Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Hot Club


The Boud and his wife The Boudess visited the Hot Club and they were with Jack and Lori Lyle. Jack and Lori met at the Hot Club 24 years ago (back when there was just the inner bar and one on the water side where the booths used to be). So it was Jack and Lori’s anniversary – October 10. And this anniversary, it was 10/10/10. Bravo! The Hot Club, where you can check out but you can never leave.

And The Boud and Boudess met on 10/9. 29 years ago. They met at Harbourside. I said ‘Lobstermania’. And the Suit was there too, in from the West Coast.

Peter, the Keeper of the Gate at the HC, was there last Wednesday with Annette. The two had just tied the knot. The Zine wishes them a joyful marriage. Peter and Annette will soon repeat the nuptials in Guatemala.

Annette hadn’t bestowed her bouquet on anyone. So she dashed to the bar’s half door and tossed the bouquet to Kelley, who caught it with great grace and aplomb.

According to Peter, Annette’s parents named her after Annette Funicello because her family liked to watch The Mouseketeers.

Ernie, Contraire and I were talking about NFL picks and we were on the Raiders – 49ers game. Josh (Peter’s brother) innocently asked, “Oh is that game being played in the Bay area?” We paused for a minute and then realized Josh got us all. He zinged us.

Asked Contraire whether he’d take the Vikings or the Cowboys. Contraire said to take the Vikings because the Cowboys were playing like ‘Cowgirls’.

I mentioned that Contraire was a Psych major at RIC. FootJoy said Contraire was “a psycho at RIC.”

Alexander the Grate was sipping a scotch named ‘Red Breasts’. I asked him who made it. ‘Heineken’, he said. Red Breasts? Guess that would put some color in your cheeks.

Chuck D. said that there are two things that happen to you when you get older. One is that your memory starts going. And what the f*** is the other one?

Buffalo Steve and I were talking about genius comics. Steve and I agreed on Jerry Seinfeld and he added Bob Newhart, Mort Sahl and Lenny Bruce. For me I had to mention Steve Allen (the first late night show) and Ernie Kovacs, a TV visionary.


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