Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Hot Club

Mentioned to Britt that she was in last week’s Sportzine but not the Hot Club section. She was in the Bullets column for her knowledge of soccer. Sure enough when I brought up John Henry’s Liverpool team, she said that Fernando Torres, who just got transferred to Chelsea, would get to play against his old Liverpool team this weekend.

Britt said that Torres is very talented and has the nickname of ‘Ladyboy’ because he used to have long, dyed-blonde hair. ‘Ladyboy’. Turns out ‘Ladyboy’ didn’t do well in that Chelsea – Liverpool match which Liverpool won 1-nil.

Recently Jimmy Chelo’s nephew Bruce visited the HC and told us about the World Championship Mud Bowl which is held in North Conway NH the week after Labor Day. It’s double-elimination. The Fire Department waters down the field to make the mud. Muscle shirts and shorts are worn but you need something to wrap your feet as there are rocks among the mud.

Bruce went with a team from Cumberland, Rhode Island to the World Championship Mud Bowl. It’s for charity. Bruce said you can punch it into the Internet and check it out. Bruce said he’s been doing the Mud Bowl for 24 years.

Chet wanted to know from Bruce where he practiced Mud Ball in Rhode Island. Near Cumberland High School, an unfinished square plot near the tennis courts. There are about 20 guys on the team and there are only 7 on the field at one time. The field is narrower and is not as long, but you have to go10-feet for a first down. The field is 50 yards long, about 30 feet wide. Bruce says he’s fast in the mud. Ever since he was a kid he’s always run on his toes. It’s the only way to gain any speed in mud. Flat footed’s bad.

Congratulations to Mary Ellen, the Green Bay Packers’ fan, who is fanning the flames of a fireman somewhere in Wisconsin. Maybe the Caustic Cutie knows where.

The Wizard of the Web was telling me about Anchor Steam beer and that the Hot Club actually carried it. I knew that Anchor Steam is made in San Francisco and it’s the smallest brewery in the country. Wiz said a friend of his went to school with a guy who bought the Anchor Steam brewery because it was going out of business. The guy’s father was a Fortune 500 CEO. The Hot Club didn’t have any Anchor Steam Wednesday night.

Buffalo Steve was telling me about a movie called The Tao of Steve. It’s about a guy who is into 3 Steves: one real - Steve McQueen and two roles – Steve McGarrett and Steve Austin. I told Buffalo Steve that I found out that the studio would not let McQueen do the motorcycle jumps in The Great Escape. They couldn’t risk an injury. McQueen lives!

The Hot Club

Asked Contraire how he did in the AFC and NFC championships and he wouldn’t answer. When I returned to the subject, Contraire said he had won with his stocks last week. That tells me the bets didn’t go so well.

Mike Module told me about going to Mt. Snow, Vermont in the summer when they had naked bicycle races (‘the Naked Crit’; Ed: Crit is for Criterion). Men and women naked on bikes. People passed a hat and collected money to give to the winners. Mike Module even has pictures to prove it.

Turns out Dr. John also knew about the Naked Crit bike races at Mt. Snow. Some of the women were known as the ‘Luna Chicks’ for the sports bars. Dr. John said it was part of the NORBA (National Off-Road Bicycle Association) races at Mt. Snow, but they don’t have the naked races any more. I told Dr. John and Mike Module that if I did that race, I’d want a woman’s bike with no bar in the middle.

The Herbster revealed that he has 7 television sets. None of which are flat screen as the Wise Man noted. Herbie says each TV is set up with a videotape machine. 7 VHS videotape machines! Glad to see that Herb has joined the 21st Century. Oh and Herb wants me to mention that he buys and sells videotape machines and the tapes.

We were kidding the Herbinator about all the jobs he has had. Herb was partners in the first cell phone company in RI (I believe with Bruce Sundlun). Someone asked Herb if he’d ever been a bookie. I told the guy that that wasn’t on Herb’s resumé, but Herb interjected to say, “I am a bookie – I deal in antique books.”

Told Becky that we were surprised she knew who Ron Jeremy is (because of her youth, naturally). Becky said, of course, she knew who Ron Jeremy is since she wasn’t born under a rock. Then she added, “But I don’t know him in the way you guys know him.”

Mike Module said they were rooting for the Patriots against the Jets, but in the 4th quarter, they were all chanting “Bring on the Red Sox.”

Last Friday was a smorgasbord of Hot Club characters. A partial list: the Warden, the Consigliere, 5 Angels, Bags, Syracuse Jen, my brother Brad, Contraire, Jimmy Chelo and Chet, Herb, Wise, Wiz, Foot Joy, Frequent Flyer, Mike Module, his sister Liz and hubby Tom, Fleet Feet Pete, Mike K, Bernie of LJs, ‘Cajun’ Steve et al. You had to be there.