Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Hot Club

“This is the best head I’ve had in a while and I want to savor it.”: Mike Module ogling the fine head of foam on his beer.

Professor Peter was teaching a marketing class when he asked students to bring in examples of different commercials. A student brought in one with balloon animals for a product called Durex. The link follows. Those with easily offended sensibilities should not watch this. Thanks to Stevie Saucepan Hands for sending the You Tube link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAtRPJDE_MY&feature=youtube_gdata_player

The Hot Club ran out of Pilsner Urquell so I got a Stella Artois instead. When I poured it into the pint glass, it didn’t fill up the glass the same way. I checked the label and found that the Stella Artois contained only 11.2 ounces. Less bang for the buck.

Britt was typing in ‘Lupo’s’ on her cell phone and it popped up ‘Liposuction’. Ah the joys of auto correction.

Jesse’s old boss gave him this business advice: “Managing people would be easy if it weren’t for the people.”

A guy was knocking Nick Cage and asked when Cage last made a good movie. Amanda mentioned Drive Angry which she found to be a hoot. I added 8 MM.

Kirk Feather told me that he’s doing speech writing again – this time for the Mayor of Providence, Angel Taveras. Kirk says he has no party affiliation. He said he’s like Paladin but it’s ‘Have Keyboard Will Travel’.

As I was leaving the Hot Club Sunday, Transparent as Glass Mike started singing Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You to me. He asked me “Is that worthy?” Yes it is worthy.

We were talking about a site called SmarterTravel.com that listed Providence’s Water Fire as the world’s 5th top night time experience. It even beat out Paris, the City of Lights which was ranked 8th. Yeah I know. Nice publicity though for our own La Prov.

I asked Wise and Kenny who wrote She’s a Lady for Tom Jones, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore for Buddy Holly, the Johnny Carson show theme song, and the English lyrics to My Way. Wise knew that it was Paul Anka and replied before Kenny could respond.

The Hot Club

Becky was reading the Hot Club section of Sportzine and saw the story about Jesse, the bass guitarist. Becky said that she went out with a bass player once, but mostly dated drummers and guitarists.

Becky said that when her sister Emily was young she had braces. Whenever there was lightning, Becky used to tell Emily to stay away from the windows because her braces would attract the lightning. So to this day Emily is terrified of thunder and lightning.

So I asked Emily about this story. She said Becky would tell her that if she got too close to the window when it was lightning that her braces would attract the lightning and her teeth would explode, and she’d get electrocuted.

Bags asked me (Irish/English) why Irish guys have flat asses. I wanted to know why he was looking at guys’ asses. So Bags said, “Well Irish women have flat asses too.” Should we take a poll on this?

Britt, who was wearing a Pat Patriot jersey, told me that The Hot Club has a site on Facebook. And when I ran into Eben, he said that they also have a website: hotclubprov.com.

To honor Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper, I played Don McLean’s American Pie on Friday 2/3. Ron, Chet’s friend, asked me where I was when the music died. Well it was 1959 and I was 13 so I’m not sure, but I know I was struck by it.

Told Stevie Saucepan Hands about Idris Elba and Luther. Steve told me he liked the original Woman in Black (1989) which was an A&E movie. “Good book too.” So I told him that I liked The Last Exorcism.

Stevie Saucepan Hands said that Billy Cundiff was in a zone practicing on the sideline and didn’t realize that the Ravens were going to try a field goal until the last minute. Isn’t that the special teams coach’s job? I noted that they could have called a timeout. Also the Ravens could have kicked on 3rd down and if he missed, kicked again on 4th down.

Saucepan Hands was walking/stepping to Al Green’s Here I Am (Come and Take Me). Britt noticed and said “The Ministry of Silly Walks”. A little Monty Python reference.

Sportzine is also available at jimdawsonsports.com (Thanks to Buffalo Steve)

The Hot Club

Jesse, who plays bass, was bemoaning how the drummers get the girls not the bass players. Claudia was trying to be encouraging and suggested that some women might go the way of the bassists. However then Claudia admitted that she had gone out with 3 drummers. Jesse asked her if she went out with any bass players. Claudia admitted she had not which effectively blew up her own argument.

Was telling Jesse about chestnut trees and the game of kingers we played with chestnuts. Jesse said Mike Module had mentioned the same thing. We would drill a hole in the middle of the chestnut and run a shoelace through it with the end knotted. We would take turns whacking at each other’s chestnuts. If you had a 15-kinger and my 10-kinger beat yours, mine was now a 25-kinger. We even put them in the freezer but not sure it helped.

Something happened though and all the chestnuts disappeared. A Google search reveals that a fungal blight killed off almost all the chestnut trees on the East Coast by about 1950. This according to Joe Schibig (Biol. Prof.) of Volunteer State Community College.

Apparently there is a picture/painting posted on the Hot Club web site that looks like Jen Riley. She was denying it was her. Obasi posted it. A look at the picture (on her cell) revealed that, if it is Jen, it did not do her justice. Could not find the Hot Club website.

I was telling Fleet Feet Pete and Stevie Saucepan Hands that February 3 (1959) is the anniversary of ‘the day the music died’. That is when a plane crashed killing Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. Recently I learned that the trio was headed to Moorhead, Minnesota for a show. 15 y/o Bobby Vee, who grew up across the border in Fargo, North Dakota, got some buddies and subbed, playing the gig instead. And the night before they died, the trio attended a club where Troy Shondell [This Time (We're Really Breaking Up)] was performing. They requested that he play That’ll Be The Day.

Mike Module said he thought Mary Tyler Moore did a Playboy pictorial. I told him that I didn’t remember that. I did recall that Mary Tyler Moore was the sexy receptionist in Richard Diamond, Private Detective. It starred David Janssen. Moore played ‘Sam’ and while you heard her sultry voice, you never saw her face, only her legs.

On overhearing Britt say she was from Seekonk, I asked her if she lived on the See side or the Konk side. That was because Seekonk used to have a Twin Drive-in and one screen was the See side and the other the Konk. So someone asked what the drive-in on North Main Street was. Jimmy Chelo’s friend Chet thought it was Loew’s State.

Sportzine is also available at jimdawsonsports.com (Thanks to Buffalo Steve)

The Hot Club

The Warden made an appearance. Looking around the HC he said he was leaving if he saw any religious banners. Separation of church and state and bar.

Saint James was assuring everyone that the Patriots would be facing the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. In fact, St. James said that San Francisco would ‘batter’ the Giants. I told him that the Patriots would be euphoric if the 49ers beat the Giants. To face them instead of NY! To face a young team who hadn’t been there before…

The Fog slipped in to the HC. He said that the 3 most beautiful words in the English language are: paid in full. Not ‘I love you’. Paid in full.

It’s 3rd hand, but Peyton Manning has retired. Buffalo Steve told me. He agreed with Rob Lowe. Tweeting versus Facebook. Peyton may be retiring for bed, but I’m not sure he’s retiring from the Colts. However Manning has made his money and with 2 surgeries on his neck (including a fusion), well you don’t want to risk more serious injury.

Jimmy Chelo wondered if when the Ravens beat the Pats (2010 playoff) whether Rob Ryan was still the linebackers coach for NE. A check shows that Rob Ryan was a Pats’ linebackers coach from 2000-2003. Ryan then moved on to Oakland (’04-’08) where he was defensive coordinator, to Cleveland (’09-’10) in the same job and now Dallas (’11).

The Hot Club as Hotel California. Last Friday we were pleased to have in attendance: Sandy and her husband Mike, Ondine, Russ (Renee’s hubby), Nate, Paul Lancia, Contraire, 5 Angels, Chuck D Computer and the usual suspects.

At Mr. D’s suggestion, we will pause to remember some of the characters from days past who once were part of the Hot Club scene: the Caustic Cutie, the Silencer, Puckhead, Tinker Bell, Windex, the Smurf, Dot.com, Marathon Man and the Falcon.

Two bands that the Wiz likes - Goose Creek Symphony, a 70’s band from Kentucky that moved to Oregon, and Crunchy Western Boys out of New Hampshire. You can find videos of them on You Tube.

Fleet Feet Pete said to check out one of the first National Lampoon movies - Beaver from Outer Space. I checked and Disco Beaver from Outer Space was a National Lampoon production made for HBO (1978). IMDb gave it 3 stars (out of 5) and a 6.1 rating.

Charlie Clancy played Modern English’s I’ll Melt with You (1982). I remember seeing the video on MTV. When did MTV start? August 1, 1981 in New York.