Friday, September 25, 2009

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Newsflash for Patriot fans and lovers of good ribs – Mike Solomon is providing a free buffet at halftime of the Patriots games at his Wes’ Rib House, 38 Dike St. in Providence. You have to get there before the kickoff in order to partake of the succulent and scrumptious spread.

The Wizard was talking about listening to the Black Crowes. I mentioned that Kate Hudson was married to one of them. Naw naw, said the Wiz. Yeah Yeah, Chris Robinson I recalled. Naw naw the Wizard persisted. Fortunately Katie was tending bar and confirmed what I was saying. Funny. The Wizard believed Kate but not me. Kate to the rescue.

We were talking about remakes not being as good as the originals. I mentioned that I was disappointed in Rob Zombie’s Halloween, and now his Halloween II is getting bad reviews. To me that was surprising given how good Zombie’s House of a Thousand Corpses and Devils’ Rejects were. One exception was Marcus Nispel’s remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Jennifer Beal and R. Lee Ermey. Kate saw the recent re-do of Last House On The Left and said it wasn’t as good as the original. I told her that David Hess, who played the lead bad guy in the original Last House, also sang the title song.

Easy Ed told me to check out “By the common man, for the common man.”

The Cisco Kid was in town and visited the HC. Fran the Yank Man stopped by too and I told the Cisco Kid about our drink bet on whether the Sox will catch the Yankees for 1st. I told Cisco that most of the time most human beings would buy you a drink back after you bought ’em one. Cisco said “Well, alleged human beings.”

Cisco saw me keeping notes by talking into my digital recorder. “Speak into your magic box. Speak into your magic soul catcher”, Cisco said.

Is red the new color? Last Friday, there were 5 women in front of us all with red hair.

Mike Module has the Pawtucket city record for the pole vault (12’6”) which he got while at Tolman High School. Mike pointed out that it’s only because they no longer have the event anymore. There are no more pits. They couldn’t deal with the liability issue.

Stevie Saucepan said that those people who eat too much chicken in this life are going to Peckatory. That’s where you go in the after life to get pecked by the chickens for eating too much chicken. The chickens will rule – the roost.


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