Friday, October 15, 2010

The Hot Club




575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

I asked where the Herbster was and someone said he was at Faberge, a private club. I recalled Groucho Marx’s line “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.”

Sovereign Caroline was telling me how to contact her when Alexander the Grate quipped, “”

Jimmy Chelo said he met a woman in a coffee shop and used the expression ‘helluva coincidence’. She didn’t believe that you could put an adjective in front of ‘coincidence’. I agreed with him that you could and ‘helluva coincidence’ worked for me. Jimmy said if he ran into the woman again in downtown Bagdad, wouldn’t that be a ‘helluva coincidence’?

Alexander the Grate agreed with me about the smallness of the Hot Club men’s room. However Alex said that the HC WC was more like a ‘broom closet’.

Mike Module noted to me that some times you take the elevator and sometimes you take the shaft. The elevator is always smooth.

Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love was playing on the HC jukebox. When it got to the refrain in Addicted to Love, Jokin’ Joe said, “You might as well face it, your dick is a glove.” Joe said it was like “Scuse me while I kiss this guy” for Hendrix’ ‘kiss the sky’. I told Joe that there is a word for that – Chuck D told me about it - a mondegreen.

Herb said to tell everyone he’s taking a truck to a large antique radio flea market (Near Fest in Deerfield, NH). Anyone with old radios who is interested, Herb will sell ’em for you. You’ll need to call him by Thursday though. You can contact Herb at 640-5389.

Kelley revealed that she is one of the Narragansett dancing girls who promote the beer. I was looking for the new Narragansett Oktoberfest beer but the HC does not have it yet. Kelley said her boyfriend, who works at Trinity, was the brew master who oversaw Narragansett’s Oktoberfest.

The Hot Club as Hotel California: Lizzie was seen sans multi-colored hair and Cementhead made a brief appearance though he left after he was spotted.

I mentioned about Brett Favre being accused of playing around. Kenny, Son of Vince, said they all do it. Whether they have girlfriends or wives. Women in every city. They are rock n’ roll stars playing sports.


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