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BY JIM DAWSON SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 PATRIOTS RUN OVER DOLPHINS 21-11 It was not a surprise that with a so so receiving corps that Josh McDaniels would unleash a running attack against Miami, especially with Cam Newton, a running QB. Well, Cam had 75 yards on 15 carries, and that’s the most yardage by any Patriot QB not named Steve Grogan. Two of those carries, one for 11 yards and one for 4, resulted in touchdowns (Newton’s 59th and 60th rushing TDs , an NFL record). Newton got help as the Pats ran for 217 yards as a team. No other NFL team came close to that Sunday. NE got running contributions from Sony Michel (37 yards and a TD), Burkhead (32 yards), White (22) and undrafted free agent J.J. Taylor (28). Other than Cam Newton’s two TD runs, the other important run came from Julian Edelman. After N’Keal Harry was stripped of the ball and it went through the end zone for a turnover, Miami mustered a 4th quarter drive that resulted in a TD and with a 2-point conversion 8 points that brought them within a field goal of tying. On the Pats next possession, McDaniels called for an Edelman jet sweep (we called it an end around). Edelman went for 23 yards and when he was hit out of bounds by Jerome Baker (who had stripped Harry), 15 more yards were added for a 38 yard gain. The Pats then had runs by White, Burkhead and especially Cam Newton, who made a 1st down on 4th and 1 near the end zone. NE scored an important TD by Sony Michel with FB Jacob Johnson leading the way to make it 21-11. A 10 point lead with 5:23 left. Ryan Fitzpatrick overcame the Pats only sack (Derek Rivers) and led the Dolphins down the field aided by a Stephon Gilmore interference call (his 2nd of the day) as time ran done to under 2 minutes. Then JC Jackson intercepted Fitz (his 3rd of the day) in the end zone to seal the deal. JoJuan Williams got away with interference on the play. Cam Newton was 15 of 19 passing. As Tony Romo observed, Miami finally brought all 11 men up to the line to stop the Pats running attack. When they did, Cam went to a passing attack. If Harry doesn’t fumble through the end zone, this game would have been over earlier as the Pats would have had a 21-3 lead with just the 4th quarter to go. A solid win with good help from the Defense. POINTS AFTER Edelman had the 600th catch of his career. He was targeted 7 times and had 5 catches. Harry had 6 passes come his way and caught 5. A good day except for that fumble. No other Pats WR had a catch. TE Ryan Izzo had 1 catch on 2 targets (for 25 yards). Up only 7-3 at the half, NE ran 20 plays to Miami’s 6 in the 3rd quarter. For the game, the Pats had the ball for 34:49 vs 25:11 for Miami. While the Pats didn’t put enough pressure on Fitzpatrick early, the interceptions by Stephon Gilmore and Adrian Phillips were aided by strong pass rushes. Jarrett Stidham was inactive so the backup QB was Brian Hoyer. On Defense, Adrian Phillips led with 8 tackles and 1 assist (9). Also Winovich 4/2(6), Gilmore 4/1 (5), Bentley 3/2 (5), Devin McCourty 3/2 (5) and Terrence Brooks 3/2 (5). Doug Kyed/ (9/14) had the snap counts: LT Wynn, LG Thuney, C Andrews and RG Mason played all 64 snaps. RT Eluemunor (48), Onwenu (22) and Herron (2). BULLETS • The Celtics won a grueling Game #7 over the Raptors. They now play the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals starting Tuesday. Go Celtics! • Philly blew a 17-0 lead to Washington and never scored in the 2nd half. Losers. • The Panthers had a crucial 4th and 1. New coach Matt Rhule didn’t use his best runner Christian McCaffrey and Carolina didn’t pick up the 1st down. Dumb. They lost. • Dallas had the ball on the Rams 11, down by 3. On 4th down, new coach Mike McCarthy went for it on 4th down instead of kicking the tying FG. Ah Mike, huh? • Arizona’s Kyler Murray ran 13 times (91 yards), was 26 of 40, and led his team to a 4th quarter TD over SF. He hit DeAndre Hopkins a career high 14 times for 151 yards. • Oops: Bengals kicker Randy Bullock missed a 31-yard tying FG as Cincy lost. • Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew went 19 for 20 in an upset win over the Colts. Dolts. • Double oops: rookie WR D’Andre Swift dropped a sure TD in the end zone and the Bears beat Detroit. Sportzine is also available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz EMAIL Jim, I rarely if ever take part in your music trivia contests, but I'm going with Emmylou Harris. Bob Kumins Bob, congratulations! Yes, it's Emmylou Harris. Way to go. - Z Hi Jim, thanks for sending the ZINE. I have been enjoying horse racing during this pandemic, it has been going on uninterrupted. My trivia guess is Emmylou Harris. David Annese Great answer David and you're right - it is Emmylou Harris. - Z Hello Jim, the only way to get a hit is to keep swinging….is Linda Ronstadt the answer to this week’s question? Tom Robinson Good guess Tom, but No, not Ronstadt. A buddy of hers though. - Z, I’m coming back to the plate to take another swing at this question……how about Emmylou Harris? Tom Robinson Yes, Tom, Emmylou Harris is the correct answer. Your batting average is on the rise.- Z Great zine, chockablock full of interesting content. But alas, my credit for picking Barbra Streisand at our in-person HC session on Friday was nowhere to be found! Maybe slip me a nod in the next issue.  In the meantime, I’m offering up Emmylou Harris as this week’s music trivia pick (though I have a sneaking suspicion it could be someone else). Fingers crossed! Mark Allio Will give you props next issue for Barbra Streisand. Emmylou Harris is correct. Congratulations, Mark. - Z Jim, great zines. And a really well stated statement on BLM. Keep up the good work amigo. Believe the answer to your quiz is Emmylou Harris. Mike Curtis Right you are, Mike. It’s Emmylou Harris. - Z Jim, a few things! First I’m gonna make a guess at Emmylou Harris because I remember her singing with Neil Young at one time. As far as my 2 albums- I wore out Hot Rocks —I think I bought the vinyl 3 times, at least 2 cassettes of it and right now I have 2 copies of the CD set. But that is a greatest hits so I would think you would rather not do greatest hits. I will refrain because I probably would give you 10 Stones Albums and that would even be difficult so I may limit that too. So I’ll start with Sticky Fingers and Led Zeppelin IV off the top of my head. Good idea in doing two a week—more time to think. As far as baseball injuries, David Cone stated it well. “The month says August but the pitchers arms still are in April.” I assume the same is true for the non pitchers. Over 162, those can be overcome as Yankees showed last year with all the new guys coming up and doing really well. They did well over time —60 games —not enough time. Also so sick of hearing about exit velocity, angle and all that crap. I like old baseball where not so many strikeouts and batters “hit em where they ain’t”. And managers make decisions by what they feel —like Torre and Zim—not what a notebook says to do. Not just home runs or strikeouts! Jim Dwyer Hi Jim, first off, you are correct - Emmylou Harris is the answer to the trivia question.  You know that a Stones album would be in my Top 10. I just looked at their discography and would have a tough time making a pick among 3 albums. The first that came to mind was Sticky Fingers. However Beggars Banquet is a personal favorite and then you have Let It Bleed. How do you pick 1? You are right about eliminating Greatest Hits collections from the picks. That was unsaid last Friday but may have been understood. I will bring this up in the future.  Like you, I'm old school when it comes to baseball. I can see the need for some of the new stats like WAR and some of the defensive metrics. However I have always believed that if you use your eyes, you can get a good assessment of what is going on. The Red Sox, I believe, still lead MLB in walks. However it appears that many teams are struggling with too many walks. At the end of this 'season', let's see how many walks teams have and extrapolate that over a 162 game season. There is too much concentration on hitting homers instead of just getting a hit. There was a great story about Sox prospect Triston Casas. He's 20. 6'5, 250. He said that he patterns himself after Joey Votto and when he gets 2 strikes, he chokes up on the bat. Brilliant!. From a 20 y/o!  - Z Thanks James….hope the Celts win tonight…..temp here was 55 today, down from 85 yesterday (Editor’s Note: Minneapolis)….weird. Just talked to a friend in Sacramento…its double there 110. David Knudson Thanks as always David. The Celtics made mince meat of the Raptors last night. Hopefully they will make them extinct on Wednesday. 55 degrees, eh. It's not even fall. Stay well and stay warm. - Z Jack Wallace The keys for Tampa Bay: their offensive line protecting Brady and their defense. THE HOT CLUB I brought up the Celtics vs Raptors Game #6 which Toronto won in double OT. I pointed out that when Jayson Tatum threw a pass out of bounds, it may have been caused by the Raptors’ coach Nick Nurse. Nurse was standing in the corner of the left three point line on the black out of bounds lines. That is not where a coach is supposed to stand. A check shows the game was tied with 48 seconds left in regulation. Nurse should be fined. Bob had to leave early last Wednesday. I said ‘Stay out of trouble” and Bob responded “I’ll try to.” Dr. John said “At your age, you’d be lucky to find some.” Capt. Jack confirmed that he passed last week on a second album in our Name your Top 10 albums (thanks Mark). Jack did say he chose Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours as his 2nd album. We didn’t do another round as Peter was absent since he was playing a benefit. Dr. John was talking about attending an event at Meehan Auditorium. I mentioned that I had seen Bob Marley there with his wife as a back up singer. I added that I had also seen Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh and Toots and the Maytals. Today I saw that Toots died. Jack uses Dark Sky as his weather app. He refers to it before he goes out on his boat, and has always spoken highly of it. However I sent him an email about Apple buying the app but discontinuing it for android phones. Apple will continue with it on I Phones until the end of 2021. Jack was in disbelief that Apple would do this. I agreed. ANSWER TO LAST ISSUE’S TRIVIA QUESTION So who was the singer that started out sitting in with David Bromberg and Jerry Jeff Walker before moving into country and who won 14 Grammys? A passel of people knew it was Emmylou Harris: Bob Kumins, David Annese, Jim Dwyer, Mark Allio, Mike Curtis and Tom Robinson. Emmylou (I have more CDs by her than any other singer or band) is in the Country Hall of Fame, and in 2018 she was presented with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Harris was the first to have recorded a cover of Townes Van Zandt’s Pancho and Lefty (1976). Source – Wikipedia. THIS ISSUE’S TRIVIA QUESTION This pioneer performed for 6 decades. He’s credited with giving a genre it’s name. He was in a groundbreaking film in which two of his band’s songs were played. Name?

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BY JIM DAWSON SEPTEMBER 7, 2020 THE RED SOX As a Red Sox fan, I didn’t expect much from this bunch given the trade of David Price, and letting Porcello leave. They still had Chris Sale, Eduardo, Eovaldi and Martin Perez. Plus the bullpen was pretty good last year. Then Sale had Tommy John surgery. Eduardo got COVID-19, and it resulted in heart damage (myocarditis) which hopefully is not permanent. Eovaldi had a few good starts, but then got injured again. He may or may not come back from that calf strain. While I like Eovaldi’s pitching, his injuries every year are a concern. Perez has been better than I expected, but the loss of all those pitchers meant relievers would have to help out. Not in this poor excuse for a baseball season. On Sunday, one Andrew Triggs started. Per Steve Hewitt of the Herald (9/6), Triggs was the 13th different starter for the BoSox this season. I thought Triggs was a golf course in Providence. Triggs managed to get through 3 innings, giving up 3 hits, 2 walks and 1 run. He was followed by Matt Hall who in 1 and 2/3 innings gave up 4 hits, 4 walks and 6 earned runs. Not to be outdone, Robinson Leyer, in 1/3 inning, surrendered 4 hits a walk and 3 earned runs. I had never heard of Triggs, Hall or Leyer before. Some of these pitchers should be on a golf course instead of a pitching mound. No lead is safe with these flame throwers. Instead of wiping out their opponents, however, they torch their own team. Recently I predicted that pundits like Michael Felger and John Tomase would call out the Red Sox for tanking. Unlike those two, a writer I respect, Peter Abraham of the Globe (9/6), captioned one column ‘Red Sox clearly in tank mode’ and stated “The Sox have embraced tanking for a better draft pick.” Abraham then reminds the faithful that Rob Manfred can determine how the draft picks are apportioned, and it doesn’t have to be based on records. Rob Manfred and the grand poobahs of baseball have shoved this disgrace of a season down the throats of fans starving for some semblance of a season. That’s not what we have. Look at all the injuries. The Yankees have been decimated by injuries to positional players. Just ask Yankee fans Jim Dwyer and Eben Bates. Pitchers have come and gone at a rapid pace. It is clear that players did not have enough time to ramp up activities and get in ‘baseball shape’ even in a sport not known for physicality. Can’t wait to see what happens when football starts up. Injuries? CELTICS Tonight the Celts play the Toronto Raptors in Game #5 with the series tied 2-2. It is a must win situation. The Celtics should have won Game #3 up 2 with .5 seconds left. However a great pass by Kyle Lowry over 7’5” Tacko Fall to OG Anunoby who hit a winning 3 pulled out a stunning win for Toronto. Then, the Green fell again in Game #4 as the Raptors shot well from 3 point land, Lowry got to the basket too often and the Green couldn’t hit an outside shot, especially from 3-point range. Toronto also was the aggressor and played better defense than our lads from Boston. Go Celtics! THE PATRIOTS Our Patriots open their ‘season’ this Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. They have gotten down to their 53 person roster and expanded 16 player practice squad. Cam Newton won the starting QB job and the Pats kept 3 QBs (Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer). Hoyer is described as a mentor to Stidham. Bill Belichick pulled his usual ‘huh?’ moment by cutting both his kickers, Nick Folk and rookie Justin Rohrwasser. They are on the practice squad but expect one of them, probably Folk, to be added to the regular roster soon. The Pats have at least one player, DL Beau Allen, who will likely be put on IR. NE had to wait until today to make that move so that Allen can come back after 3 games. No one could possibly predict how this Cam Newton-led team will play, even if COVID-19 wasn’t around. The receiving corps is thin and has only the dependable but 34 y/o Julian Edelman. That means that NE will need to throw to RBs James White and Rex Burkhart, and hope that their rookie TEs Devin Asiasi and Dalton Keene can catch as well as block. The Pats will have to count on their Defense in however many games are played. We’ll see how long this travesty of a football season lasts. Injuries? + cases? EMAIL Hi Jim, don’t know why but thinkin’ Dolly Parton! Garry Gillett Good guess Garry but no not Dolly Parton. - Z Hello Jim, My average can use a little boost so I’m going to take a shot at this week’s question….is it Whitney Houston? Tom Robinson  Sorry Tom. The answer is not Whitney Houston. - Z Sportzine is also available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz Jim - bit of a guess at the trivia Q. I believe Madonna was the best selling female artist at one point if I recall correctly. Either best selling or most popular - not sure if there is a difference. Don’t know if anyone has surpassed her recently. Peter B. Good try Peter, but no, it's not Madonna. - Z Just getting around to last week’s Zine. I’ll take a trivia guess at Whitney Houston. Second guess would be Diana Ross. Sorry to see the Celts wasting opportunities after the first two games. Roger Boudreau Hi Rog. No, not Whitney Houston nor Diana Ross. I hope the Celtics failure to win Game #3 (and now #4) doesn't come back to bite them. They face a must win today. - Z Your first few paragraphs absolutely nailed it! I couldn't agree with you more, and if you don't mind, I'll quote you on some, most, or all of it, my friend! Singer / actress puts me in mind of either Barbra Streisand or Dolly Parton. Tom Wallis Tom, thanks for the kind words. The answer is Barbra Streisand. - Z Hi Jim - GREAT 'zine, once again! Thanks for all the ink - WOW! Now I'll take my usual wrong stab at the quiz answer: Streisand? Buffalo Steve Lenz Yes Steve, it's Barbra Streisand. You got game! Only one other person so far got her and he had two choices. Thanks for the kind words. Always glad to give you ink. - Z Hi Jim - OMG, I actually got one right? YES! Do I win a new car? 😂 Now I'm going to play my fave Streisand song - "Stoney End" written by the late, great Laura Nyro. Buffalo Steve Steve, yes you got the trivia, but no car, sorry. I also liked Laura Nyro who died way too early. - Z It's a guess but I'll say Barbara Streisand. Just because you said "actress/singer." Matt Dawson Right you are Matt. - Z 34 top 10 albums is shocking. I can only remember the one with Barry Gibb.  Matt Dawson Hey, Jim! Nice piece on John Thompson. I remember listening to him play for PC on my transistor radio laying in bed in Greenville.  In the early 1980's I was stationed at the Pentagon and attended grad school at Georgetown. I used to go to a few games a year and watched every other one on TV. Big John was a force of nature on the floor. He always had a towel hanging off his shoulder, yelling and barking at the refs. Great times, especially vs Syracuse. . I enjoy telling people Patrick Ewing and I graduated the same year! HAHAHA!  And then one of my girls had to go to Villanova!  Dave Burlingame Thanks Dave, only thing I forgot was that John Thompson won 2 NBA championships with the Celtics as the backup center to Bill Russell. Loved your Georgetown story. Who could forget John Thompson with that towel over his shoulder. When my daughter Cara was choosing a college, I took her to visit Georgetown. She ended up going to Loyola Marymount in LA. - Z Sox musings: Sox move Pillar-outfield now Verdugo/Bradley/Martinez?-Thought Vasquez gone-Mets big "wanters" GM says price too high (did Sox want pitching?)---good prospects gained with Phillies & Padres trades-Bloom has tipped his hat as to direction-I believe Vasquez gone if Swihart still around. Ken Forestal Ken, didn't know about Pillar trade. They also sent Josh Osich to Cubs. Both involve 'the player to be named or cash'. Just read that the ‘player to be named’ must come from the pool of 60 players of San Diego and Cubs. Martinez was hit on hand. Not in there tonight. Peraza in left. Not sure what they have for OF at Paw't. Doubt that Sox would trade Vazquez, unless blown away. Plawecki has been much better than I thought he'd be. Chaim Bloom's job is to rebuild the minors after Dombrowski emptied it (but did win a World Series). And to get pitching. - Z Jim, Tough loss for the Bruins in OT last night. The Avalanche hung in there for another game with hopes that this third string goalie can pull off another one tomorrow night. Bruins came up just a bit short; I think that Rask would have been a major factor in helping them onward. Halak is a good backup, but I think he's a bit less talented for what they needed to get them to the finish line. Back to Boston and clean out the lockers. I think that they'll stand to lose Chara and maybe Krug. They should keep Krug and let Chara go if it means that money on the table can be used for a younger defenseman.  Frankly, I think Chara is done as a top four defender and that they need some younger legs back there. Bill LaPlante Hi Bill, glad that your Avs are still alive (Editor’s Note: The Avalanche were eliminated by Dallas in Game 7). Agree that Chara is probably done. Not sure what happens with Krug. Guess it wasn't meant to be for the Bruins. They didn't look like the same team on their return. - Z THE HOT CLUB Friday night at the Hot Club got revved up after Mark Allio suggested that we all pick our Top 10 rock albums. There were seven of us. We eventually decided to each pick 2 albums and continue the Top 10 next week with each of us selecting 2 more. Here’s how it went: Kristin chose The Beatle’s White Album and then Aerosmith’s first album Aerosmith (with Dream On). Dr. John went with The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and The Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over. Captain Jack picked Michael Jackson’s Thriller and then passed on his 2nd pick. Peter B went with The Who’s Tommy and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Mark chose The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Led Zeppelin’s Led Zeppelin II. This writer chose Derek & The Dominos’ Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs and The Band’s Music From Big Pink. So you readers out there are welcome to submit your first two Top 10 rock albums. We were talking about Love Story. Bob said that the story was about the wife of Erich Segal (who wrote the book and the movie screenplay) except the death part. Everyone knows the sappy line “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Dr. John said he was at a wedding when the bride’s father gave the groom some advice: ‘When you’re wrong, say you’re sorry. When you are right, don’t say anything.” ANSWER TO LAST ISSUE’S TRIVIA QUESTION Last time I asked you to identify the singer/actress who is the best selling female artist of all time, and who holds the record for the most Top 10 albums (34) of any female. Buffalo Steve Lenz and Matt Dawson knew it was Barbra Streisand. Tom Wallis gets half credit as he submitted Streisand and Dolly Parton. Barbra Streisand (per Wikipedia) has sold 68.5 Million albums in the US and a total of 150 Million worldwide. Streisand is one of only a few performers to have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony Award. In a RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) article from 11/2/14, it is noted that Streisand has had 10 #1 albums and has had a #1 album in 6 consecutive decades. Wow! THIS ISSUE’S TRIVIA QUESTION This woman started as a folk/rock performer who sat in with David Bromberg and Jerry Jeff Walker, before eventually moving into the country genre. She has sung on records by Neil Young, Little Feat, and Bob Dylan. She has won 14 Grammys. Name?


BY JIM DAWSON AUGUST 31, 2020 A DIFFERENT DISEASE Back in March, the COVID-19 disease caused MLB, the NBA and the NHL to shut down until precautions could be put in place to protect players and staff from that disease. Last week, the NBA, NHL and MLB shut down because of a different disease – racism. After Jacob Blake, Jr. was shot in the back multiple times by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, players raised their voices and called for an end to brutality unleashed by police against Black individuals. They and their teammates joined together in solidarity and games were canceled. I believe in our police forces in the United States. I also believe that there are racist cops on some of those police forces, and they need to be weeded out and fired. Those fired for racist beliefs and actions should not be allowed to go to another city or state and join a different police force. Black Lives Matter protesters have taken to the streets. Most of those protests have been peaceful, but some have turned violent with the burning of buildings, looting and shooting. This cannot be condoned under any circumstances. There are those who would use the protests for their own designs. These are the people who want to stoke the fires of rage. Social media is being used to call for these individuals to show up at the protests and their aim is to foment violence. A 17 year old from Illinois crossed over into Kenosha, Wisconsin with an AR-15 and killed two people and severely wounded a third. He was not arrested by police that were present. This country’s police cannot allow such vigilante behavior. They cannot take sides if there is to be equal justice for all. Those policemen that have killed or maimed Black people should be held accountable for their actions and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. A police person’s oath of office is to protect and serve. They should de-escalate situations that could turn violent, not contribute to them turning deadly. I stand for Black Lives Matter. I stand for those police who do protect and serve. SPORTS IN THE BUBBLE For sports fans, there has been resumption of baseball, basketball and hockey. As sports fans, we enter into the bubble of the sports world which affords us an escape from whatever ails us. What passes for sports now is strange. NBA players have been in the bubble of the Walt Disney Complex in Orlando. According to Doris Burke and NBC, those basketball players will now be able to have their wives and kids join them in that bubble. The NHL is using 2 Canadian cities – Toronto and Edmonton to serve as their bubble with players and staff confined to their hotels when not at the rink practicing or playing. MLB does not have a bubble. There have been multiple cancellations of games as players and/or staff have tested positive for COVID-19. Some teams will play an unequal number of games. Pretty strange, especially when some team doesn’t make the ‘playoffs’ because of that difference. However Rob Manfred and his minions don’t care about that. They still believe that they will have those ‘playoffs’ no matter how strange. What happens to that ‘playoff’ time schedule when participating teams have players test positive? How about if it’s during the ‘World Series’? There’s a better chance of winter setting in before baseball decides to quit this idiocy. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH The Bruins play Tampa Bay tonight down 3-1 in games. The chances of Boston winning 3 games in a row against this Lightning team seem pretty slim. The Bruins back when the season was halted due to the pandemic had the best record in hockey. Doesn’t matter. The Celtics looked good in their first game against the defending NBA champion Raptors. Basketball, so far, has been as close to ‘normal’ with no fans. The less said about the Red Sox the better. Pitching auditions continue. Alex Verdugo seems like the real deal. He leads AL outfielders in assists with 7. He can hit and has some power. Chaim Bloom just traded Brandon Workman and Heath Hembree for two pitchers, one of whom, Nick Pivetta, is in Pawtucket and may be brought up. The other, Connor Seabold, hasn’t played higher than AA. Yesterday Bloom moved Mitch Moreland for two young kids, 21 y/o Hudson Potts a 3B and 20 y/o Jeisson Rosario an OF. Potts was the Padres #16 prospect and Rosario their #19 per one evaluating service. (Source – Ian Browne/ – 8/30). BULLETS • R.I.P. John Thompson who coached Georgetown for 27 years (596-239), and led them to the NCAA championship in 1984 vs. the University of Houston. He was the 1st Black coach to win an NCAA championship. 97% of his Georgetown players stayed all 4 years and left with a college degree (Tim Darnell/Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 8/31). • The Bruins lost Game #4 when Jaro Halak let in a cheap goal and Nick Ritchie took a horrendous 5 minute boarding penalty. The Bruins almost killed off the penalty only to have Victor Hedman’s shot hit Par Lindholm and the puck deflected over Halak into the goal. Amazingly Coach Bruce Cassidy defended Ritchie and argued the hit wasn’t bad. • The golf tournaments have been great. Yesterday, the BMW Championship went into a playoff between Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm, after Johnson hit a spectacular 45 foot birdie on the last hole to tie. Rahm then sank a 65 foot putt to win on the first playoff hole. I almost rooted against Johnson when I saw NY Jets on his collar. It was Net Jets. EMAIL Hi Jim, something sports to read for my soul! Watching our red sox are like having a toothache  that you keep sticking your tongue in! Could the answer be Berry Gordy? Miss our conversations at the PawSox. If the world listened to us it would be a better place. Garry Gillett Garry, Berry Gordy is a good guess but not correct. I too miss the PawSox at McCoy and our conversations. - Z Trivia - Quincy Jones? Peter Bortolotti Good guess but no, not Quincy Jones, Peter. - Z . Jim, Chuck Connors came up through the Dodger organization. In 1949 he got into 1 game, and had 1 at bat. In AAA that year, he hit .319 with 20 home runs and 108 RBI.  His minor league batting average was .289. Bob Kumins Bob, I did not now that Chuck Connors got into one game for the Brooklyn Dodgers. I used Wikipedia and they didn’t mention it. Should have used as you did. Then I would have found this: In 1949 Chuck Connors played 1 game for Brooklyn (he was born there). In 1951, he played 66 games for the Cubs. - Z Nice job again on the Zine… always…. Reading about the Celtics sweep jarred my memory.  My first NBA game was in the Big Easy…Celtics/Jazz…..Pistol Pete and Havlicek going at it….3 overtimes…..with John hitting a bank shot for the win. Think the Pistol had over 50….what a game!!! Afterwards, we went to Pat O’Riley’s and Dave Cowens was on my right in the bathroom urinal lineup….hahaha. Later, I asked him to say hi to the boys and he politely agreed. Peace bros….stay safe…. Dave ‘Cornbread’ Knudson (always liked the Maxwell dude too) Thanks David, nice story about your first time seeing the Celtics. In New Orleans. Pat O'Riley's where I had to drag out my buddy Jim Findesen so we didn't miss our flight home after the Super Bowl debacle against the Bears. Peace. - Z Subject: Milbury: what took so long? from Canada. Paul Beaudette Paul, Bill LaPlante was right. Milbury is a putz. Did you see that the Celtics and Raptors are saying they may not play because of Kenosha, Wisconsin and the Jacob Blake shooting? Doc Emrick instead of Milbury. Take that every time. - Z Hi Buffalo Steve, Hope you are well. Also hope that you saw that the Red Sox are playing the Blue Jays in Buffalo as Canada wouldn't let them play in Toronto. They are playing at the Buffalo Bisons' Sahlen Field. That's Toronto's AAA team's field. They had to change all the lights, replace the infield grass and the first 20 feet of the outfield grass. The Red Sox have not played a game in Buffalo since 1917 when they played an exhibition game there. - Z Yes, I've been following the Sox-Jays matchup at Buffalo's Sahlen Field (nee Pilot Field, Dunn Park, and a lot more!) It's a very beautiful park - right in downtown Buffalo, and it's truly major-league. Bob Rich (Bison's owner) had it built many years ago when MLB was expanding, and Buffalo was on the short list, but alas... The name Sahlen is from a Buffalo meat-packing company, famous for their Sahlen's Smokehouse hot dogs. AND, the PREMIER sliced ham at the Stop and Shop deli counter is Sahlen's Smokehouse ham. Buy some next time you go to S&S. I promise it won't taste like Buffalo! Buffalo Steve Lenz Interesting – how The Band got drugs: Ken Forestal Hi Ken, ironic that you sent this. There's a lot of info that I did not know about Cathy Smith (including supplying the Band with drugs and being Gordon Lightfoot's girl friend and having inspired his song Sundown. I just saw an AXS program called The Final 24. It's about the last 24 hours of singers, celebs who have died. There's a lot more than just that (much bio). The one I just saw was on John Belushi. She was his drug supplier and a heroin addict. Belushi was in LA. Dan Ackroyd and Belushi's wife were in NY so they couldn't save him. Smith reportedly injected him with speedballs (a mix of cocaine and heroin) 3 or 4 times during the day and then night when he died. An addiction counselor showed a drawing of Belushi's body and noted all the marks where he was injected - arms, legs, multiple sites. So he concluded that it was not a one off when Belushi was injected by Smith with the speedballs. He had been doing them for some time. - Z Jim, The article on Cathy Smith did support 1 theory in film-Robertson & Hudson were not I'd as buyers of her wares-Hoyt Axton-he had his issues-"God Damn the Pusher Man " As to question of week-I can only think of Johnny Otis (DJ/SongWriter/Talent Scout)-he discovered Etta James (Joan’s favorite) & Big Mama Thornton--if I'm correct he wrote or co-wrote "Hound Dog" which Thornton sang first. Ken Forestal Ken, I knew that Hoyt Axton wrote The Pusher (first heard when Steppenwolf did it), but I didn't realize he had a drug problem. He also wrote a song called Snowblind Friend, which Steppenwolf did. I saw him in concert and he was great. Johnny Otis is a good guess but incorrect. I loved Etta James. She did a USO tour and I saw her while stationed in Turkey. Loved Tell Mama. Hound Dog was written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.  - Z In 1952, while in Houston, Texas, Otis auditioned the singer Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton. He produced, co-wrote, and played drums on her 1953 recording of "Hound Dog" (the first recording of the song); he and his band also provided the backup "howling" vocals. The song was co-written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Otis had a legal dispute with the songwriting duo over the credits after he learned that Leiber and Stoller had revised the contractual agreement before the singer Elvis Presley recorded a new version of the song, which quickly became a number 1 hit. Claiming Leiber and Stoller illegally had the original contract nullified and rewrote a new one stating that the two boys (who were both 17) were the only composers of the song, Otis sued. The judge decided the case in favor of the defendants, ruling that the first contract with Otis was null and void because they were minors when they signed it. (Source - Wikipedia) I knew from a PBS Doc on Big Mama Thornton-that Otis was involved with Hound Dog Ken Forestal Sportzine is also available at thanks to Buffalo Steve Lenz THE HOT CLUB I mentioned that a former co-worker had the infamous Farrah Fawcett swimsuit poster hanging in his cubicle. He was made to take it down. Dr. John said that when he was at Annapolis, they had that same poster in the hospital. Dr. John said that he had to defibrillate all the Admirals. Professor Peter said ‘If pro is the opposite of con, then progress is the opposite of congress.’ Per Peter, that’s one of Murphy’s Laws. So I brought up the famous quote about politics: “Politics is the last refuge for the scoundrel.” That was said by George Bernard Shaw (I looked it up). I added that some pundit changed that quote to: “Politics is the first refuge of the scoundrel.” Dr. John has been going to the Sunday outdoor concerts by Jack Moore and his band Western Stars (which I noted is also the name of a 2019 CD by Bruce Springsteen). Dr. John said one of his favorite songs that Jack’s band has done is “Don’t You Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes at Me”. Cap’t Jack said he had sampled a coffee beer made by Pabst. He said he tried to buy some at two different liquor stores but they were sold out. So I told him to tell Peter who is a Pabst fan. Then Jack mentioned a GIQ. Not everyone knew that was a Giant Imperial Quart (40 oz.) which I’m not sure they still make. We remembered Colt 45 having a GIQ. Peter looked it up and Colt 45 is owned by Pabst now. Dr. John said that there was a drink with Colt 45 and Ripple. Said they called it ‘Cripple’. ANSWER TO LAST ISSUE’S TRIVIA QUESTION Who was the singer/songwriter, record producer, arranger and talent scout considered a seminal artist in soul and R&B, and who is in the Rock Hall and Songwriter’s Hall? No one got it: Otis Redding, the King of Soul. His Respect reached #35 on the US Pop chart (#2 on the R&B chart), but Aretha Franklin’s version reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 (with changes in the music and a few changes in the lyrics). Redding’s first #1 song (on both the Pop and R&B charts) was (Sitting on) The Dock of the Bay, which was released posthumously. Reading was born in Dawson, Georgia but grew up in Macon. His Beechcraft H18 crashed 12/10/67 killing him and all but one of the Bar-Kays. THIS ISSUE’S TRIVIA QUESTION This singer/actress is the best-selling female artist of all time. She holds the record for the most Top 10 albums of any female (34). Name?