Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Hot Club




575 South Water Street

Providence, RI

Fleet Feet Pete made the mistake of saying that the Yankees generally had not overpaid for their talent. After an assault of derisive cries from Wise, Foot Joy, and me, Fleet Feet tried to call Timeout! No can do! No Timeout! Fleet Feet then adjusted it to ‘the Yankees make fewer mistakes when they overpay’. Nah!

The Wizard played Savoy Brown’s rendition of Tell Mama on the Hot Club jukebox. I said “That’s the Etta James song.” Told Wiz it was a big hit for her and I saw Etta do it at a USO Tour in Turkey. So Wiz checked on his phone and found out that Clarence Carter wrote the song and Etta James recorded it. Billboard’s Top 40 Hits shows that the song debuted December 30, 1967. It made it to #23. Etta was discovered by Johnny Otis.

So in talking about music, Buffalo Steve recalled Ring, Ring, Telephone Ring (Rings). Steve said Lobo did it but Cymarron had it first (1971 per Billboard). I told BS that I have a greatest hits CD by Minnesota’s legendary 12-stringer, Leo Kottke, who does it.

Asked Charlie Clancy if he remembered walking through the snow to the Civic Center to see PC play basketball just after the Blizzard of ’78. Ah yes. Charlie recalled it was against North Carolina. Rich said he was tending bar at Martinque’s, a place across the street from Mike Solomon’s Wes’ Rib House.

We were talking about the Herbster’s golf machine, a wooden contraption that tees up the ball for the practicing golfer. Buffalo Steve thought that newer machines do it better. Mike Module said that Herb’s machine is going to the Smithsonian Museum.

Charlie Clancy asked me when the last time it was 0 degrees at noontime in Providence, Rhode Island. Not wind chill. Zero degrees. I asked, “Are we talking Centigrade or Fahrenheit?’ Charlie, after a fashion, said Fahrenheit scale. “How many Kelvins is that?” asked Buffalo Steve. So when was the last time? Charlie said, “Your job. Look it up.”

Handed the Jack of Fire a copy of Sportzine. He asked me if he was in it. “No”, I said. The Jack of Fire asked, “Why should I read this when I’m not in it?” Little did Jack know that Mr. Contraire had once uttered almost the same words.

Mike Module brought in a couple chestnuts on shoelaces. Chestnuts. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. I can sense a new nickname for Mike Module. Yes, we played ‘Kingers’ with chestnuts. If you broke the opponent’s chestnut, you got all his wins on top of yours.


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