Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Hot Club



575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Jimmy Chelo posed a brain teaser to me: You take 3 left turns and then you’re facing two men in masks. Where are you? Answer at the bottom.

Contraire and I were discussing NFL games. He thought that the Ravens were the pick over the Patriots. I strongly disagreed and offered to make a drink bet that the Pats would win straight up (no points). Contraire said “Double drink bet.” So I said “Sure”. Now I just have to find him this week to collect. Of course I still owe a drink to Fran, the Yank Man, for the Red Sox not overtaking NY. Funny, he wasn’t at the HC last Wednesday.

The Lance introduced me to his friend Sean and said he was a writer. So I asked Sean what he wrote. Sean wrote a book about the Eastern Front (1944-45). A thesis? Yes said Sean, an esoteric book about an esoteric subject. And it dealt with the most esoteric area. But he’s published!

The Herbster told me that he e-mailed Sportzine to 24 of his friends. I thanked him for that. No word on whether any of those 24 friends are still talking to the Herbster.

Last Wednesday it was Katherine’s (Red Shoes/Green Shoes) birthday. So a bunch of the staff went out on Tom McGinn’s boat to celebrate. The Wednesday Wevelers.

The Son of a Son of a Sailor told me that he went to Fenway Park and got face time on NESN. He showed me the shot on his cell. He also met Heidi Watney on an elevator at Fenway. He asked Heidi if he could take her picture. To his regret, the Heidi One said, “I’m not sure we have time for that.”

Patti Quimby, the Grande Dame of the Hot Club, is ending her reign soon. Patti is now working Wednesday nights (6-closing) at Doherty's East Ave Café. Patti has two more Sundays left at the Hot Club, October 18th and November 1st. After that, Britt becomes the new Grande Dame of the Hot Club.

The Lovely Lisa gave me a Zine moment. She says she plays a certain song for a certain patron. The song is Elbow’s Grounds For Divorce. The patron is … you figure it out.

Alexander the Great called Katie ‘the Hazel Mae of the Hot Club’.

Answer: You’re at home plate. Thanks to Jimmy Chelo for the riddle.


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