Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Hot Club

Chet, Jimmy Chelo’s friend, brought up the name Marcus Dupree to me. Chet saw an ESPN special called ‘The Greatest That Never Was’, and noted Dupree set a Fiesta Bowl rushing record (239 yards on 17 carries vs. Ariz. St.). I remember Dupree as a running back out of Oklahoma. A Google check shows that Dupree signed with the USFL and wrecked his knee. He played a little for the LA Rams but retired because of his knee.

Jimmy Chelo told me that Jim Brown never wore hip pads.

Jimmy said he played high school football (East High) for local legend Alex Nahigian. Jimmy wasn’t in the game but his fans kept calling for him to be put in with chants of “We want Chelo!” So the coach called Jimmy over and pointed up into the stands and said, “Chelo, go up there. Your fans want you.”

Asked Wiz how he was doing and he said, “Good.” I added, “Can I quote you on that?” Wiz said, “Yeah but you won’t get it right.”

The next time I saw Wiz, he called me “Mr. Misquote”.

Fleet Feet Pete told me to check out the website Pandora.com which rates current music (thumbs up, thumbs down) and plays various songs.

Told Mike Module, Fleet Feet, Wise and Wiz about Neil Young’s warehouse burning down. It contained guitars and vintage autos. The fire apparently started with Neil’s ’59 Lincoln Continental that Young was trying to turn into an electric car. Only Neil.

We were talking about music and I told Bags, Wise and Wiz that I came across an unusual and chilling fact – Al ‘Blind Owl’ Wilson of Canned Heat died 9/3/70. Jimi Hendrix passed away 9/18/70. Janis Joplin died 10/4/70. So they all passed from this mortal coil within about a month of each other. They were all just 27 years old.

A club on The Hill got raided. Again. Both times, local legend Contraire was not there when the bust went down. Quizzed about this, Contraire said, “And I won’t be there the next time they get raided.”

Congrats to Kelley who is Miss September in the Narragansett Beer dance girls’ calendar.


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