Neil Young is OK as an American, Brit Graham Nash would disqualify
the band. I did a full CD comp of the Byrds and there was not a bad song on it. Saw
the James Gang in St. Louis when Joe Walsh was with the band. Yet they were
named for Jim Fox. Little Feat with Lowell George was a great band that could
cook. Saw them before Lowell died. Some very good choices. - Z
Nash became an American citizen on August 14, 1978 and, while Young retains his
Canadian citizenship, that band has been instrumental in the politically charged
climate of the time. So, maybe CSN gets included and CSN&Y does not? And, as
stated at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, “Crosby, Stills and Nash have remained
America’s longest running experiment in vocal harmony and social relevance.”
It is your paper; your decision is yours alone.
Barry Spadea
I checked out the info (see below) and all the major albums of CSN were between
May '69 and early '77. So since Nash wasn't a citizen until '78, I will disqualify
them as a pure American band.,_Stills,_Nash_%26_Young - Z
Sportzine is available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz.My top 5 American Rock Bands (note that I like alternative music and consider
them rock bands):
1. Red Hot Chili Peppers
2. Guns-N-Roses
3. Linkin Park
4. Green Day
5. Nirvana
I know GNR and Nirvana weren't around long, however, their impact lasts.
If you count the Jimi Hendrix Experience as a "band" I'd have to fit him in
somewhere. I consider him solo.
Andrew 'Left Coast' Wright
What no Dave Matthews Band or Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam (I have always
loved Better Man)? Good point about Jimi Hendrix and the Experience. - Z
1. Aerosmith
2. Van Halen
3. Bruce Springsteen and E Street
4. Allman Brothers
5. The Ramones
A bit eclectic, granted, but there are some true to the genre.
Bill LaPlante
Interesting band selections. Forgot about Bruce who should definitely be in the top
5 and I would put the Allman Brothers in there too. - Z
Good 'Zine. Here's hoping Eduardo Rodriguez is back soon to hopefully help the
Sox' starting rotation. Glad to see the Scott MacKay article and his
acknowledgment to you!
My Top 5 American Bands:
1.Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (longevity, too)
2. Beach Boys
3.Steely Dan
4.The Eagles
5.Crosby,Stills, & Nash....Creedence Clearwater...and the Byrds (tied for 5th!
not so sneaky way to pick more!). Also, of course, this was about bands....if
individual performers were included, I imagine Bob Dylan would be in here,
too. For the quiz.....I'll go with the Thompson Twins (the '80s might just be my
favorite decade for music).
Brad Dawson

There were so many cars around the Hot Club Friday that I had to park up by the
Church. Somehow it had eluded me that April 15 is the anniversary of the HC's
opening in 1983. There were free hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone until they
eventually ran out.
The place was packed and many faces from the past were in attendance. Patti
Quimby was there. Chuck D, Tom Kat, Poly Sci Steve, as well as the usual rogues
(Cap't. Jack and Mark, Charlie Clancy and Matt D, FootJoy and of course, me).
There was even a band playing.
Tom Wallis and his wife Jane also graced the Hot Club with their presence. Tom
pointed out that April 15 was also the anniversary of Abe Lincoln succumbing to an
assassin's bullet, and the sinking of the Titanic. I mentioned to Tom and Jane that it
also was the anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the MLB color barrier,
playing his first game for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Everyone in MLB wears #42 on
the anniversary to honor Jackie Robinson.
I double checked and found out April 15 is also the anniversary of the bombing at
the Boston Marathon as well as the date that Aaron Hernandez was convicted of the
1 st degree murder of Odin Lloyd. So except for Jackie Robinson and the Hot Club
opening, there were a lot of bad things that happened on that day in history.
So Tom Wallis told his wife Jane about my writing Sportzine. I gave her a copy to
read and she laughed when she found the reference to Lou Reed's Sweet Jane. Jane
said that was one of her favorite songs.

So what was the '80's band with 3 songs in the Top 11 and whose name didn't
reflect the number of people in the band or their names: if you read the E-mails you
know that my brother Brad had it (the only one): the Thompson Twins. Tom Bailey
(Eng), Alannah Currie (NZ) and Joe Leeway (Eng) had a #3 with Hold Me Now
(83), a #11 – Doctor! Doctor! (84) and a #6 with Lay Your Hands On Me (85).

From 2000-2010 this band sold more concert tickets and earned more money than
any other North American act. Name?


APRIL 11, 2016

This Just In: The Battlin' BoSox fall 9-7 to the Orioles after Kimbrel gives up a 3-run
blast to Chris Davis. David Price struggled, giving up 5 ERs (Trumbo 3-run dinger).
As the Red Sox play their home opener vs. Baltimore (with whom they struggled going
8-11 last year), the BoSox have shown early life in the bats (Sunday excluded), and an
ability to bounce back from deficits. The team was able to come back and take Joe Kelly
and Rick Porcello off the hook, and even Clay Buchholz who has the deer in the
headlights look - again.
The hitting is encouraging as is the bullpen work. The obvious Achilles' Heel is that
starting pitching. David Price, who starts in today's home opener (Monday), showed
why he is an ace with 10 Ks in his outing vs Cleveland. Knuckleballer Steven Wright
allowed only 2 runs Sunday. However the team clearly needs to get back a healthy
Eduardo Rodriguez to give the team at least 3 starters whom you can depend on.
The early work of the bullpen (2 of 3 vs. Toronto) has been good ('til today), but if Kelly,
Porcello and Buchholz struggle to get through 6 innings, there are going to be some tired
arms in that pen. Just as the starters need Rodriguez back, the pen needs Carson Smith.
Both pitchers might be back in May.
Have to hand it to Hanley Ramirez, who has played 1st base better than I thought he
would and is hitting like the Hanley of old. He's even hustling. I saw him make a great
play on a pop up near the stands the other day. He is the same adventure on the base
paths, but aggressiveness (in the right situation) sometimes works.
Pablo Sandoval, on the other hand, is in the 7th Circle of Hell. How he escapes, I'm not
sure. Where's Charon and that River Styx boat? Maybe some contender will lose their
3B and take him off their hands (with the Sox swallowing much of his swollen contract).
What is noticeable is that everyone not named Sandoval has hit and helped the team win
some games. There seems to be good comradery. Comradery only will get you so far and
will be tested if times get tough.Meanwhile let's enjoy this 2016 team and hope that they can continue to play dirt dog
baseball for the whole season. They seem like a fun team to follow.

Took in the home opener and was happy to see Henry Owens not only give up just 1 hit
and 3 walks (in 6 innings), but come away with the 2-0 win as well. This mind you on a
43 degree night. I imagine Owens might have been prepared for the cold after being in
Portland, Maine last year. Old friend Alan Craig plated the only run Owens would need.
If only Craig could hit enough (like Sandoval) to make him tradeable.
The new netting ends just before my Row B seats, so I still get to warn the youngsters to
watch out when the lefties are up at bat.
The PawSox (as Scott MacKay noted in his excellent RIPR overview
need fans to fill McCoy to make it harder for the new ownership to turn its back on
Pawtucket. Attendance is affected greatly by the weather, and this season is front loaded
with games in April (12 games) and May (16). There are, however, two noon time games
in April (13th and 26th), and two 11 am games in May (18th and 25th).
So if you want the PawSox to stay a Pawtucket institution, then turn out for a game or
two or three. Take a trip to the AAA shrine – McCoy Stadium.

• Errata: In fairness to the new PawSox ownership, they did send out the tickets to
season ticketholders. They were FED X'd, but I didn't get them somehow.
• A message to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: Hanlon's Razor fits the foolishness
f oisted upon Tom Brady and the Patriots - “Never attribute to malice that which
can be adequately explained by stupidity.” Or if you like, this version from sci-fi
writer Robert Heinlein: “You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply
result from stupidity.” The stupidity is yours, Commish. (info from Wikipedia).
• Sorry to see the Bruins fall on their faces against Ottawa after besting the Red Wings,
which had given fans hope Boston might make the playoffs. I hope they keep Claude.
• Via Bleacher Report and, the AA Portland Sea Dogs will have 6 players
among the top 30 prospects per Baseball America: RHP Ty Buttrey, LHP Williams
Jerez, RHP Teddy Stankiewicz, RHP Kevin McAvoy, LH reliever Luis Ysla and
2B Wendell Rijo. The High A Salem Sox have 3 of the top 20: 2B Yoan Moncada
#3, OF Andrew Benintendi #15 and 3B Rafael Devers #18.THE HOT CLUB
The Herbster (there are 10,000 stories in the Naked City and Herb knows them all) told
me that near Pidge Street, where I used to live, there was an old bar from the 1600's
called The Pidge House (on the Prov./Pawt. Line). Herb knew this because he used to
work for the advertising firm Standish Johnson which bought the property.
That reminded me that Mr. D. and I used to end our Friday evening adventures at
Cahoots, which was in the Marriott on Orms Street. Cahoots after the Biltmore, Rusty
Scupper and Harbourside Lobster Mania.
Fleet Feet Pete was asking me about Rico Petrocelli. He noted that Petrocelli was the
first SS to hit 40 home runs. Yup, in 1969 (40). And isn't Rico in the Red Sox Hall of
Fame? Yup – inducted in 1997.
Count Bassie told me that he saw two brothers who were big, beefy bruisers wearing T
shirts that said: I Cured Anorexia.
Scott, Mike Module's friend, asked me who were the best American rock bands. I
thought of the Beach Boys, Creedence and Tom Petty. Scott suggested Styx. The Eagles
then came to mind. Peter mentioned Steely Dan. So what do you think, readers? Who
would you list among the Top 5 American rock 'n' roll bands?
Overheard at the Hot Club – someone described a project as “plans based on balsa wood
and sand.”

So who did the guitar solo on the intro to the live version of Lou Reed's Sweet Jane? A
trick question as there were two lead guitarists on Sweet Jane: Steve Hunter and Dick
Wagner. Hunter and Wagner then joined Alice Cooper's band and Alice had his biggest
seller with Billion Dollar Babies (per Robert E. Martin/Review Magazine). Thanks to
Garry Gillett for the trivia.

This group had 3 songs that hit #3, #6 and # 11 in the US in the '80's. Interestingly,
the band's name misidentified the names of the members and their number. Name?
Don't forget to e-mail me with any music trivia that you might have.
Sportzine is also available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz.