Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Hot Club




575 South Water Street

Providence, RI


That noted ornithologist and observer of chicks, ‘Birdman’, watched a well-endowed woman walk by and commented “Nice rack.” Mike Module observed that ‘Birdman’ had just had a ‘Rack Attack’.

The Hot Club has a new sign atop the building. It replaces one that just said ‘Hot’. Doorman Marty provided the historical perspective. The original sign did say ‘Hot Club’, but the ‘Club’ part fizzled out and was lain on its side for 15 years. As a result you just saw ‘Hot’. Marty said that the guy that put in the new sign met his wife at the Hot Club.

There was an Internet link last week (via NESN!) re the Toucher and Rich show on 98.5 The Sports Hub. Mentioned it to Foot Joy but he hadn’t stooped to follow it. ‘Rich’ was at a Celtics press conference and asked DelonteWest if he indeed was dating LeBron James’ mother. Someone can be heard screaming ‘basketball questions only’. Delonte did not answer the query. In their intro to the bit, Toucher and Rich noted that there is a T-shirt in Cleveland that says ‘LeBron is heading South, but his Mother is still riding West’.

When the Red Sox were eliminated from playoff contention, I asked Foot Joy and the Wise Man “Who do we root for in the playoffs?” Wise was as perplexed as I was while FJ said “Minnesota”. I pointed out the Twins have a terrible record against the Yankees, and have not beaten NY in the playoffs. So is it Texas with ex-BoSox David Murphy?

On a similar note, Marty spoke of how the Buffalo Bills always lost in the playoffs. I recalled them losing 3 years in a row (it was 4!) with Jim Kelly as the QB. However I pointed out to Marty that the Bills had won the AFL championship before the NFL-AFL merger. QB Jack Kemp led the Bills to a title. A check of my ESPN Sports Almanac shows that the Bills won the AFL Championship in 1964 and 1965.

The Hot Club as Hotel California: Stevie Saucepans was back in the house last week and Theda Bara Sara got married on the deck Sunday. In fact, Wendy, once an HC server, was at Sara’s wedding. Congratulations to Red Sox fan Sara and her spouse Russ.

Fleet Feet Pete recalled a time in 2004 when the Red Sox were not playing well. Several Sox including Garciaparra, Varitek, Pedro and Lowe were all in contract years. Fleet Feet said he was in a bar and a Boston fan asked him what the Sox should do. The Fleet One said, “I’d keep Varitek and I’d buy the Minnesota Twins.”

Dr. John and I were talking about URI’s rare win over Brown in football. Dr. John said that in a past year when URI was beating Brown, the Brown rooting section chanted, “That’s alright. That’s OK. You’re going to work for us some day.” John said they also had a cheer for the defense: “Give me a B. Give me an R. Give me an A. What have you got? BRA. Hold’em. Hold’em.”


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