Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Hot Club

Lovely Lisa says Ed (of Ed and Leah fame) should be called Ed the Entertainer. I said that I call him ‘Easy Ed’. Leah said “Ed does the pole dancing.” Where? At the Beach House in Portsmouth. Leah says she doesn’t know Ed at all when he pole dances.

Overheard at the Hot Club: “Put your sneakers on and run the other way.”

Speaking of sneakers, Citizen Caroline, the runner, finally went to the doctor regarding her sore foot. The doctor found torn tendons and a fractured index toe.

Last Wednesday night a friend of Beau’s dad played the Hot Club. He’ll be back this Wednesday. The group is named after the friend – the Lenny Gasparini Trio. Very good.

Fleet Feet Pete said Murphy’s First Law of Holes is: when you’re in a hole, stop digging.

Stevie Saucepan has an IPhone that you can program to call you. If you’re someplace you want to leave, you can have the phone ring and excuse yourself to take the call. Gotta go!

Someone told me there’s a pregnant man out there. Guess he had a sex change operation and got impregnated. Very weird! It’s a Complex World.

Contraire made a surprise visit to the Hot Club Sunday night. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of him in a month. I asked him if he had lost a lot of sports bets. No. Then where was he? Contraire said, “I haven’t been around. That’s the idea.”

Contraire said that everyone is worried about the economy. He’s worried about sports – mostly his bets.

The Silencer said that she hasn’t had a Genesee ale since May 12, 1983 at Quinnipiac.

We were talking about beers – Pilsner Urquell ($4), which I drink and Narragansett ($2.50). Contraire called them ‘Top shelf and bottom shelf’. Contraire was going to go Dutch and split a Narragansett with 5 Angels.

“Hulu.com” says Foot Joy. You can find TV shows, current and old ones.

For those who care, there really is a creature known as a dik-dik (an African antelope). And who was it that got hungry from all the dick talk?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Hot Club

Fleet Feet Pete told me that 70% of all shoes sold in the US are bought by women. Fleet Feet says that women pay a lot of attention to their feet, even more than about their men.

Marty of the Hot Club observed that he’s never seen a quarterback go into a pop up slide, like a baseball player, as Matt Cassel does. Marty wonders if Cassel might get whacked one of these times when he pops up.

Jokin’ Joe mentioned that there’s a comedian named Ron White who says that a woman can have facial surgery, her breasts done, a tummy tuck, bum, liposuction, but you can’t fix stupid. Stupid is forever. So go get a woman that you can talk with.

The Hot Club now has soups and Beau makes a delicious gumbo that he calls ‘gumbeau’. The Warden thinks gumbo/gumbeau is better than Gumby. Oh and try Jackie’s white chili which is also very good.

We got to meet Julie from Brooklyn, Maine who walks her boss’s dog Molly on Harris Ave. Molly likes to poop on the land where Fantasies is. Julie is an artist’s assistant.

Julie called our own Man O’ Fire ‘Criss Angel Mind Freak’.

We were talking about what is left of industry in RI. The Warden thought that our main industry is unemployment. It used to be jewelry. I mentioned tourism. Mr. D. said either tourism or health care. Someone suggested strip clubs.

The Warden said it was about time the US elected an Italian president.

Francis noted that the weather was balmy. I added, “Obalmy.”

Overheard at the Hot Club:
What did the leper say to the prostitute? “I left you a tip.”

Sean asked me about the tall actor in The Dirty Dozen who has to be forced to fight. We couldn’t think of his name so Sean called his friend – it was Clint Walker. I immediately yelled, “Cheyenne.”

We also discussed the movie on which Vic Morrow was killed. It was Twilight Zone: The Movie. We couldn’t think of the name of the director who was sued when a scene with a helicopter led to Morrow and a young Vietnamese child dying. All I could remember was that it was the same director who did American Werewolf In London. Sean’s friend provided the answer – John Landis.